Is Your Job Site Prepared for the Summer Heat?

3 Tips to Ensure Your Construction Site Stays Fresh this Summer 

Working on a construction site can be especially tough in the hot summer months. With temperatures pushing towards 100 degrees not only is it hard to stay cool, it is also hard for construction managers to keep job sites fresh and odor free. While each site might be different, there are a few tips and tricks you must know to help keep your construction site fresh this summer!

Here are three easy ways to keep your site fresh during the dog days of summer:

    1. Additional Weekly Servicing – At Don’s Johns, we take pride in our once a week restocking, waste removal and unit sanitization that comes with each standard unit. However, in the summer heat, it is necessary for additional servicing to reduce odor and keep the job site clean. If our uniformed technicians come out at least once more per week, job sites are essentially odor free during the hottest months of the year.
    2. High-End Holding Tank Deodorizers – There is the standard, blue solution deodorizer that is seen in most porta potties, which get’s the job done in the cooler months of the year. In the summer though, we recommend going with the higher end deodorizer chemical paks by Walex. We have found that this deodorizer pak has performed the best in the extreme heat and is the most powerful in our industry.
    3. Air Freshener – Our last suggestion is a simple but effective solution. By placing air fresheners in your porta potty units you will be able to not only minimize odors but also keep them smelling great! Air fresheners will keep the port-a-potties bearable in between servicing during the hot summer months.  If you use us, that is a standard part of our service, every week! 

Learn more about how to keep your porta potties clean, including other tips and tricks for weathering these hot summer days.

6 Tips to Maximize Productivity on Your Construction Site

The statement ‘time is money’ definitely applies to the construction industry. Whether it’s a loss of equipment or an inefficient use of your employees, your project’s deadline could be missed by weeks to a month. To ensure you are maximizing your productivity, follow these six tips.

Plan for Everything

The most expensive part of most construction projects is improper planning. There are too many predictable things that can happen that can cost your project a fortune. Before bringing anyone on site, plan for those minor details to avoid a major catastrophe. This keeps your project on schedule by ensuring you will have the proper manpower, supplies, and equipment every step of the way.

Optimize Your Crew

It’s understandable that you have particular crew members trained for specifics on the job. To remain up to code, they should do what they are trained for. However, there are a few non-certified activities that anyone can perform during their downtime. Be sure to speak to your entire crew about remaining productive, be it training another individual or cleanup at the construction site.

Use Storage Containers

Storage containers are not just meant to keep outdated items out of the way. You can rent temporary storage containers for each construction project you work on to keep a clean and organized site. Rent storage containers to keep any waste at bay.  Order your materials ahead of time and store away in case your project is ahead of its timeline. Your items will be there ready to implement into the next phase.

Implement New Technology

Every organization should embrace new technology. It improves workplace performance, saves time, and reduces costs. It is scary for some employees that have been on the job for a number of years to embrace any change. However, with proper training they can see how technology is not there to replace them but make their jobs easier at your construction site.

Track All Your Equipment

Can you recall how many times your employees have lost equipment or unfortunately borrowed equipment? It’s easy to keep track of all your equipment, tools, and other materials by adding an inexpensive GPS tracker on them. Mistakes do happen, and it should not slow down your construction project.

Keep Sanitation Units On Site

As your employees work long hours, they are bound to need frequent restroom breaks. Disturbing neighboring businesses may bring more problems than collaboration. It’s not very productive for these restroom breaks either as they need to spend the time walking or driving off site. Instead, provide clean restroom facilities and portable sink options for employees to access easily in seconds.

Don’s Johns has many sanitary options available for your construction site. The above tips combined with portable restroom options are a sure way to increase production for your next project.

3 Tips to Help your Home Remodeling Project Run Smoothly

Every year millions of homeowners decide to remodel their homes in hopes to bring up their property value, updating aging amenities or for increased enjoyment of their homes.  Depending on the complexity of the job and your do-it-yourself experience, a remodeling project can run into many snags along the way. Problems ranging from running over budget or time to running into unforeseen problems that were not factored in, a remodeling project can turn into a challenge.

Here are 3 tips to help your remodeling job project run smoothly, and help you enjoy the process!Home Remodel, Construction, Porta Potty Rental

1.)   Check with governing bodies: Ensure before you start your remodeling project, you have all of the necessary approvals, ‘sign-offs’, and permits. If you live in a neighborhood that has a homeowners association, notify them of any architectural or property changes that you plan on making. Check with covenants and restrictions of your development as well.  Ensure your contractor has all permits and necessary paperwork for inspections on site at all times. This will ensure your remodeling project won’t get stalled due to legalities.

2.)  Know your budget and time constraints: It always seems like there is never enough money or time to get everything done on a single remodeling project.  Before you picture yourself in your new remodeled kitchen or restroom, get estimates from reputable contractors on how much it will cost, and the time it will take to complete. For DIY projects, calculate the cost for tool and sanitation rentals will be and how much time you will need to take from work! If necessary, ask for friends and neighbors help, or seek advice online or at your local home improvement store. Factor in a ‘cushion’ for unforeseen costs and time needed.

3.)  Make plans outside of the remodel: While it’s easy to get focused only on your pending remodel, don’t forget about factors outside of the direct renovation. Plan for trades and construction workers to be on your property and throughout all portions of your home. Plan for a portable sink and/or portable toilet rental, construction waste disposal, and trash receptacles. If using a general contractor, confirm that your porta potty rental and other waste facilities will be tended to and that they will be emptied and serviced regularly. Lastly, ensure your home is secured before and after workers leave to ensure your home is protected from burglaries at all times. Home Remodeling, Construction, Porta Potty Rental, Sanitation on the job site

Remodeling your home can be an exciting time for your family and planning for the steps before the renovation is key. Use these 3 tips to ensure your home remodeling project runs smoothly. Enjoy the process of seeing your home transform into a better and more beautiful space, after all, your home is your sanctuary, and being prepared for challenges along the way will make the end result that much sweeter to enjoy.

Road Crew Units for a Construction Site

road-crew-unitsNo matter what the field, employees want a clean and sanitized area to work in. Just because the job is dirty, does not mean the workers need to be. Having road crew units enable you to bring relief at any construction site your crew goes to, without the need of waiting on our technicians to bring a new unit for you.

Road crew units are actually quite popular and necessary. If you’ve ever driven down the highway past a construction zone or in a neighborhood where workers were fixing streets, you may have noticed a standard port a potty restroom very near. These are specifically for the road crew. You may wonder how a construction site could benefit from having road crew portable units. There are many benefits, like being able to uphold sanitary needs, enhanced productivity and they can save money.

Don’s Johns standard porta potty is mounted securely on a trailer, which can be connected to any vehicle in minutes and towed to your next location. Just two people can roll it to its destination. Workers will always have a place to relieve themselves. You can also install a hand sanitizer station. This meets the standard requirements for women workers as well.

We even have portable premier restroom trailers, which are an ungraded unit. There is hands free flushing, vanity mirrors, a sink with fresh water, paper towels, and weatherproof carpet. This is a great idea if you have frequent visits from clients and want to give off an upscale, professional look.


Having the road crew units, you will appreciate the workers enhanced productivity. They will no longer have extra breaks leaving the construction site to find a restroom or disturb other businesses. They will always be right on sight. An employee can be slowed down if they have to go to the restroom and can’t. You may find with employees gone less, you can finish your project sooner and possibly receive that bonus.

Contact Don’s Johns now and inquire about the road crew units we have. We can have them out to your site in no time. Our helpful account managers can be reached at 888-331-6323.


Properly Planning Your Portable Bathroom Rental

One of the things that all people have in common is the need to utilize the bathroom. In public places, those restrooms in most cases will most likely be portable bathroom rentals. No matter which industry you’re in, it’s essential that you think about who’s going to be at your site and for for what length of time. Construction workers pull long shifts, where a portable bathroom rental is essential. Event attendees may be at a concert, fair, festival or barbeque for 6 to 8 hours. Outdoor wedding events and receptions have lots of visitors, all looking for a place to use the loo. If you’re the operations manager or site supervisor for one of the preceding functions, here are three considerations supporting why proper porta potty rental planning is so important.

Proper Portable Bathroom Placementportable-bathroom-rental

If there is one key to a good portable bathroom rental company, it’s the service. To help you have your best experience, we suggest that your portable toilet or bathroom trailer always be placed within 15 feet of a hard surface to ensure that our service trucks can access them without difficulty. In addition, our account managers can help guarantee the least interruption by scheduling and providing service before your site opens in the morning, or after it closes at night.

Appropriately serving visitors at your location:

The importance of the number people will be at your location is paramount. You don’t want to have lines that are 25 feet long, but at the same time you don’t want 15 extra portable bathrooms sitting unused.

If you’re in construction, consider a portable bathroom for every 7-10 individuals on site. Are you working on multiple stories? A hook construction portable bathroom rental is the perfect addition to prevent downtime and long lines. Are you working from different locations, staying mobile as you move from site to site ? Think about the importance of renting a portable bathroom with an included Trailer for your road crew. If you’re working in an office trailer, interior bathroom systems make it convenient for you so that you don’t even have to leave the office !

If you’re an event planning consultant, don’t just think about what number of people will be at your event. The first thing we want to know is if you are you serving alcohol at your location. If you are, automatically increase the number of portable bathroom units by 20%.

Here’s our second question – Do you think that women will create above 50% of your audience demographic? If so, increase your number by 25-50%. Also, make sure 10% of your total numbers of portable bathrooms are handicapped units to follow ADA compliance at your location. If you’re conducting an event where individuals in wheelchairs will be more prominent, our experts will help you adjust accordingly.

Length of use :

Are you tirelessly trying to figure out the algorithm that tells you how many porta potty rentals you need for a certain amount of people and time? Forget about the hard work; we’re the experts, leave the portable toilet troubles to us and just follow our easy chart when planning your portable bathroom rental needs.

Don’s Johns has the largest selection of portable restrooms in the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area to meet your needs. Whether it is a standard portable bathroom rental, VIP flushing toilet, or Luxury Premier solar powered restroom, we have the products to fit any size need and budget. Contact for a free consultation and quote from one of America’s Best Restrooms in 2011 !


Portable Toilet Rental & Sanitation – Emergency Services

There is really no such thing as predicting a disaster in your area. As much as we make efforts to predict the timing and severity of a natural or man made disaster, anything can happen, at any time.  Emergency and Disaster Planning keeps people safe and even saves lives within a community.  Within the last year, our region has seen it all.  From mudslides to hurricanes and earthquakes, there was no telling what Mother Nature had in store for Emergency Managers and Disaster specialists.  When a natural disaster strikes, water, gas and electric lines can quickly become disabled, leaving individuals and entire communities in need of sanitation, portable johns and restroom trailers.Business, Construction, Emergency, Event Planning, Home, Porta John, Porta Potty, Restroom Trailer, Trailer Rentals, Porta Potty Rental, Portable Sink, Sanitation, Wastewater Pumping, Emergency toilet rentals, emergency restroom rental

One thing that remains consistent during these times of trouble is the 24/7 ability of Don’s Johns to provide the right Emergency Services for those in need of a portable toilet rental or restroom trailer. Shower trailer rentals are also used often to maintain hygiene in an affected area.  Even hand sanitizer and hand washing stationsare often found within temporary medical facilities. Emergency preparedness is in the hands of our local, state and federal Emergency management agencies, but every individual effort helps.  A few things you can do to take a pro-active approach to managing an Emergency are: 

Purchase a used porta john for sale

Buying Portable Toilets for your locale during an emergency is a lot more realistic than you may think.  You can purchase a used porta john for sale at Business, Construction, Emergency, Event Planning, Home, Porta John, Porta Potty, Restroom Trailer, Trailer Rentals, Porta Potty Rental, Portable Sink, Sanitation, porta john for sale, Wastewater Pumping, Emergency toilet rentals, emergency restroom rentala reasonable price, and have your own portable restroom available for the health, safety and comfort of you and your neighborhood.

Stay Updated with information

When an emergency happens in the Washington, D.C. area, it’s important to stay updated with the latest Emergency resource information and district resources.  A great website to have on hand is  There, you can stay updated with the latest information and updates on an Emergency in the local area.

Don’s Johns is a leading emergency services provider, bringing portable restroom rentals and multiple other sanitation services to the Entire Mid-Atlantic region and beyond, including:

  1. Restroom Trailers in Virginia
  2. Portable toilets in VA
  3. Porta Potty Rentals in MD
  4. Restroom trailers in DC
  5. Portable Toilets in Washington DC
  6. Portable Toilet Rental in Maryland

Don’s Johns provides the leading 24/7portable restroom rental and sanitation service that is necessary to be available at anytime, anywhere in our service area. If you’re an emergency management specialist or pro-active citizen, please contact or call us at 888-331-6323 for questions or portable restroom rental and sanitation requests.

D.C. Construction and Portable Toilet Rental Procurement

Growth is abound in and around the Washington D.C. Metro Area and beyond. Many sites are under construction for new projects as well as projects under renovation.  As we move into the future, we’re rebuilding how we live with new architecture, more efficient buildings, and constant innovation in the construction industry.

When construction is taking place in the Nation’s Capital and beyond, Don’s Johns is considered a household name for portable toilet rental services. Our selection of portable restroom rentals are providing superior comfort, convenience and cost effectiveness to your project. To us, your project can be big enough to cover 3.9 million sq. feet of development or a small home or bathroom remodel. Either way, we’re going to have the perfect portable restroom rental for you.  Here are some of our recommended porta potty rental options that can serve your next project!

Portable Toilets for large scale construction projects:

Large developments, communities and Major Hi-Rise projects need to remember the golden rule for portable restroom rentals: 1 unit is required for every 8-10 workers For large construction projects (American National Standards Institute – ANSI Z4.3).  When planning your project, there is going to be a need for many portable toilets of different type and size.  The Don’s Johns portable toilet rental recommendation for this type of project can be any size combination of the following:

Portable Restroom Rentals:

Portable Sanitation:


Waste Storage and Removal

Portable Restroom Rentals for medium scale construction projects:

A project that isn’t employing multiple shifts full of construction workers will often need less resources, as well as portable toilet rentals.  Don’s Johns recommends any of the following porta potty rentals for construction projects such as home-building, small to medium real estate development, small to medium commercial developments and public projects.

Portable Restroom Rentals:

Portable Sanitation:

Waste Storage and Removal

Portable Restroom Rentals for small scale construction projects:

The home remodel and small residential real estate development projects may need only one portable restroom rental. However, the need for a porta potty rental on a small construction site is still as important as it is on a large site.  We recommend the following portable potty rental options.

Portable Restroom Rentals:

Portable Sanitation:

Waste Storage and Removal

Mobile construction projects:

If you’re moving from project to project or you’re part of a Road Crew, it’s important to have a portable restroom rental that you can take with you!  Let us provide you with the comfort and convenience of our road crew portable restroom rental.

If you’re a contractor or small construction company, another great option is to own your own portable toilet!  If this sounds like something that would be beneficial to your construction projects, don’t forget that Don’s Johns has the Porta John for sale that would serve your needs perfectly. To schedule portable toilet rental needs for your next project, call Don’s Johns at 888-331-6323 or email us at

Portable Restroom Rentals For All Seasons!

Summer 2011 has become a memory.  Fun in the sun and the warm weather will have to stay in our minds for now. Outdoor events such as state fairs, concerts and picnics are coming to an end. Autumn is bearing down on us and many of us know what that means for the months to come.  Many people throughout the fall and winter seem to go into hibernation, but there are many reasons we are still outside and when outside, we still need access to a great portable restroom rental!

Portable-restroom-event-rentalJust because the weather is cooling down doesn’t mean that some of the best outdoor events aren’t still heating up!  Autumn events such as Oktoberfest are in their prime at this time of the year, and anyone who has been to an Oktoberfest knows the importance of a Porta Potty rental on site!  The fall weather is perfect for outdoor sporting events like running and cycling.  Some of the best Marathons are held during the September and October months, such as the Marine Corps Marathon, Chicago Marathon and many more notable races that are always in need portable sanitation services.  Families love attending Pumpkin festivals, bringing camaraderie and cheer to everyone present as well as the need for a convenient portable restroom rental near the pumpkin patch.

During the winter months the weather may sometimes be frightful, but the events are even more delightful!  Snow tubing, winter sports and winter camping are enjoyed all season long.  Portable restrooms provide convenient comfort as well as protection from the elements.  You can even enjoy the warmth of a Don’s Johns restroom trailer complete with running hot water and climate control!

When thinking about colder weather and the needs of restroom rentals, we can’t forget to consider our friends in construction.  Regardless of the weather, the construction industry continues to build, fix and maintain everything from roads and renovations to buildings and beyond.  Even in the winter construction continues.  Development projects have needs for Porta Potties and Hook Construction Portable Toilets for multi-story projects, as well as interior restroom systems for the project manager.

luxury-portable-restroom-rentalA great tip to also remember is porta potty placement during winter projects. It is important to remember to keep the portable restroom safely away from the route of an oncoming plow truck.  Snow plows can quickly build up an embankment in front of your Porta John rental, making it difficult to enter or even come into contact with it, causing damage or knocking it over.   Even for a simple bathroom remodel or addition onto an existing building, a portable restroom rental is a necessity that cannot be overlooked.

Whether the weather is hot, cold or in between, there is a need for Don’s Johns portable restrooms and sanitation during all seasons!

Contact us today for a free quote! or call us at 888-331-6323

Construction Sites and the Importance of Perfect Porta John Placement

Portable restroom rentals are just as important and necessary to a Construction site as the tools and equipment used to build the structures themselves.  The aspect of renting and managing sanitation facilities on a construction site may seem easy from a logistic standpoint; however, there are many important factors to consider when planning the portable toilet layout of a construction site.

How many portable restrooms are required for your job site? 

The American National Standards Institute states that 1 unit is required for every 8-10 workers on the job site (ANSI Z4.3). Construction sites often have clusters of workers assigned to different projects and according to a study conducted by the University of Missouri, a Porta John should be readily available within 100 feet of each 7 person work group. More portable restrooms can be used for maximum time savings and cost efficiency.  Don’s Johns can also provide rollaway Hi-Rise construction toilets for mobility when the workgroup is moving around to different project areas. Construction, Portable Potties, Porta Toilets, Portable Washrooms, Portable Toilets Porta Pottie,  Porta Potty, PortaPotties, Porta Potties, Septic Tank Pumping, Septic Tank Service,   Special Events, Construction, Goverment,  Restroom Trailers, Portable Restrooms,  Restroom Trailers, Shower Trailers, Office Trailer Systems, Holding Tanks, Hand Washing Stations, Road Crew Units, hurricanes, proper sanitation, elimination of waste, porta potty rental, porta potty rentals, restroom trailer rentals, portable restroom rentals

For multi-story construction projects and high-rise applications, a steel sling attachment with lifting hooks can be added to a Don’s Johns Porta Potty, enabling the lifting of the portable restroom into skyscrapers or other unreachable service locations by crane.  These hook construction portable toilets also provide substantial time and cost savings via workers not having to return to ground level to use the restroom.

Scott Bruce of the Center of Business and Industrial services at the University of Missouri recommends the three following tips to remember when considering Portable Restroom Rental Placement for a construction site:

1) Maximum capacity for fifteen workers per unit on regular service,

2) Facilities must be placed within reach of a service truck,

3) Facilities must not be an obstacle for equipment or workers.

Important intangible benefits are also abundant when it comes to convenient Porta Potty rental placement on the construction site.  Workers’ satisfaction is improved when restrooms are closer and more readily available.  Not only does this boost employee satisfaction, but also improves employee comfort, and overall morale.

Don’s Johns Portable restrooms are the perfect porta potties for your project, whether residential or commercial. Our sanitation service includes 1X per week restocking, waste removal, and unit sanitation by uniformed technicians.

No other company in the Washington D.C., Maryland or Virginia area can compete with our product selection, inventory or service. From basic porta potties to luxury restroom trailers, we have the products to fit your needs. We offer an extensive line of portable restrooms, flushing toilets, restrooms with sinks, handicap restrooms and trailers, waste holding tanks, office trailer bathroom systems, hand wash stations, fresh water sinks, septic pumping services, and road crew and shower trailers.

Don’t hesitate to call 888-331-6323 or email for our expert guidance.