Portable Sanitation for Fall Clean-Up

Portable Sanitation for Fall Clean-Up

If your business involves pickup of disposals, this year, you should prepare yourself to stay in the field longer to bring in your revenue. Springtime is generally when residents give their home and good old fashion thorough cleaning. This leaves fall as the time where residents start cleaning out larger items from their home.

Getting Back Into Business and Stay Competitive

The economy is slowly rising again, which means homeowners and landlords are upgrading appliances. Businesses like yours that pick up refrigerators, washers, dryers, water heaters, stoves, and furnaces are in luck! So, while you are out there all day, having a convenient portable sanitation unit, such as Dons John’s Road Crew Porta Potty and Trailer, will help save you time and money.

So Easy and Convenient

All you need is a minimum class 2 trailer hitch and you are ready to tow your porta potty with you wherever you go. This is easy to roll into position with just two workers. Imagine being able to tackle an entire neighborhood without multiple breaks because you have a restroom right there.

You will defiantly need breaks due to the strenuous work you are doing. You must intake fluids to keep yourself hydrated, even in the cooler weather. If you take too many breaks, you run the risk of competition staking out your territory.

Restrooms Where You Need Them

If you are helping clear rubbish from a high-rise project, it’s easy to keep portable sanitation solutions within reach. Dons John’s has Rolloway Hi-Rise Construction Toilet’s that can be toted easily in an elevator as well as Hook Construction Portable Toilet’s where you can lift it to the floor necessary via crane. That’s not all we provide. We look out for your total sanitation needs providing hand sanitizer and portable sinks.

Dons John’s is here when you need portable sanitation solutions. If you have further questions or need advice, call us at 888-331-6323.



PSAI Announces World Portable Sanitation Day


sanitation-dayThe Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI) announced that August 15 had been named World Portable Sanitation Day (WPSD) by the organization’s Board of Directors.

The World Health Organization WHO) estimates that 2.6 billion people globally – about a third of the world’s population – lack access to adequate sanitation. In addition, about 200 million people per year are victims of disasters during which access to existing sanitation is impaired

This inaugural celebration is intended to kick off an ongoing campaign to raise awareness and promote change by engaging people all over the world in expanding access to sustainable sanitation. Over time, it is the goal of WPSD to transform their interest and ingenuity into local solutions that prevent the spread of disease, save water, and improve the quality of life.

PSAI company members will be celebrating World Portable Sanitation Day with a series of activities to be announced in each local market. They will engage non-profit stakeholders and the media in helping to educate their communities and to better understand how options such as portable sanitation – estimated to save 125 million gallons of fresh water daily – can be part of a sustainable global sanitation solution. Additional information will be provided throughout the summer.

About Portable Sanitation Association International

The Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI) exists to expand and improve portable sanitation as part of a global approach to serving the public and sustaining the planet. As the largest trade association of its kind in the world, the PSAI Is recognized internationally as a credible, authoritative voice providing education and tools to promote safety and health. Established in 1971, the PSAI develops and promotes industry standards; serves as a repository of information and resources for operators, suppliers, government entities and the general public; and provides recognition for excellence in the field.. The PSAI has its worldwide headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Visit www.PSAI.org for additional Association news and information.



Construction portable restroom rental systems

Coпstructioп job sіtes requirіпg oп sіte trаilers that bеnefіt from а vаriety of portаble restroom solutioпs rаngіпg from utilіtаriаn to high end models. Mаny of thеѕе fаcilіties аre compoпent bаsed аnd eаch compoпent іѕ selected bаsed oп іпdividuаl requirements аs ԝеll аs ԝhеthеr thеrе mаy bе electricаl service, runnіпg wаter or sewer hook uрs аvаilаble oп thе job sіte.

Also, thеѕе sіtes oftеп chаnge ԝіth time; аs utilіties аre coпnected, they sometimes need to chаnge. Inіtiаlly, а sіte mаy hаve пo wаter or sewer hookuр thеrеfore а temporаry restroom system ԝіth wаter аnd wаste tаnks іѕ required. Followіпg thе іпstаllаtioп of oпe or morе utilіties, thеѕе compoпents mаy bе removed аnd thе restroom system or restroom trailer mаy bе eаsily recoпfigured to bе hooked uр to thе oп-sіte wаter or wаste system.

Hаvіпg portаble toilet fаcilіties аvаilаble аs sepаrаte components mаkes thеѕе types of systems muсh morе flexible аnd аble to bе chаnged bаsed oп а vаriety of пееԁѕ. In аddіtioп, office or sаles trаilers сomе іп а vаriety of sizes аnd styles. Some mаy сomе ԝіth а restroom аlreаdy built іпside. For thеѕе, уou mаy nееԁ only wаter аnd wаste tаnks. Othеrs mаy hаve пo restroom аnd ԝoulԁ require thе toilet аs ԝеll. For office or sаles trаilers ԝіth limіted spаce, іt mаy пot be рoѕѕіblе to store а wаter tаnk, thеrеfore а smаll, self-coпtаіпed portаble toilet mаy bе thе oпly optioп.

One importаnt fаctor to coпsider for the loпg term portаble restroom rentаl іѕ wіпterizаtioп. Thіѕ іѕ required for аny portаble wаter or wаste tаnk thаt ԝіll bе utilized durіпg cold weаthеr. The wаstewаter holdіпg tаnks іпstаlled uпԁеr thе trаiler ԝіll пееԁ to bе heаt trаced to prevent thе coпtents from freezіпg.  Even wаter tаnks іпstаlled іпside of а trаiler пееԁ to bе іп а coпtrolled temperаture enviroпment to prevent thеm from freezіпg аnd bеcomіпg unusаble.

Wіth proper plаnnіпg аnd mаіпtenаnce, thеѕе compoпent-bаsed temporаry restroom systems сап functioп properly for thе durаtioп of аny loпg term job аnd аre а welсomе аddіtioп to аny sаles or office trаiler. You ԝіll аppreciаte thе flexibilіty аnd employees аnd customers аlike ԝіll аppreciаtioп thе comfort of hаvіпg fаcilіties аvаilаble oп sіte.


Below аre ѕomе common portable restroom scenаrios found oп job sіtes аlong ԝіth thе correspondіпg equipment solutioпs:

Problem: No portable-restroom-rentalwаter or sewer аnd пo exіѕtіпg restroom?

You ԝіll пееԁ а portable restroom rental ԝіth а flushіпg toilet, wаter tаnk аnd wаstewаter holdіпg tаnk. The compoпents mаy bе fіtted for а sіпk coпnectioп or а self-coпtаіпed portаble sіпk mаy bе uѕеԁ for hаnd wаshіпg. Electricіty ԝіll bе required for complete operаtioп.

Problem: No wаter or sewer for аn exіѕtіпg restroom?

You ԝіll пееԁ а system to provide fresh wаter аnd sewer services to уour exіѕtіпg sаles trаiler restroom. You ѕhoulԁ look for а restroom system ԝіth а fresh wаter tаnk ԝіth electric pump аnd 250 gаlloп wаste tаnk ԝhісh іѕ іпstаlled uпԁеr thе trаiler. Thіѕ type of system сап suрply fresh wаter to both а toilet аnd sіпk аnd wаste іѕ pumped bаsed oп уour пееԁѕ.

Problem: No wаter or sewer аnd limіted spаce?

We hаve self-coпtаіпed portаble toilets ԝhісh are ideаl for fаcilіties ԝhеrе пo wаter or sewer іѕ аvаilаble аnd spаce іѕ аt а premium. No externаl wаter or wаste tаnks аre пееԁed for thіѕ coпvenient unіt аs аll compoпents аre built іп. You mаy аlso coпsider а portаble sіпk or hаnd sаnіtizer dіѕpenser for hаnd cleаnsіпg cаpаbilіty аloпg ԝіth thіѕ rentаl.

Problem: Wаter coпnectioп, but пo sewer for аn exіѕtіпg restroom?

Wаstewаter holdіпg tаnks сап hold uр to 250 gаlloпs of liquid аnd mаy bе pumped ԝhеп full. The tаnks аre designed to bе іпstаlled аbove ground for mіпimаl dіѕturbаnce аnd thеy fіt uпԁеr moѕt trаilers, hidden from sight.

If уou аre unsure аbout whаt type of system уou mаy пееԁ, call us at 888-331-6323 and we ԝіll bе hаppy to recommend а portаble toilet system for уour sаles or field office trаiler, as well as the rest of your construction site. Contact us for a free quote today!

Why the portable restroom is pivotal to society

The portable restroom rental has been a staple in U.S. society for decades and has even picked up a few nicknames along the way.  All toilet humor aside, the portable restroom industry is not something to be scoffed at. The porta potty, whether it is a standard portable toilet or luxury restroom trailer rental, is pivotal to society in a number of ways.

Why portable restrooms are important in society.

1. Prevention in spreading disease

In reducing the proliferation of bacteria and disease, it is pivotal to maintain public hygiene. Hand contact is the fastest way bacteria and diseases are spread from person to person.

Hand sanitizing facilities are used in more than just public or portable restroom rentals.  One common need is in hospitals, where Hand Sanitizer is frequently available for use to prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

We also provide cleanliness outdoors with convenient hand sanitation.  If you’re an artist conducting an outdoor workshop, a Portable Sink is a handy way to wash up after a creative day of painting.  Events, such as parties, could also use hand washing stations due to the lack of running water we often find outdoors.  Your attendees overall experience can be heavily influenced by their restroom and hand washing experience.

Also, Hand Wipes and Foam will always get the food off of your fingers, as well as keep childrens’ hands clean without the excessive use of soap and water.

Catering services and food vendors typically require separate facilities – we’ve got you covered.  Don’s Johns provides a Dual Wash Station for a small team of event caterers, as well as a Quad Wash Station that can serve an entire crew at once!

Portable sinks provide a separate water supply that allow you to wash your hands to keep them clean after being exposed to bacteria infested areas or using a portable toilet without its own hand washing station.  For simultaneous hand washing needs, Dual and Quad wash stations are also available to allow multiple workers or residents to take advantage of proper hand sanitation.

Don’s Johns has cleanliness covered when it comes to public sanitation.  Some of our restrooms, including the VIP Flushing Toilet w/ Sink and the Premier Flushing Porcelain Restroom have sinks built in directly for your convenience.

When water isn’t available for hand washing purposes, or when portable restrooms aren’t provided with sinks of their own, it is important to consider Hand sanitizers, hand wipes and foam. The use of waterless hand sanitizers, wipes or foam kills 99.9% of the most common illness-causing germs.

For complete Hygiene Maintenance, Shower Trailers can bring the comfort of complete cleanliness during a time where such facilities are unavailable for extended periods.  Shower trailers come available with both Men’s and Women’s sides; each with three shower stalls, one toilet, and one sink. All shower stalls also feature attached dressing areas with fold-down seating and non-skid floors.

2. Convenience and comfort for the outdoors

Restroom Trailers and portable toilets are the perfect answer to the question of how to achieve maximum restroom-trailercomfort and convenience in the great outdoors.  Whether you only want an economical restroom trailer with 2 separate stalls or a Restroom Trailer that was actually voted one of America’s Best Restrooms in 2011, there is a selection for everyone! There is also a perfect solution for outdoor needs catering to crowds of any size.  We have set up everything from a single porta potty to over 5,000 portable restroom rental units for a single event.  No matter what the size, scope or location of your outdoor restroom needs, Don’s Johns will always have what you need, when you need it!

3. Efficiency in the workplace

Oftentimes, projects are in need of at least one portable restroom rental.  Whether it’s a single home bathroom renovation that needs one portable toilet or a multi-story development project covering an area over 1 million square feet, there is the perfect portable toilet solution for you.

Construction projects can use interior restroom systems for office trailers, clusters of portable restroom units for workers on site, hi-rise portable toilets for multi-story projects, and even rolloway portable toilets for use when moving from one area of the work site to another. For projects that are on the move, Don’s Johns offers a mobile portable toilet, fully equipped with a trailer.  Just hook it up to your vehicle and you’re ready to roll for a long distance transportation project or even a road crew working on sections of a highway.

4. Emergency Response

Unfortunately, disasters happen more frequently than any of us would like them to.  However, there are specific precautionary measures Emergency Responders can have in place in case a disaster happens in your area.

Hurricanes, wildfires, biohazard accidents, earthquakes, floods and landslides can happen in the blink of an eye and once a disaster happens, the importance of sanitation instantly becomes paramount in preventing illness and death to residents and workers in the affected area.  Just because an emergency occurs does not mean that Mother Nature stops taking its course. The need to get rid of human waste and maintain proper sanitation standards will inevitably continue. Bacteria can flourish and diseases such as typhoid, dysentery and Giardia can severely impact innocent victims of a natural or man made disaster due to the lack of personal hygiene and waste disposal.  Being properly prepared and implementing the following provisions to handle these situations will reduce the risk of further contamination once an emergency has occurred.

Elimination of Waste –

Having portable restrooms are vital to maintaining proper sanitation and eliminating the need for waste disposal in an affected area.

One thing that remains consistent during these times of trouble is the 24/7 ability of Don’s Johns to provide the right Emergency Services for those in need of a portable toilet rental or restroom trailer. Shower trailer rentals are also used often to maintain hygiene in an affected area.  Even hand sanitizer and hand washing stations are often found within temporary medical facilities. Emergency preparedness is in the hands of our local, state and federal Emergency management agencies, but every individual effort helps.  A few things you can do to take a pro-active approach to managing an Emergency are

You can also purchase a used porta john for sale.  Buying Portable Toilets for your locale during an emergency is a lot more realistic than you may think.  You can purchase a used porta john for sale at a reasonable price, and have your own portable restroom available for the health, safety and comfort of you and your neighborhood.

The Positive Impact of Portable Restrooms in Developing Countries

Don’s Johns was excited to take part in the recent celebration of World Toilet Day on November 19th. As we look back on this special day for sanitation, we remember that it is our responsibility as sanitation professionals to be reminded of the importance of global sanitation all year round.

In the United States and other industrialized nations, the convenience of a Porta Potty rental is usually far overlooked when we have the convenience of luxury restroom trailers, portable restrooms and shower trailers at sporting events, weddings, campgrounds and construction sites readily available.  In developing countries however, the Portable Restroom rental alone serves as an integral part of sanitation and hygiene;  preventing a myriad of diseases while preserving the supply of fresh water to allow life to continue and flourish.

Approximately 2.6 billion people in the world have no access to portable restrooms or public sanitation facilities. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that 3,900 children lose their lives every day because of dirty water or poor hygiene. India is a perfect example of the sanitation crisis. There has been a serious lack of public sanitation, leaving 90 percent of Indians living outside major cities no option but to relieve themselves publicly while in communal areas. Along with the problem of disease, residential and commercial construction developments of these areas are hindered due to unsanitary conditions. The recent placement of portable restroom rentals brings a perfect solution to this problem, containing and controlling sewage and waste as well as giving people the opportunity to wash their hands more frequently.   portable restroom rental, porta potty rental, porta john for rent, toilet rental, portable restrooms for rent, construction porta potty, portable toilet rentals

The preservation of clean water is also in dire straits. According to the documentary Blue Gold: Water Wars; three percent of Earth’s water is fresh water, and much of that is polluted beyond human use.  With portable toilet rentals and restroom trailer rentals, contamination is contained and able to be processed properly at sewage treatment plants.

In the last 10 years, portable restrooms and sanitation have made leaps and bounds in developing countries, even including solar powered portable toilets that can generate enough power on their own to process the waste and turn it into hydrogen gas that can be easily expelled.  The ultimate goal for suppliers of portable toilet rentals in developing countries is to bring portable restrooms into urban areas as well as work sites and provide long lasting sanitation that improves the standard of cleanliness, the impact on the environment and the overall quality of life.

Don’s Johns is proud to provide the leading portable restrooms and restroom trailer rental services at home in the Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC metro areas, while we also offer Porta Johns for sale to provide service in other areas and continue bringing clean, portable sanitation. For more information, visit our website at http://www.donsjohns.com