Portable Restrooms in the Films: Why It’s a Necessity on Your Set


Washington, DC is an exciting location for the film and video industry. Don’s Johns is proud to make available our portable toilets and portable trailer restroom options to you and your crew. If you’ve been busy planning your long production nights, make sure you don’t forget to include portable toilets in your operations budget.

Convenient to Have When Relocating Sets

When switching sets, you can conveniently bring along the Premier restroom trailers with you. These are hands-free flushing toilets and fresh water sink units. This is an excellent idea when your set is constantly on the go. There is no need for electricity or for a company to come deliver for you.

Everyone Stays Focused on their Tasks at Hand

Your crew doesn’t need to worry about keeping the restrooms clean either. You can have a Don’s Johns full-time restroom attendant on site to provide regular cleaning and ensure everything is stocked well. So everyone can focus on their tasks at hand.

Have Access to a Variety of Portable Toilet Options

Don’s Johns offers more than just your standard porta potty. Just think how your cast will feel walking into a Luxury Presidential Restroom Trailer. Each is climate-controlled heat and air conditioned, the perfect mini-escape for anyone to retreat to exit the extreme temperatures outdoors.

Inside you’ll find elaborate finishes such as granite counters and shelves, wood panel doors, black marbleized walls, and hardwood-designed floor. There’s also three flat screen televisions and a dual audio system.

Other trailers are available. For instance, the DJ3200 Restroom Trailer offers five stalls in the women’s suite and two stalls in the men’s suite. If you have fewer crew members, the DJ3100 Restroom Trailer has three stalls in the women’s suite and one stall in the men’s suite. However, all of our portable restroom trailers come with hot and cold running water, as well as plenty of soap and paper towels.

Provide Plenty of Hand Washing Stations

It’s widely known that filming sets have a lot of food for hungry actors, actresses, and production crews. Handling the various equipment and frequent wardrobe changes, they easily pick up germs. It’s a good idea to have portable sinks, hand washing stations, and hand sanitizer units set up across your set so everyone can remain germ-free.

So as you can see, Don’s Johns is available to help out no matter your need. Be it weddings, construction, or filmmaking in the greater Washington, DC area, we are ready to support you with an upscale portable restroom option.



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Keep Your Customers Happy, Even During Business Remodeling


Don’s Johns has been servicing the greater Washington, DC area for 50 years. As you may think of us as just a provider of portable restrooms for construction crews, concerts, weddings, and other special events, we also are here for our local businesses, even during remodeling.

If you’re working on a simple or complete remodeling project, you still have a business to run; you can’t just close your doors. Don’s Johns understands your pains of trying to keep happy customers, even during your business remodeling season. Here are three ways partnering with us helps you keep your customers happy during such a hectic and unorganized time.

Leaves the Impression Your Employees Practice Sanitary Habits

In most establishments, there are employee restrooms and separate customer restrooms. However, sometimes a place of business only has one. Your customers are going to notice the lack of restrooms for your staff, be it a food establishment or general retail store. Good hygiene and sanitary practices are expected nowadays. With germ spreading on the rise, a customer can’t help but notice and wonder if your employees are washing their hands throughout the day.

Help ease your customer’s mind and let them know that you have a clean restroom facility on site for your staff to use. This is also a great way to show the contractor and their crew you are looking out for their best interests as well. Don’s John’s restrooms each have hot and cold running water and ample amounts of soap. You’ll also find having a few hand sanitizers in your restaurant establishment for employees to use once they’ve left the restroom is comforting as well.

Don’t Lose Customers Because of a Lack of Restroom Facility

When your customers come out to shop and browse, they want to do so comfortably. However, having children with them could cut their trip short, if you are renovating the store and restroom area. Your customers may need to change their babies. Toddlers alert parents right then and there they have to use the restroom, not a moment sooner. Once your customer leaves your place of business, this opens the door for them to visit your competitor, with a clean restroom waiting for their use. The possibility of them walking back to pick up that item they were eyeing is drastically reduced.

Get the Portable Option to Meet the Needs of Your Customers

Make sure your customer needs are being met. Don’s Johns has a variety of standard portable restroom solutions as well as luxury restroom trailers that are ADA compliant. Each trailer is stocked with antibacterial soap to use with hot and cold running water, which is perfect to prevent the spread of germs during the cold season. The cool winter air prevents most from wanting to use a standard portable unit outdoors. However, our restroom trailers are a climate-controlled environment, for those side-walk sale shoppers to relieve themselves in comfort.

You can count on Don’s Johns to provide the portable restroom facilities your organization needs. We have plenty on hand and available for you to use for as long as you need.


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6 Ways to Get in Favor with Your Customers This Holiday

During the months of October through January, businesses definitely see an increase in sales and revenue. Customers are sometimes torn on which stores to visit as sales are vast! How should they choose which store to spend their time and money with if the products and sales are quite competitive? Well, here we examine six ways that you can get in favor with your customers this holiday. These tips will surely get your customers out this Black Friday, Christmas Eve, or any other day of the year.

Give Them Swag

No one is going to turn down something free. And, with all the new and exciting products you can brand, why should they? Present custom logo t-shirts, coffee mugs, and pens as they check out this holiday.

Make Sure Your Staff is Up to Beat

During the holidays, many customers loathe heading out to the stores. The customer service may be so much of a drag; they don’t want to be bothered. That’s why many enjoy sitting at home and shopping online.

However, if you get your staff into the spirit of the season and up to beat, they’ll make your customers want to come into the store and engage again. It’s been proven that customers are even willing to pay more for their products if they enjoy the shopping experience and customer service.

Give Back to the Community

To show your commitment to the community, be sure to donate a percentage of each purchase to charity. Engage your customers even more by having them sign a card showing they’ve supported the charity.

Create a New Loyalty Program

Customers love the VIP treatment. They realize they have other vendors to shop for products, but they remain loyal to you. Show them you appreciate them by creating a loyalty or VIP program especially for them.

One idea is to host an exclusive invitation-only event at your store. They can shop in comfort as they indulge in a few appetizers and drinks you provide. You can also include local musical artists to showcase their talents and entertain your customers as they shop. This creates the ultimate exclusive event. If you’re not sure who to invite, simply invite those connected with you on your social media profiles.

Give Them a Sneak Peak of What’s in Store for Them

Entice your customers to want to come out this holiday and have a sneak peak of what’s in store for them. This can be a part of a customer loyalty program. This is also a great time to announce your new product line, just in time for the holidays.

Coffee shop owners can host free tastings. Home goods stores can host a seminar on decorating their table for the holidays. These free and educational events establish trust between you and your customers. This is a win-win for you both.

You can boost awareness and sales this holiday season by giving your most loyal customers early access to the new products or services that you plan on releasing to the rest of the general public after the New Year. When your customers feel special, they remain loyal.

Keep Enough Clean Bathrooms Readily Available

During all the celebration, you’ll want to ensure your customers can enjoy the party. Having plenty of clean restrooms available gives a lasting impression upon your store.

Don’s John’s offers custom restroom wraps, trailer wraps, and custom advertising so your customers know you are the ones providing them with a comfortable experience. Whether you set up one standard restroom for backup or have a luxury restroom trailer for your loyalty program event, this alone exemplifies service with a smile.

Contact Don’s Johns today and a helpful representative will be able to offer you more advice on the types of restrooms and sanitary options we have available and how many you’ll need for your loyalty event.




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