Meet Kim: Your Go-To Resource for Special Event Reservations

Meet Kim Brawn, our Special Events Sales Manager

At Don’s Johns we always say, “Our People Make the Difference.”  Kim Brawn, Special Events Sales Manager, makes a difference for our customers and her colleagues. We recently spoke with Kim to get her take on portable restroom reservations and working at Don’s Johns.



What is your role at Don’s Johns and how long have you worked here?

I have been the Special Events Sales Manager at Don’s Johns for two years, although in total I’ve worked here for six years. I’m responsible for handling our high-end clients such as the Redskins, Preakness and Quicken Loans National. I’m mostly involved with the larger events that need hundreds of restroom units, rather than smaller scale events.

Can you walk us through the reservation process?

First there is initial contact with the customer – either they reach out to us or we reach out to them. The goal is to make their event successful so we try to obtain important information such as length of the event, how many units are required, where units can be set up, etc. right from the beginning.   We try to give some guidance based on our experience when needed and will use that experience to make sure that all of the details are covered. For example, with larger events, the suggestion of a VIP area with high end products may be something the planner would like to offer the customer and that is a detail that may not have occurred to the planner.

Once we have all the event information and finalize the number of restroom units, a contract is prepared and sent to the customer. After the sale has been processed, a project manager (something that is unique to Don’s Johns) will coordinate the event and plan exactly what the customer needs. This includes conducting walk throughs, supervising load ins and being on site to staff the event. Large special events are usually staffed by at least 2 employees, the project manager and myself.

How early before an event should portable restrooms be reserved?

It depends on the size of the event. For large special events, customers should reach out 3-6 months beforehand.  For events requiring less than 25 units, a couple of weeks before the event is okay. However, reservations that take place during our busy season should happen as soon as possible! We are extremely busy from April 1 to October 31, so customers need to take that into consideration when planning their event to ensure that the specialty products they desire are available.

What are some common frequently asked questions?

We get a lot of questions about timing of delivery. For example, some events only have a one-day permit, so the units need to be delivered and picked up on the same day. While we can accommodate these short delivery/pickup windows, we would prefer to have a larger window. I think most people don’t realize there’s a lot of team work between us and the customers, so giving us as all the information about the event is very important!

What’s the deal with getting a permit?

A lot of people also call and ask about permits. We do not handle any type of permitting, so customers need to get the permits from the specific venues, county, etc. The reason we stay out of the permit discussion is because there are a variety of permits required by different counties, so we ask that the customer determine what permits are required by their county. Sometimes the contract between Don’s Johns and the customer is required to get the permit, so in that case we help them by providing that.

Are there questions customers ask too late?

Customers make last minute changes all the time and assume we can accommodate them. We do our best to work with the customer to make sure they are satisfied, but it is better for both parties to be prepared ahead of time.   For example, unit placement at venues is a huge issue that needs to be addressed beforehand because it’s something that isn’t easy to change. Determining unit location beforehand makes the delivery process much smoother and will cause less stress for the event planner who normally has multiple vendors to work with on load in day.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Don’s Johns?

It’s twofold — working with customers is enjoyable and it’s very satisfying to see events, especially brand new events, pulled off from start to finish. Also, the Dons’ Johns’ team is a great team and I appreciate working with them every day. From operations to every aspect of the process, we all have to work together and everyone is willing to do what it takes to get the job done.

Can we give you a call if we have any additional questions?

For more information about special event reservations or to personally ask Kim a question, email her at

Looking for a little luxury at your fall outdoor wedding? Find out how to plan for when nature calls.

Fall is one of the most popular times to have an outdoor wedding because of the cooler weather and beautiful colors in nature. But planning an outdoor fall wedding can be tricky – between knowing the right number of restroom facilities needed to keeping your guests warm – things can get complicated. With 50+ years of experience in the industry, we have some insider tips to help ensure all your guests’ needs are met and your wedding day goes off without a hitch.

1. Proper Restroom Facilities

Many outdoor wedding venues don’t offer a sufficient amount of restroom facilities for your guests, which forces guests to wait in long lines or walk a long way to the bathrooms. When guests are provided with adequate restroom facilities, they stay longer and have a better time. If you are planning on serving alcohol at your reception, it’s important that you increase the number of restrooms by 20%. If you know there are going to be a higher percentage of women in attendance (beyond 50%), increase the number of units by 25-50%. Additionally, it’s important always include at least one wheelchair accessible unit! For more guidance on choosing the correct number of restroom facilities check out our Event Planning Guide.

2. Upgrading from Standard to Luxurious

Almost as important as providing an adequate number of restroom facilities, is providing your guests with luxurious restroom trailers instead of standard units. Weddings should feel anything but standard and this simple switch is an easy way to wow your guests. The Don’s Johns’ luxury trailers come with amenities such as granite countertops, marble walls, shelving and climate-controlled heat and air. The trailers include a dual audio system that not only plays soothing music for visiting guests, but also ensures those waiting to use the restroom don’t miss any moments from your big day with three flat screen televisions. These trailers always give guests something to talk about!

3. Bathroom Décor

If you really want to get your guests talking, we suggest including a few subtle extras in the trailers such as, a bathroom essentials basket, monogrammed towels, fresh flowers or luxe soaps. Remembering small details like these create the finishing touches on a luxurious fall wedding. Guests will think they have transported from an outdoor venue to a five-star hotel!

Now that you know the industry tips to creating a luxurious outdoor wedding this fall, contact a Don’s Johns representative today for a free luxury restroom trailer quote. Let us help you with your special day!

How to Choose the Best Porta Potties for Your Outdoor Event

Event Rental: Porta Potties in DC, VA, & MD

Outdoor events are very popular in the DC, VA & MD areas. No matter what season, there is always a reason to have a celebration outdoors. Having porta potties for your guests is important, especially for events where participants are drinking, eating, and socializing. You need to make sure you plan accordingly, so all your guests are comfortable.

Event Rental: Determine How Many Guests Will Attend

After planning your invitation count, you can reserve the proper amount of porta potties for your guests. As the week of the event nears, and you have your final RSVP count, you can make adjustments from there. Don’s Johns has an excellent planning guide for your use. You can also give us a call and you’ll have an event planning specialist working closely with you. Our specialists are available to assist you in planning how many porta potties you should have for your outdoor event.

Help Set the Tone for Your Event

Don’s Johns have many different styles of porta potties available for your use. If you are hosting an elite event, the Luxury Presidential Restroom Trailer has marble and granite interiors, is a climate-controlled environment, features beautiful well-lit mirrors, 4 private stalls for women, 2 private stalls for men, and contains a dual audio system that plays soft elegant music.

For a more casual atmosphere, you may want to consider our DJ3000 Restroom Trailer. It is comfortable, well lit, and has plenty of accessories stored for an eventful day.

Make Sure Your Event Accommodates the Disabled

Many of your outdoor events would probably have the need for ADA compliant porta potties. This could be for those who need wheelchair accessibility, seniors who would want to grip the handrails to walk up, or just the spacing needed for families to access. The Luxury Restroom Trailer w/ADA Room is perfect. It’s beautiful and features stunning Corian counters and hardwood flooring design. Its climate controlled and fully stocked as well. The ADA Compliant Suite is 8’ x 6’so families needing to take a break can do so.

Event Rental: You Want To Have All the Luxurious Amenities

Finally, make sure you have all the luxurious amenities needed. Upscale events will definitely need valet service to keep the porta potties well stocked with tissue, soap, and paper towels. They can ensure it stays fresh in there as well. If you are promoting a cause, ask our specialists about the custom restroom wraps available.

With Don’s Johns and over 50 years of experience, we are here to help you every step of the way. You can also visit Don’s Johns today to find the perfect porta potty that’s fits your needs. Contact us today for a free quote or call us today at 888-331-6323.

S.U.R.E up your Portable Restroom Rental Experience


Have you given our team a call?

If you have, this guide will help you on your next step.

After a call with one of portable restroom rental representatives, you may still have questions or are wondering if you are SURE you made the right decision by choosing us.

Let’s take a look to be SURE:

S – Service:

When your portable restroom rental company assists you in every aspect possible and through the entire event or project success, you know that you’re going to have an experience to continue returning to in the future.  Don’s Johns not only works hard to gain your business, we work hard to keep it! We are always innovating with multiple Portable Restroom Rental options to suit you perfectly.

U – Unchanged Standards:

Does your portable restroom rental company pride themselves on maintaining the gold standard within the portable restroom rental industry?  Many are but unfortunately, some are not.  Since 1964, Don’s Johns has been raising the bar when it comes to creating real relationships and making positive impacts in society.  Through charities and special events, we continue to give back to those who have made us proud to be the leading portable restroom rental company in our service area.

R – Reliability –

Do you know if the portable restroom rental company you just hired is going to show up on time?  Do you know how often and when they are going to service your restroom trailers or portable toilets?  Don’s Johns eliminates the worry about delivery issues or pumper trucks coming through a crowd of attendees to service a portable restroom rental DURING the event.

Don’s John’s, Inc. features a state-of-the-art satellite GPS tracking system to ensure on-schedule service for your event, construction project. Don’s Johns state-of-the-art control room also allows us to maintain industry-leading response times to manage inquiries and provide adequate customer service needs for our porta potty rental and sanitation and septic services.

Whatever your needs, Don’s Johns will always be right on track with delivery and service for you.

E – Everything Else:

Aside from being one of America’s Best Restrooms in 2011, Don’s Johns provides more than just amazing restroom trailers and portable toilets in different varieties.  We also have a full line of Sanitation products and services.  With the availability of Hand Washing Stations and shower trailers, we have you covered for anything from a backyard BBQ to a week long camping trip.

Our duty is to take care of your portable restroom rental  needs in the Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. area, no matter how big they are or how soon you need them. Call us at 888-331-6323 or email for questions on how to make your upcoming event.



Get the VIP Treatment at Don’s Johns, Without Jumping through Hoops

Are you looking for a portable restroom option for your next event, but hate jumping through hoops to get the best price and service? Well, Don’s John’s values your business, no matter how large or small. Read below to see how Don’s Johns ensures you will always receive the VIP treatment.


Presidential Trailers Are Available to Everyone

At Don’s Johns, you don’t have to be on a preferred list to have access to our Luxury Presidential Restroom Trailers. Everyone has access to them whether the need is for a wedding, anniversary party, birthday, or charity event.

Our Presidential trailers have everything you could want and need, even better amenities than a few five-star hotels! There are beautiful granite counters and shelves and wood panel doors. The men and women’s suites can accommodate four guests each at a time. To top it off, your guests will have the convenience of three flat screen televisions and dual audio sound system to keep up with the events outside.

Rates So Great, You’d Think You Are a VIP

Our rates are also so great, you’d think you are a VIP. Don’s Johns works towards building long-term relationships. So even in times of crisis, you can depend on Don’s Johns to offer you the same great rate.

Fresh and Clean as Though It’s Wiped Down after Delivery

Unlike standard porta potty’s, our restrooms and trailers are delivered especially fresh and clean. There are automatic air freshener dispensers throughout bursting freshness all day. Cleanliness is next to perfection, so each restroom and trailer has an ample supply of hot and cold running water, antibacterial soap, paper towels, and toilet paper. Each unit is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. We also offer additional sanitization options such as additional hand washing stations, foam stations, and hand sanitizer units.

Additional Staffing Options So You Don’t Lift a Finger

You never need to worry about doing anything with Don’s Johns additional staffing options. For large or small events, we make it extremely easy to keep your units tidy and well maintenance with our valet services. They will come dressed in your specified event attire or our professional Don’s Johns apparel.

If you have an event lasting more than a few days, don’t worry about that either. We have additional holding tanks that our certified representatives will swap out with ease.

So contact Don’s Johns friendly staff members today. No matter if you need one unit or a host of them, you are guaranteed to be treated like a VIP – 888-331-6323.



Porta John: Fun in the Fall and Winter Weather


The Spring, Summer and Fall of 2014 have come to an end. We bid farewell to the fun in the sun and the warm weather and the snow abound is now on our minds.

Outdoor events such as state fairs, concerts and picnics have come  to an end.  Many people throughout the fall and winter seem to go into hibernation, but there are many reasons we are still outside and when outside, we still need access to a great porta john rentals!

Although the weather is cooling down, some of the best events aren’t heating up!  Some of the best Marathons are held during the Fall – such as the Marine Corps Marathon, Chicago Marathon and many more notable races that are always in need porta john rentals. Families love attending Pumpkin festivals, bringing camaraderie and cheer to everyone present as well as the need for a convenient portable restroom rental near the pumpkin patch.

Furthermore, it’s the winter months where the weather may sometimes be frightful, but the events are even more delightful. The winter brings snow tubing, winter sports and winter camping are enjoyed all season long. Portable restrooms provide convenient comfort as well as protection from the elements. You can even enjoy the warmth of a Don’s Johns restroom trailer complete with running hot water and climate control!

When thinking about colder weather and the needs of porta john rentals, we can’t forget to consider our friends in construction. Regardless of the weather, the construction industry continues to build, fix and maintain everything from roads and renovations to buildings and beyond. Winter construction continues. Development projects have needs for Porta Potties and Hook Construction Portable Toilets for multi-story projects, as well as interior restroom systems for the project manager.

A great tip to also remember is porta john placement during winter projects. It is important to remember to keep the portable restroom safely away from the route of an oncoming plow truck. Snow plows can quickly build up an embankment in front of your Porta John rental, making it difficult to enter or even come into contact with it, causing damage or knocking it over. Even for a simple bathroom remodel or addition onto an existing building, a porta john rental is a necessity that cannot be overlooked.

Whether the weather is hot, cold or in between, there is a need for Don’s Johns porta john and sanitation during the fall and winter months.

Give us a call at  888-331-6323 to speak with one of our friendly representatives.



How to Choose Between a Restroom Trailer and a Portable Toilet for Your Event

How to Choose Between a Restroom Trailer and a Portable Toilet for Your Event

You may have already read about how many porta potty’s you should have for your event in our Porta Potty Event Planning Guide. However, how do you determine which is best for your event: a restroom trailer versus a portable restroom? Let’s examine the benefits of both and other considerations to factor into your decision.

restroom trailer

Benefits of Restroom Trailers

A restroom trailer is one large unit which contains a few to many individual restroom stalls. You can rent a basic trailer to one of our most presidential functioning trailers. Trailers offer more space for your guests than an individual portable toilet unit does. Restroom trailers are a climate controlled environment.

Each Don’s Johns trailer come with dual audio sound systems and television screens to keep up with the outdoor engagements. You’ll also have large Corian or granite countertops, hardwood flooring, recessed lighting, hot and cold running water, and other beautiful amenities included. Restroom trailers are an excellent investment for large, formal events.


Benefits of Portable Restroom

A portable restroom is a single unit meant for one person to use at a time. They also offer complete privacy, something individuals at certain gathers may appreciate more. If you are having a standard event or are budget conscious, portable toilets are a good way to go. You may also upgrade to Don’s Johns VIP Flushing Toilet with Sink.

How Long Will the Event Be For?

The first thing you want to consider is how long your event will be for. A one or two-day event is perfect for portable toilets. However, if you will be hosting an event for a few days, restroom trailers are an excellent choice. They have large holding tanks that do not need to be frequently changed.

Where is the Event Located and What Type of Guests Will Be Present?

Make sure to arrive at your event location and find out where you can set up your portable restroom or trailer units. That may determine which you can have on-site.

You’ll also want to factor in which your guest will appreciate more. An entire wedding party would not appreciate trying to squeeze into a single portable restroom to help each other dress for an outdoor wedding.

What are the Weather Expectations?

In addition to considering where your event will be, what is the weather expected to be like? If you are hosting an event outdoors, and there is a chance of rain, your guest will appreciate having a restroom trailer to retreat into. Guests can refresh themselves and hang out until the downpour is over if needed. If it’s extremely hot outside, you and your guests will appreciate being able to retreat to a burst of cool air.

What is Your Event’s Budget?

Don’s Johns has a variety of restroom trailers and portable restrooms. We have standard porta potty restrooms and you can upscale to our Luxury Presidential Restroom Trailer. You can be as fancy as you want. There is a unit for everyone though that can accommodate your needs and budget.

As you can see, there are a number of factors that affect your decision to rent a restroom trailer or a portable restroom. Contact our friendly representatives at 888-331-6323 today so we can find a unit to match your needs.



Construction Restroom Rentals in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC


Portable Restroom Rentals for your Construction Site

Don’s Johns is your one stop shop for your construction restroom rentals and sanitation services. No other company in the Washington D.C., Maryland or Virginia area can compete with our product selection, inventory, or service. From basic portable restrooms to luxury restroom trailers, we have the products to fit your needs. We offer an extensive line of basic restrooms, flushing toilets, restrooms with sinks, handicap restrooms and trailers, waste holding tanks, office trailer bathroom systems, hand wash stations, fresh water sinks, septic pumping services, and road crew and shower trailers.

Here are a few Construction Restroom Rental options you can choose from at Don’s Johns:

construction-porta-pottyStandard Porta Potty Restroom

Porta Potty Restroom Features and Benefits:

•Largest door opening in the industry Indoor lock for privacy and optional outside lock to allow restricted personnel use

•Extra large 62 gallon waste water holding tank

•Well-vented to reduce any odor in porta potty

•Large tissue dispenser with a more than adequate supply of tissue paper

porta-potty-rental•Includes 1X per week restocking, waste removal & unit sanitization by uniformed technician


Height: 89″
Width: 44″
Depth: 48
Weight: 170 lbs.

Restroom Capacity

62 gallon holding tank

construction-portable-toiletHow many restrooms do I need for my project?
1 unit is required for every 8-10 workers (American National Standards Institute – ANSI Z4.3). Don’s Johns recommends separate restroom facilities for women on job sites.

Additional information:
The key to temporary restrooms is service. Temporary restrooms should always be placed within 15 feet of a hard surface to ensure that our service trucks can access them without difficulty. In addition, our account managers can help guarantee the least interruption to your jobsite by scheduling and providing service before your site opens in the morning, or after it closes at night.

Download Brochure

construction-hook-porta-pottyHook Construction Portable Toilet

Hook Construction Portable Toilet Features and Benefits

•For high-rise applications, a steel sling attachment with lifting hooks can be added to enable lifting the restroom into skyscrapers or other unreachable service locations by crane
•Substantial time savings over workers having to return to ground level to use restroom
•Includes 1X per week restocking, waste removal & unit sanitization by uniformed technician

Restroom Specifications

Height: 88″
Width: 45″
Depth: 45″

hook-construction-toiletToilet Capacity:
60 gallon holding tank

How many porta potties do I need for my construction project?
1 unit is required for every 8-10 workers (American National Standards Institute – ANSI Z4.3). Don’s Johns recommends separate restroom facilities for women on jobsites.

Additional information:
The key to temporary restrooms is service. Temporary portable toilets should always be placed within 15 feet of a hard surface to ensure that our service trucks can access them without difficulty. In addition, our account managers can help guarantee the least interruption to your jobsite by scheduling and providing service before your site opens in the morning, or after it closes at night.


Restroom Capacity

60 gallon holding tank

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Rolloway Hi-Rise Construction Toilet

construction-rollowayRolloway Hi-Rise Construction Restroom Features and Benefits:

• Fits easily in elevator, rolls on heavy-duty casters
•Steel frame/poly combo unit designed to take heavy usage on construction
• Optional roof for added privacy
• Includes 1X per week restocking, waste removal & construction restroom rentals unit sanitation by uniformed technician


Height with roof: 91″

Height without roof: 69″
Width: 33″
Length: 53″
Weight with roof: 287 lbs.
Weight without roof: 251 lbs

rolloway-construction-toiletRestroom Capacity
38 gallon holding tank

How many restroom rentals do I need for my project?
1 unit is required for every 8-10 workers (American National Standards Institute – ANSI Z4.3). Don’s Johns recommends separate restroom facilities for women on jobsites.

Additional information:
The key to temporary restrooms is service. Portable toilets should always be placed within 15 feet of a hard surface to ensure that our service trucks can access them without difficulty. In addition, our account managers can help guarantee the least interruption to your jobsite by scheduling and providing service before your site opens in the morning, or after it closes at night.

Related Products:

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road-crew-trailer-construction-toiletRoad Crew Porta Potty and Trailer

Road Crew Porta Potty and Trailer Features and Benefits:

• Ensures safe and convenient relocation of units
• All of the great features of our Standard Porta Potty, including an extra-large 62 gallon waste water tank and a lockable door for privacy, mounted securely on a movable two-wheel trailer
• Connects in minutes and easily towed behind any vehicle with a minimum class 2 trailer hitch
• Standard wiring harness connector for brake lights and turn indicators
• Can also be easily rolled into position by a two-man crew

Download Brochure

premier-restroom-trailerPremier Restroom Trailer

Restroom Trailer for Construction Features and Benefits:

• Hands-free flushing toilet
• Vanity with mirror
• Solar-powered incandescent lighting
• 10” x 13” sink with fresh water and energy-efficient self-closing faucet
• Built-in trash receptacle
• In-use light
• Weatherproof carpet & plastic skids


Height: 91″premier-trailer
Width: 168″ (total trailer w/tongue)
Depth: 96″

Restroom Rentals Capacity

(2) 65 gal. waste water tank 40 gal. fresh water tank

How many construction restroom rentals do I need for my event? 

Suitable for 250-300 uses between servicing.

Additional information: The key to a successful event is the right quantity of units, proper placement, and the reliability of the provider. We’ve been providing portable restroom solutions for over 40 years, and can often give advice to help your event go smoothly. Contact your Don’s Johns account manager to discuss your upcoming event.

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hand-sanitizerHand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer Features and Benefits:

• Hand sanitizer is as safe on hands as regular soap and water, and you can use it as often as you need • Specially formulated with moisturizers, hand sanitizer leaves hands feeling soft and refreshed • Meets OSHA standards


Instant hand sanitizer contains a waterless gel that provides a refreshing instant hand sanitizer in as little as 15 seconds, killing 99.9% of the most common illness-causing germs

Download Brochure

hand-wipes-constructionHand Wipes & Foam

Hand Wipes & Foam Features and Benefits:

• An excellent addition to any event, especially those serving food and/or with child attendees

• Sani-Stand Wipe (6 dispensers) and Sani-Stand Foam (4 dispensers) arrive fully stocked

• Use of wipes or foam kills 99.9% of the most common illness-causing germs


Height: 66″
Width: 28″
Depth: 28″
Weight empty: 27 lbs.
Weight full: 200 lbs. (when base is filled with H2O or sand)

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construction-wash-stationQuad Wash Station

Features and Benefits

Portable hand washing stations are ideally placed near food stations


• Four basins

• Liquid soap and paper towels

construction-portable-sinkPortable Sink

Features and Benefits

• Self-contained, hot and cold potable sink

• Hand washing and drinking water in the same unit – saves valuable space

• Carrying handles for easy mobility

• No formal service necessary – just change water bottle when it’s needed

• Attractive neutral color – goes with most office trailer decor

• Sealed paper towel dispenser

• Gray water collected in return bottle for easy customer disposal, or simply put drain hose directly to holding tank for service



• Standard electrical hook-up – no special wiring needed

• Uses a standard 5 gallon sealed water jug for a potable water supply

• Measures 28x20x38 inches (W x D x H)

Restroom Capacity

Approximately 45-60 uses with each sealed container

If you see a Construction Restroom Rentals service you desire for your Construction site please call us at 888-331-6323. You can also contact us here for a free quote.




Portable Potty Rentals in DC, MD and VA

Portable Restroom & Porta Potty Rentals VA, MD & DC

When you need sanitation services, you want to be sure that the portable potty rental company you choose is reliable, affordable and experienced. Don’s Johns has the largest selection of portable potty rentals in the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area to meet your needs. Whether it is a standard restroom, VIP flushing, or luxury Premier solar powered restroom, we have the products to fit any size need and budget.

We can truly do it all, no matter the event size. We carry all-inclusive portable potty rentals and sanitation solutions to serve your needs! Whether it is a single portable potty for a small construction job or 5,000+ porta potties complete with hand-washing stations and shower trailers for an inauguration or weekend long event, Don’s Johns provides the portable sanitation services that you need, when you need them!

Largest inventory of Portable Potty Rentals

portable-potty-rentalWe have the largest inventory of portable restrooms and restroom trailers in the Mid-Atlantic region including Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. Our complete selection construction porta potties are primarily dark blue in color. We are also the only company in the region with an extensive product line of special event restrooms. Our line of hunter green portable toilets are dedicated solely to special events so you can rest assured that you will not receive a restroom that has been used on construction sites for your event.

Also on our porta potty website, you can view our complete line of portable toilet related products, such as handicap accessible restrooms, restrooms with sinks, Hook Construction Portable Toilets, Rolloway Hi-Rise Construction Toilets, Road Crew Porta Potties with included trailers, VIP flushing restrooms, stand-alone sinks and hand wash stations, basic to luxury restroom trailers, shower trailers, waste holding tanks for homeowners, restaurants, caterers and jobsites, interior restroom systems for office trailers, and luxury solar powered restrooms.

We also provide septic and waste-water pumping services for Home, Business, Restaurant, Municipal, Government and Agricultural needs. Our on-site washing and maintenance facilities provide the cleanest and most well-maintained truck fleet in the septic tank maintenance industry.

If you see a product you desire that is not currently on our site, please call us at 888-331-6323. We guarantee that if we don’t have the portable restroom, trailer or sanitation supplies that you are looking for, we will get it for you!



Outdoor Wedding Planning with a Luxury Restroom Trailer

SPRING IS HERE! Washington DC and the surrounding areas are looking BEAUTIFUL right now and we’re exciting for another exciting year providing high quality, luxury restroom trailers, porta potties and other sanitation services for our outdoor events. One of our most popular outdoor family events are weddings.  If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you know there is a long list of items that need carefully prioritized.

One key area that we can help you with is, of course, the basic social amenities such as restrooms. Ensuring the provision of quality portable restroom rental services has been a problem faced by most organizers.

Fortunately, the problem has been solved and you can now plan an outdoor wedding and be
able to get a luxury restroom trailer that is assured of providing the needed services in the best way. A
restroom trailer is beautiful, luxurious and appropriate for use by anyone including the VIPs who will be
attending an event.
Luxury restroom trailers have been made in a way that makes them offer maximum comfort to the users. A restroom trailer is similar to home restrooms, and have been made using the finest materials, the right specifications and concepts that are meant to meet a client’s needs. Quality is a key aspect that is guaranteed and has been maximized on ever since they’ve come on to the portable restroom rental market.

There’s a wide array of portable restrooms to choose from depending on the type of wedding and the number of
guests expected to attend. They are partitioned and made so as to be able to cater for the needs of the
different genders and age groups, which are expected to be at the event. They can be used by multiple
people at the same time.

Portable restroom rental companies also work hand in hand with the bride and the event organizers to ensure that the porta potty chosen will serve the intended purpose. The Don’s Johns team is innovative and will find the best ways and options of ensuring customer satisfaction. The  interior of a luxury restroom trailer can be supplied with a fancy décor, while attendants can monitor and clean the restroom trailers.

The restroom trailers have multiple advantages and are designed in a way that maintains a comfortable atmosphere of any beautiful event.

Our restroom trailers are are clean, sanitary and have individual stalls that are private and lockable. The interiors have been made with quality materials such as hardwood floors, oak trim and marble walls. The cabinets are well fitted with handles and knobs. The interiors have mirrors that can be used by the
guests to pamper themselves up, and they are made even more beautiful by the incorporated lighting
designs. The air conditioning system and constant water supply makes them more comfortable. The
guests can also choose between warm or cold water.

To get a free quote or reserve your luxury restroom trailer or, call Don’s Johns at 888-331-6323, or visit our homepage to see our locations and get a free quote!