A Deep Look into Don’s Johns Luxury Restroom Trailers

Are you hosting an event and want it to be as upscale as possible? Well, keep Don’s Johns in mind and our affordable luxury restroom trailers. Having our trailers enables you to throw your extravagant event virtually anywhere. There is no need to continue to change your event date because you can’t book a specific hotel. We can deliver our luxury restroom trailers almost anywhere!

What makes our luxury restroom trailers so unique is that they are classy, spacious, and downright some of the sexiest restrooms your guests will ever step foot into. It may be the talk of the event! As we have many types of luxury portable restrooms and trailers, here are our top five most luxurious.

DJ2000LX Luxury Presidential Restroom Trailer

Our Luxury Presidential Restroom trailer features beautiful granite counters and shelves. Your guests will gaze in awe at its brown marbleized walls; something many fine hotels do not feature. You’ll feel safe and secure walking across the elegant hardwood designed flooring also.

Each trailer is comfortable, providing a climate controlled heat and air conditioned environment, an added plus on extreme temperature days. Don’t be shocked to see your guests hanging out watching the events inside on the large flat screen TV. This luxury restroom trailer features a women’s suite with one flushing toilet, a granite countertop, vanity sink with mirror, and automatic air freshener. The men’s suite hosts the same and includes a black urinal as well.

DJ2000LH Luxury Restroom Trailer w/ADA Room

This Luxury Restroom Trailer is just a step down from the presidential restroom trailer. However, it has loads of the same luxurious benefits such as heat and air conditioning, hot and cold running water, private rooms, wood grain floors, and audio sound system. Instead of granite countertops, it contains beautiful Corian countertops. This trailer also has an ADA suite. Here, those needing the additional space, such as wheelchair or accessibility have an 8’ x 6’ room to use. It can also double as a family room, featuring a baby changing station. There are handrails throughout, making it safe for seniors as well.

DJ2300LX Luxury Presidential Restroom Trailer

This is our larger luxury presidential restroom trailer. Featuring gorgeous stained wood restroom trailer, you’ll have all the same features of the DJ2000LX mentioned above. However, this unit is double the excitement. There is a flat screen TV on each side for men and women to enjoy. These are cable ready as well. Guests have shorter wait times as there are two private stalls for women, complete with all the amenities of hot and cold running water, soap, and plenty of paper towels. The men still have one private stall, but there are three urinals.

DJ2300LF Luxury Restroom Trailer w/Family Room

If you are planning an elegant, family-friendly event, Don’s Johns also offer our luxury restroom trailer with family room. This suite has beautiful Corian counters with matching white wainscoting and trim. The doors are wood panel and hardwood designed flooring. It is also a climate controlled restroom trailer. You’ll have access to two private stalls in the women’s suite and one private stall and three urinals for the men’s suite. In addition, the family suite is a gasping 8’ x 6’, so you can even place a chair or bench in to help organize children or for guests to change. A full-length mirror is provided as well.

DJ5000LX Luxury Presidential Restroom Trailer

We know you may be thinking it can’t get any better. However, we always have something up our sleeve. Check out the virtual tour of our DJ5000LX Luxury Presidential Restroom Trailer; you’re going to love it. This upgraded four stall women’s suite, and two private stall men’s suite speak elegance. The three flat screened televisions may steal your guests for the night.

So after checking out our surprisingly affordable luxury restroom trailers, give our associates a call. We’ll be happy to talk about our optional decoration packages as well.



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If You’re Camping With a Bunch of Friends, Don’t Forget the Porta John

It’s exciting to meet up with friends and all go out for a much needed weekend excursion. Camping is something that can be done year round. However, not everyone is well adapted to handle the outdoors when it comes to camping and using the restroom. And, just like a normal local park, nobody wants to even walk by a standard porta john. With that said, you may not have even considered renting a Porta John for the duration of your camping trip. Don’s Johns has many options available that can satisfy even the most prestige campers.

Which Type of Porta John is Right for Your Group?

First, you need to consider which Porta John is right for you. Guesstimate how many people will use it and then how often. Our toilets are flushable and have large holding tanks, so there’s no problems with odors or being filled all too quickly.

Our Premium Porta John offers hands-free flushing. It has a sink, paper towels, solar power lightening, and vanity with mirror. It’s not the cat’s meow, but hey, you’re roughing it right? What’s so nice about this Porta John is you can transport it yourself should you relocate elsewhere. We have many other standalone restrooms that may interest you as well.


We also provide Luxury Restroom Trailer’s, of which many order for their wedding and anniversary events. The Corian interiors may seem a bit much, but for someone who doesn’t’ get “roughing” it, bringing this little piece of home will be just what they need.

Of course, we have standard Porta John restroom trailers available as well. They also have beautiful interiors and marble sinks. There are three toilets in the women’s suite and two in the men’s.

Extra Long Camping Trip? Consider a Shower Trailer

Should your camping trip be of great length, you may all enjoy the trip better with our DJ Shower Trailer there by your side. It has everything you need, including an attached dressing area, heating and cooling, mirrors, and lights. The men’s and women’s suites both have three shower stalls, a toilet, and a sink. All you need to hook this up is a garden hose and 110v power connector.

Be sure to include Don’s Johns on your next outdoor adventure. We have plenty of available Porta Johns that can meet your needs and budget.



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Luxury Porta Potty Rental: Celebrate Your Promotion in Style

Well, congratulations are in order if you have a recent promotion. Don’s Johns would be proud to help you celebrate it as you have your family, friends, and coworkers over and celebrate in style. Rather than hosting parties indoors, many people are keeping the traffic outside. You can still have a lavish event though. Check out a luxury porta potty rental you may want to give a try.

Avoid Others Judging Your Home

No matter if your home is large or small, decorated simplistic or extravagant, people will judge your home. Instead of going through the hassle, keep your party simple and outdoors. The best part is, your powder room can stay fresh and clean. Each luxury porta potty rental comes stocked with paper towels, toilet tissue, and hot and cold running water. The elegant vanity is perfect for women to retreat to refresh their makeup.

Cater Your Event Outdoors

Catering outside is delightful to many. There are no carpet stains to worry about or broken items. It also keeps cleanup to a minimum as you can discard items quickly to the trash.

During the warmer months, you can enjoy backyard barbecues. During the cooler months, rent a tent and have a sit down dinner featuring pasta bars or prime rib dinners. With guests raising glasses to your success all night, having access to a luxury porta potty is certainly needed.

You’ve Only Seen This Happen in the Movies

Seriously, there is no better way to show off your first day during your new role than everyone talking about your promotion party! Have you ever attended a party with an elegant luxury porta potty complete with flat screen televisions and audio panels? Quite possibly not. This is what you’ll see on television or in the movies, certainly not an everyday happening. It’s true that you’ll generally find our Presidential Restroom Trailer at corporate events or weddings, but it’s your party and you can do what you want.

If you feel the Presidential Restroom Trailer will be a bit much for your promotional party, check out our other luxury porta potty trailers. They are still built to impress, keep your party organized, and satisfy guests meeting their restroom needs.




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