Restroom Products & Services for Special Events

Special Events: Portable Restrooms, Restroom Trailers & Outdoor Sinks

Planning and organizing an event or function is less stressful when you place your trust and needs to seasoned professionals. Don’s Johns is the largest, oldest, and most experienced company in the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia area.


We provide competitive pricing, immediate delivery, and superior service for portable res

trooms, sinks, hand sanitizer stations, restroom trailers, and shower trailers for all your event needs. We have the largest dedicated special events inventory in the entire Mid Atlantic region. We also have the largest, newest fleet of service and delivery trucks to ensure that your order arrives on time and is serviced on schedule without excuses.

To get a free quote or reserve your restroom products & service for specials events call Don’s Johns at 877-9-TOILET, or visit our homepage to see our locations and get a free quote!



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Outdoor Wedding Planning with a Luxury Restroom Trailer

SPRING IS HERE! Washington DC and the surrounding areas are looking BEAUTIFUL right now and we’re exciting for another exciting year providing high quality, luxury restroom trailers, porta potties and other sanitation services for our outdoor events. One of our most popular outdoor family events are weddings.  If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you know there is a long list of items that need carefully prioritized.

One key area that we can help you with is, of course, the basic social amenities such as restrooms. Ensuring the provision of quality portable restroom rental services has been a problem faced by most organizers.

Fortunately, the problem has been solved and you can now plan an outdoor wedding and be
able to get a luxury restroom trailer that is assured of providing the needed services in the best way. A
restroom trailer is beautiful, luxurious and appropriate for use by anyone including the VIPs who will be
attending an event.
Luxury restroom trailers have been made in a way that makes them offer maximum comfort to the users. A restroom trailer is similar to home restrooms, and have been made using the finest materials, the right specifications and concepts that are meant to meet a client’s needs. Quality is a key aspect that is guaranteed and has been maximized on ever since they’ve come on to the portable restroom rental market.

There’s a wide array of portable restrooms to choose from depending on the type of wedding and the number of
guests expected to attend. They are partitioned and made so as to be able to cater for the needs of the
different genders and age groups, which are expected to be at the event. They can be used by multiple
people at the same time.

Portable restroom rental companies also work hand in hand with the bride and the event organizers to ensure that the porta potty chosen will serve the intended purpose. The Don’s Johns team is innovative and will find the best ways and options of ensuring customer satisfaction. The  interior of a luxury restroom trailer can be supplied with a fancy décor, while attendants can monitor and clean the restroom trailers.

The restroom trailers have multiple advantages and are designed in a way that maintains a comfortable atmosphere of any beautiful event.

Our restroom trailers are are clean, sanitary and have individual stalls that are private and lockable. The interiors have been made with quality materials such as hardwood floors, oak trim and marble walls. The cabinets are well fitted with handles and knobs. The interiors have mirrors that can be used by the
guests to pamper themselves up, and they are made even more beautiful by the incorporated lighting
designs. The air conditioning system and constant water supply makes them more comfortable. The
guests can also choose between warm or cold water.

To get a free quote or reserve your luxury restroom trailer or, call Don’s Johns at 877-9-TOILET, or visit our homepage to see our locations and get a free quote!



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Facts about Portable Toilets



They have many names, port-a-potty, porta potty, portable john, portable potties, portable sanitation units, restroom trailers, and the water closet. Either way you label them; portable toilets have been around for quite some time as a convenience for personal and business events. If you have any questions about portable toilets, here are a few answers.

When was the first portable toilet invented?

In the 1940’s, shipyard crewmembers needed a convenient method of using the restroom. It was a huge cost, as the laborers had to go back and forth from the ship to the dock to use the restroom. So, one of the managers had designed a wood cabana and holding tank placed on the dock, and the portable toilet began. George Harding did not patent it until 1962. PolyJohn Corporation and the age of portable toilets began thanks to cofounders George Harding, George Hiskes, and Ed Cooper.

How do you keep the smell down in a portable toilet?

Portable toilet systems are more than meets the eye. Depending on the length of use, you can have an entire Interior Restroom System consisting of a 100-gallon fresh water-holding tank and a 250 gallon secured waste container. This is an Odorless external system. The waste tank fits under the trailer.

A standard porta-potty has a 62-gallon wastewater-holding tank and plenty of ventilation. Many times, the company will use a combination of fragrance and a dark blue dye to mask the odor between cycling out the waste tanks.

How sanitary are portable toilets?

Portable toilets are now just as sanitary as a restaurant or hotel’s restroom. Some restroom trailers provide baby-changing stations. They have no toilets inside the room and are made of FDA-approved polyethylene, which resists bacterial growth. You will find a variety of toilets such as ADA complaint Wheelchair Accessible Restrooms and Luxury Restroom Trailers.

You’ll also find at events that valet services are available to ensure the restrooms are clean and well stocked with supplies. There are also plenty of other accessories to keep you clean such as hand sanitizers, Hand Wipes & Foam, Quad Wash Station, and Portable Sink with running hot and cold water.

Why would I rent a portable toilet rather than use the one at my business or at the park?

Portable toilets offer the convenience of no maintenance. You don’t worry about your sewer clogging. You have a dependable restroom system to use for any event. It’s a perfect way to ensure you have enough stalls for guests. Finally, some are transferable for mobile sites.

Contact Don’s Johns friendly customer service agents today if you have further questions about portable toilets 877-9-TOILET.



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