Planning a wedding this summer? Consider these do’s and don’ts before you say “I Do”…

With all of the snow the area has gotten recently, it’s hard to think about warmer weather and sunny days. As anyone planning a wedding will tell you, though, those days will be here sooner than you think. So while you’re getting ready to say “I do,” keep in mind these wedding planning do’s and don’ts.

  • Do start planning now: Often times it’s easy to focus on the “fun” planning activities such as buying a wedding dress and ordering invitations, but don’t forget about the logistics of planning for guests, including their restroom needs. By calling us early in your planning process, you will get one major to-do out of the way that is hugely important. Haven’t started planning yet? The SCTimes has some great tips to help you start planning your wedding, including prioritizing and being realistic.
  • Don’t settle for standard restrooms: Don’s Johns offers quality portable restroom resources that aren’t your typical porta potty experience. Our award-winning luxury trailers are just what you need to impress guests and give your outdoor summer or fall wedding a touch of elegance.
  • Do provide us with as many details as possible: Have you found the perfect outdoor venue but there’s one drawback—no outdoor restrooms? The Washington, D.C. metro area is full of beautiful outdoor wedding spaces that will benefit from extra restroom units. This is especially true if you have a large number of guests or alcohol will be served. Our event planning guide will help you estimate how many units will be needed based on attendance, event duration, alcohol served and more.
  • Don’t ignore these common wedding mistakes: Planning a wedding is so much fun but often couples jump in too quickly and become overwhelmed. Little items like photographers and favors are just as important as budget and venue. We like Glamour’s wedding section to help with planning, especially their tips on avoiding major planning mistakes.
  • Do have fun while planning: This is a great time for you and your significant other! You’re getting ready to start a new journey together, so it takes both of you to plan your wedding. Even if there are snags along the way, just keep thinking like these men who secretly love wedding planning and you’re guaranteed to have the perfect wedding day.

Our main goal is to help make your wedding planning not only easy, but enjoyable. If you’re looking to bring luxury and comfort to your outdoor wedding, call Don’s Johns and start planning with us today!

Rent a Restroom Trailer for Your Outdoor Wedding in VA, MD or DC

Weddings are such happy and busy moments for everyone involved. Many people love having outdoor weddings in the summer, spring, and even the fall seasons. Outdoor weddings allow ample space for their guests to mingle, dine, and dance. When planning your outdoor wedding event, you are often busy with planning the food, the wedding party attire, and guest area preparations. One key thing you should not forget is to provide your guests and wedding party with a clean and convenient portable restroom facility. The best solution is to rent a restroom trailer.

Why You Should Rent A Restroom Trailer For Your Outdoor Wedding?

If you’ve ever attended a wedding in the summer, you’re sure to remember how hot and uncomfortable you were. If there are no cool breezes, you are worrying about leaving,


not enjoying the party. Sometimes the portable restrooms are far away from the area the reception is in and your guests will have to walk so far to get there. This is very uncomfortable for women in heels or families with smaller children. You are putting a lot of time and money into the reception for them. Show them how much you appreciate them by renting a restroom trailer or luxury porta potty to add comfortable and restroom familiarity to their experience. Many of our units look and feel just like your bathroom at home – they are spacious, elegantly decorated, clean, full stocked and some even come with granite counter tops and flat screen tvs.

What Types Of Wedding Restroom Trailers Are Available For Me?

Luxury Restroom Trailer – This is perfect for large weddings to keep your guests from waiting. They are sophisticated designs with beautiful Corian counters, hardwood floors, and have air conditioning. They come with 4 private stalls for women and 2 private stalls for men. These include hot and cold running water and liquid soap for clean hands. There are plenty of paper luxury-restroom-trailertowels to dampen and keep them cool.

Luxury Presidential Restroom Trailer – This is the grand restroom trailer featuring granite counters and marble walls. Your guests will keep cool and rest comfortably with an audio system playing soothing music and also wide screen televisions to keep up with the party outdoors.

Contact Don’s Johns today and let one of our representative’s help you choose the perfect restroom trailer for your outdoor wedding.


Porta Potty Rental – Tips for Event Planning

Winter can be the time of the year where it is OK to be a hermit where there are very little outdoor events. Summer means getting out and seeing friends and family. It is the time for good food, music, and conversation. Planning the event can take time and lot of work so we havetips-for-event-planning put together a great list of tips for event planning.

We have all been to parties where the food was horrible or had to wait in long lines for the porta potty. For those who love event planning, you want everything to be spectacular. You want your guests to be happy, comfortable, and enjoy themselves. There are many hats to be worn as an event planner. You must make sure to cover all necessities so here is a great list of tips for event planning that can help even the most experienced event planner.

Tips for Event Planning

Plan for the Number of Attendees

Try to get as accurate as possible of a head count of those expecting to attend. If you are unsure, it is better to plan for how many people were invited plus one. Therefore, if you believe 50 people know of the event, plan for 100, especially if this is a mixer of some sort where many people do not know each other.

Organize For Food, Drinks, and Entertainment

After you’ve finalized an accurate head count, it’s time for the meat of the party. You want enough food and drinks to be passed along the entire time. Have a good blend of entertainment as well.

Make the Environment Comfortable

If your party is lasting more than 3 hours, have children expected to attend, or you have liquor, plan for restroom services. An excellent and professional porta potty rental company is a sure way to bring comfort to any event. As mentioned, you never know how many attendees you may have and you want them to have a clean and sanitized area for them without a long wait.

Don’s Johns
has over 40 years’ experience helping event planning personnel with their porta potty rental needs. Servicing the greater Washington DC area, we have portable restroom, restroom trailers, and sanitation solutions your guest will appreciate. Give us a call at 888-331-6323 today.