A Porta Potty can change the world!

As the porta potty was introduced into the world, it became a complete game changer both in the work-force and the public event scene. In more recent times, portable toilets are completely revolutionizing the global sanitation scene. As one of America’s Best Restrooms in 2011, we take responsibility to raise awareness of global sanitation and how the Porta Potty is a driving force for good.

One of the world’s leading sanitation strategists is Rajeev Kher. Rajeev has taken the porta potty to new heights in India by modifying them to suit the restroom style (which usually consists of using squat-style toilets) and has in turn created a step towards the solution for the problems in global sanitation through reduced open defecation, increased clean water supply and much more. We asked Rajeev a few questions and here’s what he had to say:

1. How have Portable Toilets improved sanitation in countries outside the US?

“Here in India it has impacted the BOP very positively and we see as a big social impact tool. (Porta potties) reduce open defecation, dignity to people, especially women, water savings, saving of the waste from being washed straight into the rivers, etc. Instead, it goes to the treatment plant.

2. What modifications are made to serve those using portable toilets internationally?

Here we have modified the Portable toilet to even reach into slums with a squat toilet as well as a connected portable toilet that connects to drains and septic systems directly.

3. How do portable toilets affect the local economic picture and is there a positive impact on business because of the introduction of portable toilet use?

The economic impact for portable toilet operators is good and it gives a good profitability. Micro entrepreneurs who we intend to have in slums will also benefit with a pay and use system.

It has improved productivity for labour on sites as well as having improved morale and hygiene tremendously. We also have more than 1,500,000 people who have used toilets for the first time ever thanking us as open defecation is reduced a lot.”

If you’re in a country outside the US in need of sanitation solutions, consider the use of a porta potty, modified if needed.  As you learned above, a portable toilet is a great solution for containing waste to improve sanitation problems and allow for cleaner drinking water.

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