Top 4 Qualities of an Outstanding Portable Toilet to Look For

portable-toiletWith the numerous portable toilet providers that are in the DC area, which should you choose? Well, it’s about more than just choosing a non-standard portable toilet. Read the following four qualities you should be on the lookout for when selecting an outstanding portable toilet for your outdoor event.

TOP Portable Toilet Qualities:

Ease of Access to the Portable Toilet

Studies show that people feel more comfortable walking distances away from their event to find a portable restroom. The reason is that they know more people are using the toilet closest to the event. The fewer people using the restroom, the fewer chances of germs or walking into a dirty environment.

Don’s Johns has specialists who coach event planners to have the necessary number of units for the party. For example, the number of units you have depends upon how long your party is, how many people will attend, and if you’re serving alcoholic beverages.

Well Stocked with Toilet Tissue in the Portable Toilet

A portable restroom left unattended becomes low or out of stock on necessary items such as toilet tissue, soap, or paper towels. Patrons are left feeling unclean and unsanitary. Having toilet tissue is imperative when using the restroom. It’s needed for a variety of uses, even if just to blow your nose.

Portable Toilet has a Pleasant Odor

Since a portable restroom is pretty confined, you’re looking out for a portable toilet that’s clean and fresh. Even if you aren’t expecting to be inside long, trying to hold your breath was not what you had in mind.

Don’s John’s portable restroom trailers are designed to keep odor to a minimal. Our restroom trailers have air fresheners in each. We even have valet attendants that will maintain the restroom during events keeping it clean and in order. We have additional holding tanks also when party hosts are expecting a large crowd.

Non-Skid Flooring in the Portable Toilet

When you are in a rush to go to the restroom, you don’t have time to stop and examine the floors. Many people don’t realize the dangers of entering a restroom too quickly. You see if patrons use the restroom and leave the floor wet for whatever reason, there is a possibility you could slip, inside the restroom. We’re not even taking into account how disgusting that would be to land on the floor.

Inside of certain Don’s John’s portable restrooms are non-skid or wood grain floors. So your chances of slipping are minimized. Also, Don’s Johns has ADA portable restrooms available, so you can hold on to the rails for ease in and out of the restroom.

Speak to a Don’s Johns representative today for the optimum portable toilets to have at your event.

Don’t hesitate to call (703) 273-7100 or email for our expert guidance for your porta potty rental needs.



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I Plan to Have Luxury Restroom Trailers in DC for Every Event I Host

Dear Don’s Johns,

As a newbie event planner, I can tell you all sorts of horror stories. But none are as worse or embarrassing as the graduation event I threw. A bunch of parents from a private high school decided they wanted to throw one large graduation party since many families were so close. This was a huge event because families had their relatives and friends coming from out of town to this event. If I made a great impression here, other opportunities would open to me, such as:

  • Proms
  • Weddings
  • Anniversary parties
  • Retirement parties
  • Reunions

Being such a large scaled events, we held it outside. The weather was excellent. I had a summer theme with plenty of finger foods for the appetizers so the guests could mingle around. I coordinated with a local culinary school as many of the students from this school had an interest in culinary schools. Although it was an event for the graduates, we did use the on-site bar. We had plenty of entertainment also, which I knew would keep the party attendees engaged and stay all night.

To my surprise, I let one important amenity slip through my fingers. I saw a long line forming near the entryway to the cultural center. The entire event was outside so I went to investigate as to what was going on. Well, everyone was lined up for the restrooms! As I approached, I heard a few people state they were going to have to leave early because their children could not hold it. Some people had a lot to drink and waiting in line all night was not the way they wanted to celebrate their loved ones big night.

One of the parents pulled me aside and asked me where the next nearest restroom was. I had no idea. Another parent pulled me aside and gave me the number to Don’s Johns. I told her I wasn’t too sure that blue portable potties were what this event needed. She said they had luxury restroom trailers in DC. I never thought that would be something affordable, but I gave them a call.

Not long after, I was on the phone with a Don’s Johns specialist explaining the luxury restroom trailers in DC they offered. Talk about a lifesaver! Soon, they had the DJ5000L Luxury Restroom Trailer set up with a valet attendant. The inside of the restrooms were beautiful corian counters and hardwood flooring. There were three stalls for the women and two stalls for the men. The restroom lines were dramatically cut, and people stopped trying to leave because of this. I decided to order a few hand wipes & foam stations as well.

I now know to always make an early call to get at least one of the luxury restroom trailers in DC booked for my next event.




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What people are saying about Don’s Johns Portable Restroom Rentals

What people are saying about Don’s Johns portable restroom rentals:

“Just and FYI… We have our biggest tournament of the year this weekend and I have already received 10 deliveries. I just wanted you to know that your driver was, by far, the most attentive, courteous, and respectful. Just wanted you to know that we appreciate that; especially during a time that can be mildly chaotic. Please pass along, if you can.”

General Manager
Evergreen Country Club

“Hi All,

Thank you to each and every one of you for making —- wedding a successful event despite numerous challenges. The day went well despite the rain and mud. Without a great team of professionals like you, it could have been a disaster. It is rewarding to see a wedding come together despite the odds against us. That would not have been possible without YOUR dedication.

Everyone had a wonderful time and the couple and their families were very appreciative of all of your efforts!

I look forward to working with each of you again in the future. Please let me know if I can be f assistance to you or your clients and I’ll be sure to include you on my vendor referral list.

Thanks again for making this celebration one that this great couple will remember fondly always! ”

“All restrooms have been picked up at the Pentagon on behalf of Chimes DC and the Pentagon we would like to thank you and Don’s Johns for working with use on the last minute changes this year your team did a great job.”

A Representative at the Pentagon

“Working with joint venture partner Balfour Beatty, Clark is constructing 3.9 million square feet of building and site improvements at Fort Belvoir.  This is the largest construction project on the east coast and Don’s Johns has made everythiing from billing to last minute requests effortless for us.  They are at our constant beck and call with immediate results.  I sincerely recommend them for any projects.”
Sr. Regional Manager
Clark/Balfour Beatty Joint Venture

“During the preparation for the inauguration our research and comparison led us to contract with Washington. DC regional leader Don’s Johns.  They are a well organized and equipped organization with a highly motivated operations crew.  Response was swift, pricingwas fair and their equipment top-notch.  I give my highest recommendation for Don’s Johns, Inc.”

Mike Walker – Operations Manager, 2009 Inauguration, C3 Presents

“Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project is designing and building the new Silver Line for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority…
Don’s Johns have been very responsive to our needs on this project.  We are spread out over 25 miles and they provide excellent service to our entire job.  Don’s Johns is independent and they handle the cleaning of the facilities on their own.  We are very impressed with their service.”

Civil Superintendent
Dulles Corrridor Metrorail Project

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