What do Utilities, Businesses, Government Agencies and First Responders Have in Common?

They All Turn to Don’s Johns for Restroom Relief in Emergency Situations

A pipe bursts and leaks, a city shuts down because of a natural disaster, or a water valve needs repair when no one expects it. As utilities, government agencies and first responders move to take action around these scenarios, it’s important to keep in mind the necessity of comfort and hygiene. Having an emergency plan that includes portable restroom facilities is imperative. Whether it’s hand-washing stations, multiple portable restroom units, restroom trailers or shower trailers, a trusted partner that can respond in real time is critical.

Don’s Johns’ has responded to countless emergency events in Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Maryland over the last 50 years, including:

  • A long-term gas leak issue in Northern Virginia, which had an immediate need for portable restrooms. Accidents aren’t just for hours, they can occur for days and even weeks. For this site, we delivered over two-dozen units, sinks and restroom trailers to be used seven days per week…for several weeks!
  • Leaks and floods. In downtown Washington, D.C., water valve repair can cause a disruption in traffic and business. For the owners of one of the largest companies in the District experiencing this issue, one of the first calls was to ensure portable restroom facilities at their location to ensure the business day is minimally interrupted. Restroom units are un-obstructive in a busy downtown area as well as a crowded construction site.

For planners or point persons responsible for emergency and disaster planning, we are here to work with you on solutions for any emergency, crisis or disaster situation. Our fully staffed customer service call center is here to respond to requests 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a dedicated emergency service line, the largest inventory in the Mid-Atlantic region, and the largest fleet of trucks.

Properly Planning Your Portable Bathroom Rental

One of the things that all people have in common is the need to utilize the bathroom. In public places, those restrooms in most cases will most likely be portable bathroom rentals. No matter which industry you’re in, it’s essential that you think about who’s going to be at your site and for for what length of time. Construction workers pull long shifts, where a portable bathroom rental is essential. Event attendees may be at a concert, fair, festival or barbeque for 6 to 8 hours. Outdoor wedding events and receptions have lots of visitors, all looking for a place to use the loo. If you’re the operations manager or site supervisor for one of the preceding functions, here are three considerations supporting why proper porta potty rental planning is so important.

Proper Portable Bathroom Placementportable-bathroom-rental

If there is one key to a good portable bathroom rental company, it’s the service. To help you have your best experience, we suggest that your portable toilet or bathroom trailer always be placed within 15 feet of a hard surface to ensure that our service trucks can access them without difficulty. In addition, our account managers can help guarantee the least interruption by scheduling and providing service before your site opens in the morning, or after it closes at night.

Appropriately serving visitors at your location:

The importance of the number people will be at your location is paramount. You don’t want to have lines that are 25 feet long, but at the same time you don’t want 15 extra portable bathrooms sitting unused.

If you’re in construction, consider a portable bathroom for every 7-10 individuals on site. Are you working on multiple stories? A hook construction portable bathroom rental is the perfect addition to prevent downtime and long lines. Are you working from different locations, staying mobile as you move from site to site ? Think about the importance of renting a portable bathroom with an included Trailer for your road crew. If you’re working in an office trailer, interior bathroom systems make it convenient for you so that you don’t even have to leave the office !

If you’re an event planning consultant, don’t just think about what number of people will be at your event. The first thing we want to know is if you are you serving alcohol at your location. If you are, automatically increase the number of portable bathroom units by 20%.

Here’s our second question – Do you think that women will create above 50% of your audience demographic? If so, increase your number by 25-50%. Also, make sure 10% of your total numbers of portable bathrooms are handicapped units to follow ADA compliance at your location. If you’re conducting an event where individuals in wheelchairs will be more prominent, our experts will help you adjust accordingly.

Length of use :

Are you tirelessly trying to figure out the algorithm that tells you how many porta potty rentals you need for a certain amount of people and time? Forget about the hard work; we’re the experts, leave the portable toilet troubles to us and just follow our easy chart when planning your portable bathroom rental needs.

Don’s Johns has the largest selection of portable restrooms in the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area to meet your needs. Whether it is a standard portable bathroom rental, VIP flushing toilet, or Luxury Premier solar powered restroom, we have the products to fit any size need and budget. Contact sales@donsjohns.com for a free consultation and quote from one of America’s Best Restrooms in 2011 !


Holiday Portable Restroom Rental Locations


During spring, summer and fall, you can often find your favorite Don’s Johns portable restroom rental in many public places, including construction sites, sporting events, concerts, camps and many other outdoor events.  What has become a more recent question however, is where you can find your favorite portable restroom rental during the cold winter months.  Where can a portable restroom rental be found during the holidays however? Don’s Johns is here to answer that exact question!

Here are a few places you may be able to find the preferred portable during the holiday season and throughout the winter months:

Portable Restroom Rental on X-mas tree lots

Oftentimes, seasonal businesses such as holiday tree farms set up roadside or parking lot displays, full of your favorite firs and spruces.  These tree farmers usually set up with a small camper and are often in need of a portable restroom rental that can take care of their restroom needs 24/7.  You may see anything from a standard porta potty rental to a VIP Flushing Toilet w/ Sink or even a Premier Restroom Trailer.

Restroom Trailers at Ski Resorts

After a cold tubing, skiings, or snowboarding session, a portable restroom rental is the perfect convenience for ski resorts that either don’t have restrooms nearby, or don’t have restroom amenities at all.  Restroom Trailers are not only perfect for giving you a break from the cold, blustery wind; they are also equipped with climate control to help warm you up during that cold winter day or night. Don’s Johns restroom trailers also include running water, built-in audio systems and even TV’s that will allow you to keep up with an event that may be taking place at a mountain or ski resort.   Our restroom trailers are perfect for winter events that may be taking place as well.

Contact us today to set up your restroom trailer needs

Porta Potty Rentals at Outdoor Ice Skating Rinks

Ice skating during the winter, whether it be at a town square, outdoor sports arena or local pond is always popular.  One thing that isn’t so popular regarding these recreational areas is the lack of, or absence of restrooms.  To have people stay and enjoy their time skating in a winter wonderland, one or more portable restroom rentals, or even a restroom trailer rental that can serve multiple guests at once is an ideal solution to maximize the guest experience.

If you are doing business outdoors, Don’s Johns is the company you want to do business with! Contact us at 877-9-TOILET, or visit our website to receive a free quote!
Don's Johns - One of America's Best Restrooms!

Portable Toilet Rental Facts and Information

Operational bathroom facilities аrе а requirement оf аnу home оr building’s indoor structure аnd аrе expected wіth аnу outdoor event. Yet, whеn а home оr office building іѕ undergoing renovation thе plumbing mау nееd tо bе shut dоwn and/or thе facilities removed ѕо thаt thе bathroom саn bе updated. Or, thе facilities аrе non-existent іn а home оr office thаt іѕ bеіng built frоm thе ground up. Thеrе аrе аlѕо moments whеn а family оr party іѕ hаvіng аn outdoor event but thеrе аrе nо nearby facilities ѕо thе event planners hаvе tо lease thеіr own. In order tо ensure everyone’s comfort, аn ample amount оf facilities hаvе tо bе рrоvіdеd ассоrdіng tо thе number оf workers оr guest whо nееd them. And thеу hаvе tо bе рlасеd а safe distance frоm оthеr structures аnd disposed оf properly.

Portable toilet rental іѕ predominately uѕеd аt а variety оf construction sites bеfоrе thе plumbing hаѕ bееn turned on, installed оr reinstalled. Thеrе аrе thrее main types оf toilets fоr whаtеvеr purpose іt іѕ bеіng used. Thеrе аrе regular portable toilets, handicap access toilets аnd special event toilets tо choose from. Thе portable toilets соmе іn dіffеrеnt models thаt саn bе basic fоr аnу temporary construction site оr deluxe fоr a mоrе graceful event. Thе handicap units аrе wheelchair accessible ѕо whеthеr уоu knоw уоu wіll nееd оnе оr nоt іt іѕ а good idea tо bе compliant аnd mаkе ѕurе thаt thеrе wіll bе аt lеаѕt оnе аvаіlаblе fоr уоur guests. And thе special events units саn bе accompanied bу sinks, soap аnd paper towel dispensers fоr а mоrе comfortable experience fоr уоur guests.

Portable toilet rental units аrе portable toilets thаt аrе dropped оff аnd picked uр bу sanitation companies specializing іn providing single units аll thе wау uр tо mоrе comfortable toilet trailer options fоr а variety оf construction oriented, event services оr location required jobs lіkе that. Thеѕе аrе aspects оf sanitation equipment аnd services thаt require timely placement оf effective inventory аnd timely removal. Thеу саn bе rented wіth portable sinks оr аѕ restroom trailers thаt hаvе multiple units іnѕіdе оf еасh one. Eасh room іѕ а full service bathroom including thе flushable toilet оr urinal, toilet paper holders wіth backup, working sink, soap dispenser, paper towels аnd small mirror fоr еасh users comfort. A portable toilet rental doesn’t hаvе tо bе thіѕ gross idea thаt соmеѕ wіth thе раѕt оf а fеw іgnоrеd units аt massive events fоr thousands оf people. Thе number оf units, thеіr timely removal аnd replacement thrоughоut thе construction project оr event іѕ dependent uроn thе event organizer, contractor оr homeowner fоr thе event аnd thе number оf people thаt wіll bе uѕіng it.

To reserve your own portable toilet rental, you can contact us at 877-9-TOILET or visit our website for a free portable toilet rental quote.


Portable Toilets: Looking Good!

Portable toilets aren’t always meant to be the prettiest parts of a party or event, but they’re the perfect option to serve guests at one.  Parties, picnics, weddings and reunions all need them and if your budget doesn’t allow room for some of our regal restroom trailers, there are a few things you can do to make standard portable toilets a lot more welcoming to your guests.

Designate half of your portable toilets for men and the other half for women.  Although this may seem to be separating the sexes, the men and women will both appreciate it for various reasons. For the women’s portable toilets, you can place fresh flowers in each urinal to give a bit more appeal. You can also place a mirror inside the door of each portable restroom rental. Women will appreciate being able to freshen up and check on themselves before leaving the restroom. For the men, you will be reducing “line time” dramatically.

Did yportable-toiletou know that you can also improve the “overhead experience” of a porta potty?  You can easily create a drop-ceiling on the inside of a portable toilet by taking a large piece of lightweight fabric (about 3x the size of the ceiling) and using a non-damaging tape to stick the fabric to the corners of the ceiling, letting the center hang.


For aesthetically pleasing lighting that is also functional, you can string lights outside/inside a portable toilet. You can use Japanese Lanterns, holiday lights or twinkle lights, depending on the time of day, holiday or whether the lights will be inside or outside.

You can also easily decorate the outside of a portable toilet by requesting our pre-printed vinyl wraps.  Don’s Johns has many design options available for wrapped portable toilets.

For more tips on how you can safely decorate your portable toilet for the ultimate user experience, give us a call at 877-9-TOILET or email info@donsjohns.com. If you’d like to contact us to receive a quote, you can click here to receive a quote on our website.  As one of America’s Best Restrooms in 2011, we look forward to serving any of your event needs!


Portable Toilets for the Great Outdoors

It’s that time of year when the woods are filled with heritage hunters looking to bring home the big Buck or trophy Turkey.  One thing that the woods don’t have is restrooms for the hunters.  Portable toilets are the perfect deep woods solution for the diehard hunter.

Here are a few reasons to have a portable toilet in the woods.

Portable Toilets provide comfort

A porta potty is a life saver when you need a restroom break in the woods.  Rather than sitting on a tree stump or just digging a hole in the ground, a portable toilet lets you relax while you use the restroom and not have to worry about making a mess.  Also, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your toilet paper or running out of it when you have a fully stocked portable toilet.

Portable Toilets conceal scent

Animals have a keen sense of smell and if you go to the restroom too close to your hunting spot; you could be giving away your location!  With a portable toilet in one location, you can let go of your worries because you know that the scent is located in one area, and is also contained in the tank of the portable toilet.

Portable Toilets keep you out of the cold

Have you ever tried to go to the bathroom outside with high winds and temperatures below freezing?  Needless to say, it can become a very uncomfortable challenge.  When you’re inside of a porta potty, the winds are kept outside and it’s a bit cozier than having to do your business in the great outdoors. 

Portable Toilets are sanitary

When you use the restroom outside, you don’t normally have a way to clean your hands when you’re finished.  With our portable toilets, hand sanitizer is available in them, allowing you to clean your hands and prevent the spread of bacteria, as well as rid even the smallest scent from them.  Also, you don’t have to worry about contaminating the soil and water in the woods with human waste.

Portable Toilets provide cover

Believe it or not, some people use portable toilets as ground stands. A portable toilet is actually a great ground stand that is inexpensive and very convenient.  You can easily purchase a used portable toilet at a low cost.  With a few minor modifications and some camo spray paint, you’ve got yourself the perfect ground cover!


image via http://forum.gon.com/showthread.php?t=368129

If you need a portable toilet in the woods for your outdoor adventures, contact us on our website for a free quote or give us a call at 877-9-TOILET.   We look forward to serving you soon!

How to Plan a Successful Family Reunion by the Lake

Here’s how you can plan a successful family reunion/gathering by the lake that will please the “I don’t do-the-outdoors relatives”

Every family has their traditions; whether it be Christmas Dinners, Thanksgiving dinners, Easter dinners, birthday parties, or family reunions! Some families opt to do a summer family trip or winter trip as well!

Lets take my new clients The Logan family; they contacted me and needed my help in Planning their Annual Family Reunion Gathering for this year!

I immediately jumped into planning this event….

I said to my clients ….
There are some basic questions that I would need answers to before planning this event:

• How many people are you expecting?
• Where do you want this event to take place and do you want your event indoors or outdoors?
• How do you plan to supply the food?

After receiving this basic information from my clients, I found out that they want to have a Family Reunion Event at a near by Lake, with a BBQ style menu and they are expecting 50-75 people to show.

As I began my research on the event location, I found out that for this particular location a permit is needed! So once we got the permit we were ready to move forward with the other items for this event!event-restroom

With 50-75 people coming to this event, it is important to have an adequate amount of tables and chairs. I suggested to my clients to rent picnic tables. This will allow for more seating and picnic tables don’t take up as much space as separate tables and chairs!

Anytime you are entertaining people at an outdoor event it would be easier to have a BBQ style menu. This would consist of a grill for the meats and corn, a cooler for the chilled food items such as potato salad, dip spread, condiments, drinks, etc. Real China is not necessary for this event. Everything Paper, it makes for easy clean!

Now that the food, furniture and location has been handled, we can move onto the extras, such as decorations, portable bathroom units and activities!

For a picnic style event, decorations should be easy and simple! All that is really needed are table cloths, a small but simple centerpiece for the tables, maybe some balloons to make it festive, lanterns for light for the evening hours and some citronella candles to keep the bugs away! If your budget allows this, I recommend a tent for the event, to shield those relatives from the direct sun light!

Outdoors Events are not complete without portable bathroom units. Everyone has the Aunt or cousin who  refuses to go to any outdoor event unless they know that there are restrooms in sight! I recommended Don’s Johns to my clients. Don’s Johns is the leading provider for the porta potty for special events in the Washington, DC regions. For more on Don’s Johns please see www.donsjohns.com .portable-bathroomA Family Reunion is not a reunion without great activities!  Having a lake side event allows for great water activities. Your family can do activities such as fishing, tubing, Kayaking, etc! Everyone loves surprises; I also recommend a Raffle drawing with great door prizes to add to the festivities!!!

So now that we have all the basics covered for this outdoor event, we can now have a GREAT FAMILY Reunion that the family will be sure to remember and those Relatives that “don’t do the outdoors” will have no excuse to why they can not show up!

How to keep a porta potty clean

Porta Potties are very useful, especially in providing temporary or permanent portable bathroom facilities for conventions, concerts, parties and other events. These portable toilets come in the form of a urinal as well as a sit-down toilet, a sink and tap for hand washing and other amenities. Portable bathrooms are also perfect for camps and camping sites. Facilities come with these portable bathrooms as well, including water which is stored in a special holding tank. The toilets will need frequent cleaning, caring and replenishing of consumables such as toilet paper, paper towels, cleaned trash cans and tidy floors


A bathroom attendant would come in handy to help keep the porta potties clean, fresh and in a usable condition. However, even without an attendant, or if you have purchased a used porta potty, it is important to know how to clean a porta potty so that the knowledge can be applied whenever the need arises. The main water tank should be cleaned out thoroughly. Any water should be emptied and the tank hosed down so that all dirt, including solid particles is completely eliminated and the tank becomes as clean as possible. Cleaning the tank may be a bit involving as it is connected to other components, so due care should be taken.

There is a general solution for cleaning the toilet cassette so that it is spick and span at all times. Manufacturers of the portable toilets will normally recommend some of the best cleaning solutions in the market.  A cleaner should wear protective clothing when cleaning the portable bathroom. This will keep them safe and protect them from harmful organisms. The gear may include an apron or coveralls, rubber gloves, protective shoes and possible a face mask. It is important to also use the correct equipment and supplies. These include detergents, disinfectants and air fresheners among others. It would be prudent to also keep the interior clean and dry. Any water brought in by wet feet or water that splashes around should be cleaned out and the floors should always be dried. Supplies within the porta potty should be replenished at all times so it is ready to use and clean at all times.

Reserve your porta potty rentals with the company that keeps their units fresh and clean. Get a free quote, call (703) 273-7100 or email info@donsjohns.com to reserve your porta potties today!

Leading Porta Potty Rental in the Mid-Atlantic

The well known porta potty rental is seen everywhere.  Everyone has seen iconic construction portable toilets, portable toilet rentals at sporting events, the infamous portable restroom rental at festivals and even restroom trailers on movie sets.  All of these types of porta potty rentals can be found at any given time, but what hasn’t yet been found by the general public is the ONE company that is leading the chase in porta potty rental availability in the Mid-Atlantic.

Why is Don’s Johns the company to go to when you gotta go?  Let’s cover just a few main points that emphasize our porta potty rental prominence in the Mid-Atlantic.

Leading Porta Potty Rental for Construction porta-potty-rental

On construction sites everywhere, Don’s Johns portable toilets are bringing relief to crews on the ground and in the sky.  Our standard porta potty rental units are provided for multiple crews around the ground level site, while our hi-rise portable toilets are hoisted by crane to crews working on multi-story projects.  For the construction crews out on the road, their restroom needs are completely covered

with our mobile porta potty units with included trailers. We have so many types of porta potty rentals and restroom trailers that we’ve covered 3.9 million square feet of buildings and site improvement construction projects… At once!

Leading Porta Potty Rental for Sporting Events

“Throughout the multiple seasons we have worked with Don’s Johns, we have not experienced any issues and restroom-trailer-rentaltheir service has been spectacular” – Dennis Greene, President, Washington Redskins

Don’s Johns has served multiple events, including the U.S. Open and many other sporting events in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Our luxury restroom trailers have brought supreme comfort and convenience to coaches, team members and athletes while our portable restroom rental units have taken care of the masses attending the event.

Leading Porta Potty Rental for Outdoor Weddings

Wedding Planners all over the Mid-Atlantic realize the true value of Don’s Johns.  Our service is unmatched, allowing the bride and groom to be worry free about restroom relief on their wedding day.  The Restroom trailers we provide come complete with options like family rooms, changing stations, TV’s, and more.  Even our restroom wraps make the perfect aesthetic adjustment for a garden wedding.

Leading Porta Potty Rental for Concerts and Festivals

When you go to a concert or festival, the last thing you want to do is wait in a long line to only arrive at a poorly serviced porta potty rental.  Don’s Johns is fully prepared to solve any porta potty panacea.  We always provide the proper amount of portable restroom rental units, making sure that lines are no longer than 10 guests deep.  We also have restroom trailers with TV’s in them so that you never miss a moment of the action while using the restroom. porta-potty-rentalNo matter what the occasion, Don’s Johns is the company you’ll want to rely on when it comes to serving the portable restroom rental needs of your guests, attendees and staff. Call 877-9-TOILET or visit our home page to request a free quote.  We look forward to serving you soon!

Portable Restroom Rental relief for DIY Planning


When you, a family member, friend or both are on a private event planning adventure, there are multiple aspects to consider when creating success.  One important and often overlooked segment of event planning is the portable restroom rental experience. You’ll want clean and comfortable toilets, especially when food and drink are being provided for your guests. If you’re having an outdoor affair, it’s not always easy to find the portable toilets that can provide this type of comfort, convenience and cleanliness.  We’re going to take a look at Porta Potty Rentals vs. the Restroom Trailer Rental and how each can be used for your event.

Portable toilets come in all shapes and sizes.  The days of your fathers standard porta potty rental is only at the “bottom of the pile” in the business today.  You have everything from sinks and self flushing toilets to portable toilets that actually resemble an airplane bathroom, delivered to you on a short trailer.

If you want something a bit better that the standard porta potty, The Restroom Trailer is the perfect answer to this commode conundrum.  Whether you only want an economical restroom trailer with 2 separate stalls or a Restroom Trailer that was actually voted one of America’s Best Restrooms in 2011, there is a selection for everyone!

Here are a few tips on how you can plan your event with either a Porta Potty or Restroom Trailer:


Both options might be ok for any event, but each event covers a unique size and scope.  What’s most important is that you focus solely on your event.  If your event exceeds a few hundred, restroom trailers make for the perfect portable.   You can have up to 10 people using the restroom at once in some trailers!  If you aren’t trying to host the President, you might want to consider something like a standard porta potty with a portable sink nearby.


Stay within reasonable means when you’re planning.  You could be awe-struck when you see some of the things event suppliers have to offer.  Don’t try to have Flat-Screen TV’s in your restrooms if your bathroom budget is $50.  There are many articles on decorating a regular porta potty rental and that might be the option you want to look at.  If you’d like to REALLY impress your guests, pony up for the valet that comes with the restroom trailer!

Whether you’re reserving one of our regal restroom trailers or being served by one of our other prominent portable restrooms, you can’t go wrong when you’re with the right company.  Shop around and you’ll find the right company for you. You can find many different portable restroom companies that will provide you with competitive pricing and a great selection.