Recalling Portable Restroom Rental History

Today, Don’s Johns is known throughout the country, not only as one of America’s Best Restrooms in 2011, but as the leader of portable restroom rental services in the Mid-Atlantic region with their extensive fleet of portable toilets, restroom trailers, shower trailers and sanitation services. Let’s take a walk through history, highlighting the famous (and infamous) moments that have brought us to this point in our porta potty progress.


Portable Restroom Rental in Virginia

The news about portable toilets and Don’s Johns in the portable restroom rental industry made big headlines with a groundbreaking story at Arlington National Cemetery in 1968. The Day reported on April 20th that a retired Colonel wanted to have portable toilets that were placed near the cemetery moved to a new location, out of public view. These early Don’s Johns porta potty units were placed on location for an unstated reason, although they may have been there to serve the public visiting family and loved ones at the National Cemetery, the paper said.

Portable Toilets: Reflecting on Foundations

The Lakeland Ledger reported a story in 1974 about Don Rainwater and how he got started in the portable restroom rental industry. “Needa John? Call Don!” was the original slogan on the founders’ business card, featuring a cartoon of himself on the back of the card, sitting on a toilet. Rainwater got the idea to get into the portable toilet business when he loaned money to a friend to get into the porta potty practice. According to Don, it “Sounded like a good idea, so I decided to do it too. Started with 12 wooden shacks with 55 gallon buckets in ‘em”. Don also invented the “Speedy-Vac” pumping system that used about 1/4th of the needed gasoline as compared to the other pumps at the time. Before becoming a porta potty professional, Don had created many inventions, was in the construction industry, the lumber business with his brother, a restaurant, and finally, Don’s Johns Portable Restroom Rentals and Sanitation Services.

Portable Toilets for Presidential Inaugurations

In 1997, the Washington Post reported that Don’s Johns co-founder and owner, Thelma Rainwater, along with granddaughter Kristie Dunston Harrell had secured the Inaugural contract with the co-executive director of the inaugural committee. According to the article, 816 portable restroom rental units were used for the approximate 300,000 in attendance.

The Washington Post also reported in 2008 that Don’s Johns was serving the Obama Presidential Inauguration to create what is still known today as the largest portable restroom rental event in the history of the United States. Approximately 7,800 portable toilets were rented between multiple portable restroom rental companies to serve the 2,000,000 people expected in attendance.

Restroom Trailers: One of America’s Best Restrooms in 2011

As Don’s Johns has grown throughout the years, they have also expanded, providing the best restroom trailers in their service area. Discovery News, along with many other global media outlets covered the America’s Best Restroom contest from Cintas. Don’s Johns is the only portable restroom company named in the Best Restroom Hall of Fame, along with notable toilets at Notre Dame, The Chicago Field Museum and so many other great restrooms!


What will be the next big story in Don’s Johns news history? Stay Tuned! Maybe you are the planner for the next big outdoor wedding, sporting event, concert or construction event that will be featured in the news. You’ll definitely be glad you talked to Don’s Johns for your needs after you’ve seen our Restroom Trailers, Portable Toilets, and the leading Portable Restroom Rental quality and service you can always depend on.

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