Happy Memorial Day!

militarytruckHow much do you know about the history of Memorial Day? Did you know it was originally called Decoration Day, or that it started as a holiday to remember soldiers lost during the Civil War? Memorial Day became a federal holiday in 1971, but long before the official date was set, Americans celebrated and honored military members who died while serving in the U.S. military.



Don’s Johns is a proud supporter of many local military events

At Don’s Johns, we love supporting our military through local events and volunteer groups. We have supplied portable restrooms for past races like the Marine Corps Marathon and the Army Ten-Miler. We’re also proud supporters of the Wounded Warrior Games hosted by Willing Warriors, and we’ve been on site for the Air Show at Joint Base Andrew’s. Recently, we provided emergency services for Arlington National Cemetery so they could keep the cemetery operating, and in December we helped them with Wreaths Across America.


Marine Corps Marathon

This year, Don’s Johns will be providing portable restrooms for Rolling Thunder, an annual motorcycle rally held in D.C. Their mission is to educate, facilitate and never forget by means of a demonstration for service members who were abandoned after the Vietnam War. Over 100,000 people come out to show their support, and we’re proud to be a part of that crowd again this year.


Rolling Thunder

Memorial Day also marks the unofficial start of summer. So while many people spend the weekend participating in parades or visiting memorial sites, other popular activities for the weekend include barbeques, pool parties or heading to the beach. For those hosting parties at home, we offer a variety of portable restroom units to ensure maximum guest satisfaction and eliminate time spent waiting in line for a restroom.

How do you plan on spending your Memorial Day?

We’d love to hear about any special traditions or new plans you’ve made for this year! Our team will be enjoying the day off, but we’ll be doing deliveries before the weekend to help the Washington, D.C. metro area celebrate. How ever you decide to celebrate, keep an eye out for our portable restroom units.

Thank you to all who have served in the U.S. military! We are grateful for your service and honor your dedication to our country. Happy Memorial Day everyone!

What do Utilities, Businesses, Government Agencies and First Responders Have in Common?

They All Turn to Don’s Johns for Restroom Relief in Emergency Situations

A pipe bursts and leaks, a city shuts down because of a natural disaster, or a water valve needs repair when no one expects it. As utilities, government agencies and first responders move to take action around these scenarios, it’s important to keep in mind the necessity of comfort and hygiene. Having an emergency plan that includes portable restroom facilities is imperative. Whether it’s hand-washing stations, multiple portable restroom units, restroom trailers or shower trailers, a trusted partner that can respond in real time is critical.

Don’s Johns’ has responded to countless emergency events in Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Maryland over the last 50 years, including:

  • A long-term gas leak issue in Northern Virginia, which had an immediate need for portable restrooms. Accidents aren’t just for hours, they can occur for days and even weeks. For this site, we delivered over two-dozen units, sinks and restroom trailers to be used seven days per week…for several weeks!
  • Leaks and floods. In downtown Washington, D.C., water valve repair can cause a disruption in traffic and business. For the owners of one of the largest companies in the District experiencing this issue, one of the first calls was to ensure portable restroom facilities at their location to ensure the business day is minimally interrupted. Restroom units are un-obstructive in a busy downtown area as well as a crowded construction site.

For planners or point persons responsible for emergency and disaster planning, we are here to work with you on solutions for any emergency, crisis or disaster situation. Our fully staffed customer service call center is here to respond to requests 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a dedicated emergency service line, the largest inventory in the Mid-Atlantic region, and the largest fleet of trucks.

Portable Restrooms to Prevent Life’s Most Awkward Moments

The representatives at Don’s Johns often receive calls from customers inquiring about our portable restroom options. They sometimes get involved in a few “odd” conversations. However, our representatives can answer their questions with confidence and ease. Trust us, at Don’s Johns, we’ve heard about every awkward situation you’ve had, so nothing leaves us surprised. We ensure our portable restrooms are there to prevent life’s most awkward moments.

  1. Too few stalls to the point where you must consistently peek under each to see if it’s occupied.
  2. Having an extreme emergency, just to get inside a stall and notice it does not lock.
  3. After relieving yourself and ready to get back to the festivities, you notice the stall won’t unlock.
  4. Feeling that a courtesy flush is necessary, but then realizing all too late the water flushes extremely high.
  5. Using the restroom just to discover the stalls are all too close and non-private.
  6. Walk into a restroom trailer met with horrific smells.
  7. Wondering why children don’t have their own area of the restroom to use as they peep under your restroom door.
  8. Using the one stall where the toilet automatically flushes 100 times while you are still in there.
  9. Finally making it to the restroom just to discover you’re the only one in there, and the toilet tissue is out of stock.
  10. Ready to wash your hands at a black tie event just to discover there is no soap and furthermore no paper towels.

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. However, when life gives you options of a trailer provider, you choose Don’s Johns. Our portable restrooms are always clean, fresh, and well stocked. In addition to that, Don’s Johns Luxury Presidential Restroom Trailers have:

  • Climate controlled environment providing heat and air conditioning
  • Flat screen televisions
  • Granite counters and shelves
  • Black marbleized walls
  • Wood panel doors
  • Hardwood designed floor
  • Energy efficient toilets
  • Recessed lighting
  • Sinks with hot & cold running water

To ensure none of the above awkward moments ever happens to you again, rent Don’s Johns portable restrooms for your next event. We guarantee the quality to meet your utmost satisfaction.

S.U.R.E up your Portable Restroom Rental Experience


Have you given our team a call?

If you have, this guide will help you on your next step.

After a call with one of portable restroom rental representatives, you may still have questions or are wondering if you are SURE you made the right decision by choosing us.

Let’s take a look to be SURE:

S – Service:

When your portable restroom rental company assists you in every aspect possible and through the entire event or project success, you know that you’re going to have an experience to continue returning to in the future.  Don’s Johns not only works hard to gain your business, we work hard to keep it! We are always innovating with multiple Portable Restroom Rental options to suit you perfectly.

U – Unchanged Standards:

Does your portable restroom rental company pride themselves on maintaining the gold standard within the portable restroom rental industry?  Many are but unfortunately, some are not.  Since 1964, Don’s Johns has been raising the bar when it comes to creating real relationships and making positive impacts in society.  Through charities and special events, we continue to give back to those who have made us proud to be the leading portable restroom rental company in our service area.

R – Reliability –

Do you know if the portable restroom rental company you just hired is going to show up on time?  Do you know how often and when they are going to service your restroom trailers or portable toilets?  Don’s Johns eliminates the worry about delivery issues or pumper trucks coming through a crowd of attendees to service a portable restroom rental DURING the event.

Don’s John’s, Inc. features a state-of-the-art satellite GPS tracking system to ensure on-schedule service for your event, construction project. Don’s Johns state-of-the-art control room also allows us to maintain industry-leading response times to manage inquiries and provide adequate customer service needs for our porta potty rental and sanitation and septic services.

Whatever your needs, Don’s Johns will always be right on track with delivery and service for you.

E – Everything Else:

Aside from being one of America’s Best Restrooms in 2011, Don’s Johns provides more than just amazing restroom trailers and portable toilets in different varieties.  We also have a full line of Sanitation products and services.  With the availability of Hand Washing Stations and shower trailers, we have you covered for anything from a backyard BBQ to a week long camping trip.

Our duty is to take care of your portable restroom rental  needs in the Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. area, no matter how big they are or how soon you need them. Call us at 888-331-6323 or email sales@donsjohns.com for questions on how to make your upcoming event.



6 Ways to Get in Favor with Your Customers This Holiday

During the months of October through January, businesses definitely see an increase in sales and revenue. Customers are sometimes torn on which stores to visit as sales are vast! How should they choose which store to spend their time and money with if the products and sales are quite competitive? Well, here we examine six ways that you can get in favor with your customers this holiday. These tips will surely get your customers out this Black Friday, Christmas Eve, or any other day of the year.

Give Them Swag

No one is going to turn down something free. And, with all the new and exciting products you can brand, why should they? Present custom logo t-shirts, coffee mugs, and pens as they check out this holiday.

Make Sure Your Staff is Up to Beat

During the holidays, many customers loathe heading out to the stores. The customer service may be so much of a drag; they don’t want to be bothered. That’s why many enjoy sitting at home and shopping online.

However, if you get your staff into the spirit of the season and up to beat, they’ll make your customers want to come into the store and engage again. It’s been proven that customers are even willing to pay more for their products if they enjoy the shopping experience and customer service.

Give Back to the Community

To show your commitment to the community, be sure to donate a percentage of each purchase to charity. Engage your customers even more by having them sign a card showing they’ve supported the charity.

Create a New Loyalty Program

Customers love the VIP treatment. They realize they have other vendors to shop for products, but they remain loyal to you. Show them you appreciate them by creating a loyalty or VIP program especially for them.

One idea is to host an exclusive invitation-only event at your store. They can shop in comfort as they indulge in a few appetizers and drinks you provide. You can also include local musical artists to showcase their talents and entertain your customers as they shop. This creates the ultimate exclusive event. If you’re not sure who to invite, simply invite those connected with you on your social media profiles.

Give Them a Sneak Peak of What’s in Store for Them

Entice your customers to want to come out this holiday and have a sneak peak of what’s in store for them. This can be a part of a customer loyalty program. This is also a great time to announce your new product line, just in time for the holidays.

Coffee shop owners can host free tastings. Home goods stores can host a seminar on decorating their table for the holidays. These free and educational events establish trust between you and your customers. This is a win-win for you both.

You can boost awareness and sales this holiday season by giving your most loyal customers early access to the new products or services that you plan on releasing to the rest of the general public after the New Year. When your customers feel special, they remain loyal.

Keep Enough Clean Bathrooms Readily Available

During all the celebration, you’ll want to ensure your customers can enjoy the party. Having plenty of clean restrooms available gives a lasting impression upon your store.

Don’s John’s offers custom restroom wraps, trailer wraps, and custom advertising so your customers know you are the ones providing them with a comfortable experience. Whether you set up one standard restroom for backup or have a luxury restroom trailer for your loyalty program event, this alone exemplifies service with a smile.

Contact Don’s Johns today and a helpful representative will be able to offer you more advice on the types of restrooms and sanitary options we have available and how many you’ll need for your loyalty event.




ADA Handicap Portable Restroom Rental for your next Event

portable-restroom-rentalPortable Restroom Rental Luxury for any Event

Every day we take the little things in life for granted, such as enjoying a good BBQ event with our friends. There are plenty of food, entertainment, and drinks. As a host, you may be friendly and invite many over, however, cautious enough to keep the party outdoors.

As a noteworthy gesture, you should always order portable restroom trailers to keep your guests happy. They can consume as many drinks as they wish and have a perfectly acceptable area to relieve themselves in. Portable restrooms allow guests to stay as long as they wish.

Unfortunately, some things can be overlooked. One of them is ensuring there is at least one ADA handicap portable restroom at your next event. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but for those on crutches, use a cane, or are wheelchair bound, it’s very different from their point of view.

ADA Handicap Portable Restroom Rental – Your Guests Need Secure Features

You don’t think about security when it comes to portable restroom. However, a standard porta potty is different from that of an ADA handicap portable restroom.

For starters, an ADA restroom standard porta potty makes it easy for a wheelchair to roll across the entrance. For a restroom trailer such as the DJ2300LH Luxury Restroom Trailer w/ADA Room, you’ll see your guests that need accommodations can comfortably use the wide steps and handrails to ease up to the door. There is also an ADA compliant entrance ramp. You’ll also find inside there are interior safety bars. The floor is non-slip to help prevent any accidents.

Your Guests Need To Be Comfortable


At any party, your guests should be comfortable. Having the right luxury restroom trailer is available for all your guests. The DJ2000LH Luxury Restroom Trailer w/ADA Room has beautiful Corian countertops and woodgrain non-skid floors. There is plenty of fresh hot and cold running water for your guests to freshen up. It also has heat and air conditioning available.

Guaranteed that if you ensure your guests have ADA handicap accessibility options, you will be remembered as the host that considers everyone’s needs. It’s so much better to do this than not at all. Then, you could be remembered as the inconsiderate host whose next party they dare not attend.

We would love to help you plan your outdoor event. Give us a call – toll free at 888-331-6323. You can also contact us here for a free quote.



Outdoor Event Planning for Spring GUIDE

Image credit – www.dcmetromagazine.com

Spring is here and that means the outdoor event planning season is in full swing!

All event planners face this season with both excitement and dread, because while
most things can run smoothly there are also the occasional challenges during the planning
and at the event.

“You call this sound?!?!?!?”

“Did you notice it’s 52 degrees outside and raining?”

“Do you really expect an audience to stand up for an hour at an event
that doesn’t include a mosh pit?”

And, one of our personal favorites,“Am I really supposed to walk 3 blocks to the restroom trailers?”

Of course, a good professional planner will anticipate these issues, but more and
more often, we discover that the person handling the event has so much on their plate or is someone who’s
been stuck with the job, or someone who thinks that planning her niece’s wedding means she can handle anything.

When it comes to sanitation services, we’ve got you covered. We can make your life easier as well as provide quality and affordable service for ANY size event and any budget. Doing things right (providing good sound, the right portable restroom rentals, chairs and having a ‘bad weather’ backup plan) does mean spending money. Skimping, however, could ruin your event and cost you plenty.

If you are planning an outdoor event this Spring or Summer, give us a call and see how we can make your life easier and your “To Do List” shorter.  Contact Don’s Johns friendly customer service agents today if you have further questions about portable toilets 888-331-6323.



3 Tips to Help your Home Remodeling Project Run Smoothly

Every year millions of homeowners decide to remodel their homes in hopes to bring up their property value, updating aging amenities or for increased enjoyment of their homes.  Depending on the complexity of the job and your do-it-yourself experience, a remodeling project can run into many snags along the way. Problems ranging from running over budget or time to running into unforeseen problems that were not factored in, a remodeling project can turn into a challenge.

Here are 3 tips to help your remodeling job project run smoothly, and help you enjoy the process!Home Remodel, Construction, Porta Potty Rental

1.)   Check with governing bodies: Ensure before you start your remodeling project, you have all of the necessary approvals, ‘sign-offs’, and permits. If you live in a neighborhood that has a homeowners association, notify them of any architectural or property changes that you plan on making. Check with covenants and restrictions of your development as well.  Ensure your contractor has all permits and necessary paperwork for inspections on site at all times. This will ensure your remodeling project won’t get stalled due to legalities.

2.)  Know your budget and time constraints: It always seems like there is never enough money or time to get everything done on a single remodeling project.  Before you picture yourself in your new remodeled kitchen or restroom, get estimates from reputable contractors on how much it will cost, and the time it will take to complete. For DIY projects, calculate the cost for tool and sanitation rentals will be and how much time you will need to take from work! If necessary, ask for friends and neighbors help, or seek advice online or at your local home improvement store. Factor in a ‘cushion’ for unforeseen costs and time needed.

3.)  Make plans outside of the remodel: While it’s easy to get focused only on your pending remodel, don’t forget about factors outside of the direct renovation. Plan for trades and construction workers to be on your property and throughout all portions of your home. Plan for a portable sink and/or portable toilet rental, construction waste disposal, and trash receptacles. If using a general contractor, confirm that your porta potty rental and other waste facilities will be tended to and that they will be emptied and serviced regularly. Lastly, ensure your home is secured before and after workers leave to ensure your home is protected from burglaries at all times. Home Remodeling, Construction, Porta Potty Rental, Sanitation on the job site

Remodeling your home can be an exciting time for your family and planning for the steps before the renovation is key. Use these 3 tips to ensure your home remodeling project runs smoothly. Enjoy the process of seeing your home transform into a better and more beautiful space, after all, your home is your sanctuary, and being prepared for challenges along the way will make the end result that much sweeter to enjoy.

Outdoor Events Guide for DC, MD & VA

The weather will be heating up and we’re ready for Spring! In fact, we’re already envisioning outdoor events -weddings, barbeques, concerts and festivals.  Everyone knows that it’s time to start thinking about planning those outdoor events!  Event planners from far and wide, both professional and novice come to the Mid-Atlantic Region – DC, VA & MD – to plan and witness some of the nation’s finest ourdoor events (and portable toilets of course). event-porta-potty

If you’re planning an outdoor event or having someone plan it for you, we can help   We’ve rounded up some great event planners in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore areas that you can go to for event tips, information and updates.  They know about everything from party and event planning to the portable toilets, both normal porta potty rentals and restroom trailers. Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are a few great resources for you!

Wedding Savvy

Wedding Savvy is a wonderful wedding and event planning company in Baltimore.  If you’re looking to have your wedding around the beltway, owner Raquell will see that your needs are perfectly met. Her detail-oriented, organized and highly professional service as a wedding and event planner will be sure to please.   When you ask for Raquell, pair her winning service with a winning Don’s Johns portable restroom rental to make a perfect match for your party or event

Magical Memories Event Planning

Established in 2007, Magical Memories Event Planning is a full service Wedding and Event Planning Company in the Southern Maryland Area. Magical Memories is based on the belief that their customers’ needs are first priority and welcomes the opportunity to earn your trust.  Similar to Don’s Johns’ customer dedication, owner Kim Breedlove is dedicated to your satisfaction 100%. A planning company paired with a portable toilet company that are both dedicated to the success of your event is always a good pairing.  Talk to Kim and tell her you want the best, including the portable toilet rentals!

Evoke DC

Jodi and the Evoke team are passionate about what they do.  No matter how big or small your event, details are extremely important to the Evoke team. Their customized and personalized service assists clients in the designing, planning and management process one step at a time, creating a stress free environment as they design, plan and manage their special occasions. When you want to evoke a successful event, give Jodi a call to see what they can do for you.  If you’d like to have them take care of your needs, be sure that they make your outdoor event a success by supplying the best, including the portable restroom rental or restroom trailer rental.

Baltimore’s Best Events

Gia at Baltimore’s Best Events is ready to help make your event dreams come true. From Birthday Parties for any age and baby showers, to Corporate Events and everything in between, BBE and crew has the experience, capability and expertise to create the best event for any occasion. If you want to truly make your outdoor event one of the best in Baltimore, make sure you tell Gia that you want one of the best bathrooms in Baltimore! We’ve got the restroom trailers and portable restroom rental options that will give you the best in the beltway.

Pedestal Events Group

David and the Pedestal Event group creates a wide variety of specialty events for any occasion… Pedestal also offers Catering for your special event that can be tailored to your preferences as well as amusements, games, activities and live entertainment.  Since 1989, Pedestal Events has assisted Mid-Atlantic event organizers and created multiple productions.  As Pedestal Events Group grows, they continue to produce creative and innovative events for clients. Talk to David and see how he can help you.  Don’t forget to mention that you only want ONE type of porta potty at your event, and that’s one of Don’s Johns!

Now that you have the 411 on some fantastic planners in the Mid-Atlantic, your event planning should be a breeze.  If you’re just gathering information from them to make more informed decisions and streamlining your planning process, remember one thing.  The ONLY portable restroom company in the Mid-Atlantic that has been named one of America’s Best Restrooms is the one you want to go with for your next outdoor wedding, outdoor event, sporting event, family reunion, picnic or backyard bbq. 

With over 50 years of experience, we are here to help you every step of the way. You can also visit Don’s Johns today to find the perfect porta potties that’s fit your needs. Contact us today for a free quote or call us today at 888-331-6323. porta-potty-rental

Portable Restroom Rental: The New Advertising Standard?

Next time you’re using a portable restroom rental, don’t be surprised to see an advertisement. Did you know that the Union of Concerned Scientists reports the average American being exposed to about 3,000 advertising messages a day, and corporations around the world are spending over $620 billion annually to capture their audience’s attention?  That’s right, ads are everywhere and there’s no escape.  portable restroom rental

Taking advantage of selling ad space in a portable restroom rental  has become increasingly popular, and this trend is only on the rise.  Planners for Concerts, Sporting Events, Construction and Special Events realize that their money isn’t going down the drain when they advertise in or on their portable restroom or restroom trailer rental.

The expansive reach of Don’s Johns makes the portable restroom rental a medium that is even more attractive than you’d imagine.  Serving thousands upon thousands of people in the Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC Metro region and beyond year after year; we work closely with advertisers to help maximize your revenue and overall event success.

The advantages of advertising on your portable restroom rental or restroom trailer rental:

Port-a-Johns hold more than one advantage when it comes to advertising.  The cost of advertising on portable restroom rentals carries a lower average cost than both print and television advertising.   Portable restroom rental advertising also extends the life of exposure to the consumer.  Attendees of concerts, events and even construction site workers often wait in line to use a portable restroom and are exposed to a beautifully wrapped portable restroom rental.

Restroom Trailer Rental, Event Restrooms, Luxury Restroom Trailer, Restroom Advertsing, Portable Restroom Rental, Rent a Porta John, Porta Potty RentalA 2003 study proves the acceptance of this medium, showing that 75% of portable toilet visitors view porta potty ads positively and didn’t mind viewing the ad before and during their visit.  Once the attendees are inside a portable toilet, they may not even realize that they have become the captive audience to the perfectly placed placards on the inside of the door or wall inside a portable restroom.

Your portable restroom rental will reveal its hidden beauty and shine when wrapped and delivered to your location.  Don’s Johns offers several opportunities for advertising both inside and outside of our portable restrooms and restroom trailers with a full line of in-stock restroom wraps for the outside of our restrooms as well as custom wraps that can be ordered for the outsides of our portable restroom or restroom trailer rentals. 

Contact us today by calling 888-331-6323 or emailing sales@donsjohns.com – our Sales department will work

with you to design an advertisement and budget conscious campaign to maximize your return on investment.  You can also receive a FREE QUOTE on our website!


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