Is Your Job Site Prepared for the Summer Heat?

3 Tips to Ensure Your Construction Site Stays Fresh this Summer 

Working on a construction site can be especially tough in the hot summer months. With temperatures pushing towards 100 degrees not only is it hard to stay cool, it is also hard for construction managers to keep job sites fresh and odor free. While each site might be different, there are a few tips and tricks you must know to help keep your construction site fresh this summer!

Here are three easy ways to keep your site fresh during the dog days of summer:

    1. Additional Weekly Servicing – At Don’s Johns, we take pride in our once a week restocking, waste removal and unit sanitization that comes with each standard unit. However, in the summer heat, it is necessary for additional servicing to reduce odor and keep the job site clean. If our uniformed technicians come out at least once more per week, job sites are essentially odor free during the hottest months of the year.
    2. High-End Holding Tank Deodorizers – There is the standard, blue solution deodorizer that is seen in most porta potties, which get’s the job done in the cooler months of the year. In the summer though, we recommend going with the higher end deodorizer chemical paks by Walex. We have found that this deodorizer pak has performed the best in the extreme heat and is the most powerful in our industry.
    3. Air Freshener – Our last suggestion is a simple but effective solution. By placing air fresheners in your porta potty units you will be able to not only minimize odors but also keep them smelling great! Air fresheners will keep the port-a-potties bearable in between servicing during the hot summer months.  If you use us, that is a standard part of our service, every week! 

Learn more about how to keep your porta potties clean, including other tips and tricks for weathering these hot summer days.

Easter and Porta Potty Rentals – Yep, they go together!

Easter and Porta Potty Rentals in MD, VA & DC

dons-johns-easter-porta-pottyEaster egg hunts are a tradition in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia areas. Party planners have a lot to think about and ensure they accommodate infants, tots, teens, and adults. Most Easter egg hunts come complete with plenty of games, crafts, petting zoos, food, entertainment, and pictures with the Easter Bunny. So if you are planning a party on a schoolyard, church, or other open space, be sure to have a porta potty on site.

Have Your Porta Potty Blend In

Most Easter events will start with Easter Breakfast or Lunch. So before the kids head out to have some fun, they’ll need to clean up. Keep them entertained and in the Easter spirit with a fun and festive looking Porta Potties with our restroom wraps. Once inside the luxury trailer, parents can fix their child’s hair just right in the full-length lighted mirror over the beautiful granite counters right before taking pictures with the Easter Bunny.

Adults Aren’t Able to Participate in Many Egg Hunts

porta-potty-easterAs sad as your adult participants may be about it, they can’t always participate in the Easter egg hunt. They are sure to enjoy any beverages served while waiting for their child. So, if you are expecting a large crowd, the DJ4000 Restroom Trailer is a climate controlled environment restroom where parents can take a quick restroom break. This is great for volunteers to have access to as well.

Once their kids are back, the parents will want to give them a potty break. The Luxury Restroom Family trailer makes it easy for parents with small children, and there are three additional stalls for women and men, reducing the wait in line.

Must Have Sanitizing Stations Throughout The Area

You also must remember that with so much food around, you need to keep children’s hands clean. They will have played with the eggs, grabbing them off the ground, as well as have many arts and crafts projects and played with the zoo animals. So keep plenty of Hand Sanitizer stations around. It’s also a good idea to have a Quad Wash Station set up throughout the event area.

Don’s Johns look forward to helping you plan your Easter egg hunt event or any other special occasion.Contact us today for a free quote or call us today at 888-331-6323888-331-6323. porta-potty-rental

Porta Potty Rentals for all Seasons

porta-potty-rentals-winter We’re all accustomed to summer barbeques in the park where family and friends gather to have a good time. From dusk until dawn, the music is going and everyone is eating and drinking. One thing you can depend on being there, whether you’re an attendant of the party or not, is a standard porta potty at the park.

Porta Potty Rentals – Multi-Purpose

However, porta potty rentals are available all year round for festivities and events of all kind. You don’t need to be a business to rent Dons John’s portable potties. Our customers use our porta potties for:


Porta Potty Rentals – Available All Season

Dons John’s is not like a standard seasonal company, closing in inclement weather or when business starts to slow down. There is always a need for porta potty’s, especially with outdoor events.

Think about the various seasons. Who wants all their guests tracking snow, or mud, or having their wet shoes track their floors? Our porta potty rentals are safe rentals because they have slip resistant floors. You’ll never have to worry about your guests being uncomfortable using our Luxury Presidential Restroom Trailer as they have been measured against some of the most elite hotel restrooms.

We’re just a phone call away, at 888-331-6323, to answer your questions regarding renting a porta potty, this season, or any. Check out our posh porta potty’s and see the difference we make first hand.


Porta Potty Rental: When you’ll need one

There comes a time in the life of every home where the bathroom facilities might stop working and you will find yourself without a place to go when you need to most. The same goes for if you are having an event in a remote location. You will need a way for your guests to be able to go to the bathroom. A Porta potty rental is a good option for this and can give you an incredible peace of mind when you don’t have to worry about finding places for you, your family, or your guests to use the restroom.

Portable-restroom-event-rentalDon’s Johns has the rentals you need for your home and your events. The porta potty rental comes complete with hand-washing stations and shower trailers if you need a fully functioning bathroom while yours is being fixed. This would be perfect for a weekend event where you need coverage for more than one day. With the largest inventory of portable restrooms and trailers in the Mid-Atlantic region, we have something that is right for every family and every

All of the porta potty rental stations are hunter green or dark blue. They will look pleasant outside your home or event. Each rental can be tailored to a specific person and a specific event. If you need multiple units or a baby changing station in one then we want to give it to you. We also provide handicap accessible restrooms and portable toilets with a hitch for a trailer. We want to make your time using our products as convenient as possible. That is why we provide waste holding tanks for homeowners, luxury restroom trailers, and even luxury solar powered restrooms.

Visit us online or call 888-331-6323 for a free quote and we’ll be sure to take care of ALL your sanitation needs!

Providing Porta Potty Rental Perfection

For a porta potty rental, the only type of experience anyone wants to have is a clean, comfortable and convenient one.  With so many different portable restroom rental companies out there, your experience could easily be a hit or miss if you don’t know which company will give you the best porta potty rental experience.  We’re here to give you some tips for picking a porta potty rental company.  After reading this, you’ll be sure that your shower trailers, portable toilets or restroom trailers are coming from the best company available in your area.

1. How responsive is the porta potty rental company?

When you call a porta potty rental company, can you get in touch with them right away?  If you leave a message, will they call you back or will they leave you worrying that you won’t get your portable toilets and restroom trailers in time for your outdoor event?  It’s important that you look for a portable restroom rental company that has a leading industry response time.

2. Is the portable restroom rental company willing to work hard for you?

When you want a specific restroom trailer or portable toilet, does the portable restroom rental company make sure they have it available for you?  If they don’t have it, will they be able to get it for you?  In order for your event to work, you’re going to need a company that works for you. Make sure the porta potty provider that you prefer is one that will bring you complete satisfaction in portable sanitation products.

3. Do they provide a top quality selection of porta potty rental options, restroom trailers and more?

If you’re getting ready to reserve your portable restrooms, you’re going to want to make sure that you receive top quality products, not something second rate.  Ask your portable restroom rental provider questions like “Have you won any awards for your business?”, “How old are your portable toilets and restroom trailers?”, “Do you have what I need right now?” and so on.

You’ll want to be sure that you’re getting first class products and service from a portable restroom rental company that you select.

4. What is the company background?

When you’re getting ready to reserve your porta potties and restroom trailer rentals, are you renting from a fly-by-night porta potty company or a company that’s paid it’s dues and served the best throughout portable restroom rental history?  Be sure that you are dealing with a company that is time tested and experienced when it comes to serving your portable restroom rental needs.

If you’re looking for a company that can deliver in all the above categories, call Don’s Johns. Since 1964, we’ve been unmatched with the largest selection of portable restrooms and restroom trailers in VA, MD and DC metro areas. Also, our industry leading response time and honor as one of America’s Best Restrooms in 2011 along with dedicated, hardworking crew are what sets us apart from the rest!

portable restroom rental

Portable Restroom Rentals For All Seasons!

Summer 2011 has become a memory.  Fun in the sun and the warm weather will have to stay in our minds for now. Outdoor events such as state fairs, concerts and picnics are coming to an end. Autumn is bearing down on us and many of us know what that means for the months to come.  Many people throughout the fall and winter seem to go into hibernation, but there are many reasons we are still outside and when outside, we still need access to a great portable restroom rental!

Portable-restroom-event-rentalJust because the weather is cooling down doesn’t mean that some of the best outdoor events aren’t still heating up!  Autumn events such as Oktoberfest are in their prime at this time of the year, and anyone who has been to an Oktoberfest knows the importance of a Porta Potty rental on site!  The fall weather is perfect for outdoor sporting events like running and cycling.  Some of the best Marathons are held during the September and October months, such as the Marine Corps Marathon, Chicago Marathon and many more notable races that are always in need portable sanitation services.  Families love attending Pumpkin festivals, bringing camaraderie and cheer to everyone present as well as the need for a convenient portable restroom rental near the pumpkin patch.

During the winter months the weather may sometimes be frightful, but the events are even more delightful!  Snow tubing, winter sports and winter camping are enjoyed all season long.  Portable restrooms provide convenient comfort as well as protection from the elements.  You can even enjoy the warmth of a Don’s Johns restroom trailer complete with running hot water and climate control!

When thinking about colder weather and the needs of restroom rentals, we can’t forget to consider our friends in construction.  Regardless of the weather, the construction industry continues to build, fix and maintain everything from roads and renovations to buildings and beyond.  Even in the winter construction continues.  Development projects have needs for Porta Potties and Hook Construction Portable Toilets for multi-story projects, as well as interior restroom systems for the project manager.

luxury-portable-restroom-rentalA great tip to also remember is porta potty placement during winter projects. It is important to remember to keep the portable restroom safely away from the route of an oncoming plow truck.  Snow plows can quickly build up an embankment in front of your Porta John rental, making it difficult to enter or even come into contact with it, causing damage or knocking it over.   Even for a simple bathroom remodel or addition onto an existing building, a portable restroom rental is a necessity that cannot be overlooked.

Whether the weather is hot, cold or in between, there is a need for Don’s Johns portable restrooms and sanitation during all seasons!

Contact us today for a free quote! or call us at 888-331-6323