Create the Perfect Atmosphere with a Proper Portable Restroom Setup

It’s inevitable – no matter how grand your event is, with the most delectable food, grand table settings, and exquisite bands performing, there will always be something for guests to gossip about. Be sure to cut out much negativity surrounding your event and create the perfect atmosphere with a proper portable restroom setup. Don’s Johns luxury restroom trailers are the way to do so.

Set the Mood with Luxury Restroom Trailers

You may be wondering how a luxury restroom trailer could set the mood for an event. Well, consider event attendees standing around waiting in long lines to use the restroom. That could make for a grumpy patron. How about after waiting so long, they find themselves in an unkempt restroom facility? This can make even washing their hands an uncomfortable experience.

Our luxury restroom trailers come with everything they could need or ever want in a restroom. Our restroom trailers have been voted better than most in the country. That’s hard to come by. Your guests will feel like the VIP they are stepping into one of our luxury restroom trailers. And, that’s the mood you want to keep them in.

Show That Outside Restrooms Can Be As Luxurious As Inside

Just about everyone has had an experience with a luxury restroom: five-star hotels and restaurants, for instance. What similar qualities do they have that you can’t find practically anywhere else?

  • Luxury hardwood flooring
  • Granite vanity areas
  • Lighted mirrors
  • Plenty of liquid soap, paper towels, and toilet tissue
  • Surround sound music

Don’s Johns luxury restroom trailers has all this and more. You can’t get that with a standard blue porta potty. You’ll even notice they are climate controlled environments. Also, what outside restroom are you used to having flat screen televisions hooked up as well? Our outside luxury restroom trailers will set your event off, no matter if it’s a fancy wedding or your company’s annual summer picnic.

Match Your Portable Restroom to Your Events Décor/Theme

Your guests can have quite the experience at your event as they enjoy the events decorative theme and décor settings. You can blend our beautiful luxury restroom trailers with our restroom and trailer wraps. Other event décor ideas include adding your own special touches to the vanity area. Add flowers, scented candles, and more to give your guests an unforgettable experience as they walk in.

Easy Access to Suit Other Needs

There are many other reasons your guests or others may need a large, comfortable portable restroom at your event. You can help overcome the obstacles they may face with our luxury restroom trailer with family room on site.

  • Clean up spills on their outfit
  • Women can touch up their hair from a windy day
  • Infants and children’s clothing can be changed
  • Wardrobe changes for staff or entertainers

As you can see, you can create the perfect atmosphere, using a simple luxury restroom trailer on site. Your event will be remembered, and all it took was one call to Don’s Johns.



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Everything You Need To Know About Residential Restroom Trailer Rentals


If you’re considering residential restroom trailer rentals for your next gathering or project at home, let us clear the air. Here is practically everything you need to know about residential restroom trailer rentals. How long does it take to set up a residential restroom trailer at my home?We know it seems daunting, but getting a residential restroom trailer rental up and ready for your event is as simple as one phone call (877-9-TOILET). We have plenty on hand, even in the event of a disaster in your area, such as a power outage or plumbing emergency. You can depend on us to deliver a clean and fully stocked restroom trailer in a short notice.

What are the rental period requirements for a residential restroom trailer and additional accessories?

Unlike those standalone porta potties you may seek at the park, our residential restroom trailer rentals are available for renting for a few hours, a day, or even a week. We have construction crews that use our trailers and accessories for a few months at a time. If you find yourself needing the unit longer, simply call your account manager and we’ll extend the agreement.

Is each restroom trailer rental clean upon arrival?

You never have to worry about receiving an unsanitary unit. Each of our units is steam cleaned thoroughly before they are put back into the rotation. Each unit is flushed completely of any fluids, wiped down, and restored with new toiletries. It’ll be as though it’s a new unit on our lot.

What is the required setup for a residential restroom trailer?

If you have just a one or two-day rental, your restroom trailer rental can be set up anywhere on a flat surface, such as your driveway. However, if you need your rental for a longer period, it should be within 25 feet of street access. Our crew comes out to perform necessary cleaning and emptying of the tanks. So it’s important they can do it without disturbing you or your neighbors with any mess.

Who is responsible for cleaning the trailer and how often should it be cleaned?

We do not expect you to perform a thorough cleaning of your restroom trailer. So, for extended rentals, we include a weekly service call in your rental price. Our technician will come out to service your unit by cleaning it and restocking it with paper towels, toilet tissue, and any other necessities. Should you find you’re using it more than you planned, we can come out for an additional service call at a small fee.

How many residential restroom trailers do I need?

There are many factors that contribute to how many restroom trailer rentals you’ll need. Check out our handy planning guide to help you estimate. There are guest count, food and beverage servings, and the length of the gathering to consider. However, our representatives can help you figure that out.

Are there unpleasant odors in the residential restroom trailer?

You never have to worry about any odors with our restroom trailers. We use a detergent water to sanitize and deodorize each unit. And, each time we sanitize it, it’s fresh and new again.

To answer any other questions about our residential restroom trailers that are not addressed, contact our representatives at 877-9-TOILET. We are glad to service you.



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7 FAQ’s About Porta Potty Rentals

7 FAQ’s About Porta Potty Rentals for Residential Use

At Don’s Johns, we’re ready to make things easy for you. Here are the top seven frequently asked questions our customers ask regarding our residential porta potty rentals

How long does it take to set up a porta potty at my home?

Porta potty rentals don’t take long to set up at all. We can have your unit delivered by the end of the business day should you experience any electrical or plumbing emergencies. They come fully equipped with hot and cold running water, paper towels, soap, and toilet tissue.

What are the rental period requirements for a porta potty and additional accessories?

You can rent a porta potty and accessories from Don’s Johns for one day through several months. Once we discuss your needs and usage, we’ll draw up a contract, including scheduled cleanings for you. If you’re unsure at the moment how long you need it for, simply call us later to discuss extending the porta potty rental period.

Is each porta potty clean upon arrival?

We believe in clean and sanitized units. That’s what sets us apart from the rest. Each unit you receive will be just as close to new as can be. Once we receive each porta potty back from a customer, we give it a thorough steam cleaning process, remove all old material, and replace it with fresh materials such as toilet paper and paper towels.

Where does the porta potty need to be set up at?

As long as you have a flat surface our service crew can access, such as a driveway, we can meet your setup needs. The only proximity requirement that we have is for extended rentals. Then, please have a place prepared within 25 feet of the street so our service crew can take proper maintenance when necessary.

Who is responsible for cleaning the porta potty and how often should it be cleaned?

Our technicians will be out to clean your unit per the setup schedule. If you have it just one day, of course, that’s not necessary. However, for an extended contract, your holding tank needs to be swapped out, and we’ll happily clean and sanitize the inside as well. If you ever find you are utilizing it more than originally expected, we can arrange for an additional service call and adjust pricing from there.

How many porta potty’s do I need?

We want your event to run smoothly. That’s why our representatives are trained and knowledgeable. We’ll go through a selection of questions with you to have the appropriate number of porta potty’s on hand, so your event is comfortable for all. If you need it for a construction crew, we ensure you are OSHA compliant.

Are there strong odors in the porta potty?

You never have to worry about strong odors with our porta potty rentals. Each comes sanitized and deodorized and works for an extended period. It’s truly a refreshing change to your standard porta potty.

Contact Don’s Johns today to set up your porta potty rental today: 877-9-TOILET. We are helpful and friendly and waiting to service you.



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