Portable Toilet Rental on the Moon?

While reading our daily news, we found out that there is in fact, a portable toilet sitting on the moon.


NASA recently released new images of the Moon, clearly showing a porta potty left by the famous astronauts, Buzz Aldroun and Neil Armstrong during their historic mission in 1969.  The recent picture from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), can be seen below:

We wonder if NASA made their own porta potty, or whether they bought a porta john for sale? If it were a portable toilet rental, that would be one expensive bill!  Now we’re sure that they didn’t have a luxury restroom trailer rental available back then, but If they did we’re sure they would have went with one of America’s Best Restroom Trailer rentals around and they may have even rented Restroom trailers in DC!

An Urban Legend is circulating around that a 5 year old company named Don’s Johns may or may not have played a hand in this special outdoor event when it came to the use of portable johns on the moon.  Rumor also has it that Don’s Johns wanted to service the area shortly after the astronauts left, but decided to leave it as a piece of human history.

Did Don’s Johns really provide the portable toilet that went to the moon?  I suppose that secret lies within the spirit of our founders, Thelma and Don Rainwater…

We may not have been on the moon, but if you’re looking for a portable toilet rental, restroom trailer rental, porta john for sale to be at your outdoor event, Don’s Johns is here to serve you where and when you need it. With the right selection and all the portable restroom rentals you could ever want, you can’t go wrong when it comes to one of Don’s Johns.  Call us today at 888-331-6323 or email sales@donsjohns.com for your portable toilet rental needs.

*This article is intended for entertainment purposes only.


Outdoor Events Guide for DC, MD & VA

The weather will be heating up and we’re ready for Spring! In fact, we’re already envisioning outdoor events -weddings, barbeques, concerts and festivals.  Everyone knows that it’s time to start thinking about planning those outdoor events!  Event planners from far and wide, both professional and novice come to the Mid-Atlantic Region – DC, VA & MD – to plan and witness some of the nation’s finest ourdoor events (and portable toilets of course). event-porta-potty

If you’re planning an outdoor event or having someone plan it for you, we can help   We’ve rounded up some great event planners in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore areas that you can go to for event tips, information and updates.  They know about everything from party and event planning to the portable toilets, both normal porta potty rentals and restroom trailers. Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are a few great resources for you!

Wedding Savvy

Wedding Savvy is a wonderful wedding and event planning company in Baltimore.  If you’re looking to have your wedding around the beltway, owner Raquell will see that your needs are perfectly met. Her detail-oriented, organized and highly professional service as a wedding and event planner will be sure to please.   When you ask for Raquell, pair her winning service with a winning Don’s Johns portable restroom rental to make a perfect match for your party or event

Magical Memories Event Planning

Established in 2007, Magical Memories Event Planning is a full service Wedding and Event Planning Company in the Southern Maryland Area. Magical Memories is based on the belief that their customers’ needs are first priority and welcomes the opportunity to earn your trust.  Similar to Don’s Johns’ customer dedication, owner Kim Breedlove is dedicated to your satisfaction 100%. A planning company paired with a portable toilet company that are both dedicated to the success of your event is always a good pairing.  Talk to Kim and tell her you want the best, including the portable toilet rentals!

Evoke DC

Jodi and the Evoke team are passionate about what they do.  No matter how big or small your event, details are extremely important to the Evoke team. Their customized and personalized service assists clients in the designing, planning and management process one step at a time, creating a stress free environment as they design, plan and manage their special occasions. When you want to evoke a successful event, give Jodi a call to see what they can do for you.  If you’d like to have them take care of your needs, be sure that they make your outdoor event a success by supplying the best, including the portable restroom rental or restroom trailer rental.

Baltimore’s Best Events

Gia at Baltimore’s Best Events is ready to help make your event dreams come true. From Birthday Parties for any age and baby showers, to Corporate Events and everything in between, BBE and crew has the experience, capability and expertise to create the best event for any occasion. If you want to truly make your outdoor event one of the best in Baltimore, make sure you tell Gia that you want one of the best bathrooms in Baltimore! We’ve got the restroom trailers and portable restroom rental options that will give you the best in the beltway.

Pedestal Events Group

David and the Pedestal Event group creates a wide variety of specialty events for any occasion… Pedestal also offers Catering for your special event that can be tailored to your preferences as well as amusements, games, activities and live entertainment.  Since 1989, Pedestal Events has assisted Mid-Atlantic event organizers and created multiple productions.  As Pedestal Events Group grows, they continue to produce creative and innovative events for clients. Talk to David and see how he can help you.  Don’t forget to mention that you only want ONE type of porta potty at your event, and that’s one of Don’s Johns!

Now that you have the 411 on some fantastic planners in the Mid-Atlantic, your event planning should be a breeze.  If you’re just gathering information from them to make more informed decisions and streamlining your planning process, remember one thing.  The ONLY portable restroom company in the Mid-Atlantic that has been named one of America’s Best Restrooms is the one you want to go with for your next outdoor wedding, outdoor event, sporting event, family reunion, picnic or backyard bbq. 

With over 50 years of experience, we are here to help you every step of the way. You can also visit Don’s Johns today to find the perfect porta potties that’s fit your needs. Contact us today for a free quote or call us today at 888-331-6323. porta-potty-rental

Porta Potty Rental Options for Event and Construction Needs

Every day we are met with more and more things that can simply amaze you. I bet you didn’t know that there is more than meets the eye with standard porta potty rentals. The porta potty’s you are used to seeing are basic and perfect for parks where a restroom otherwise would not be available.

However, there are many other porta potty options to choose from and each holds their own special touch to whatever venue you are hosting. Porta potty rentals are available for rent to the general public. It doesn’t matter if you are having a private and small baby shower celebration or a large wedding, because Don’s Johns has your next event covered.


Click to view the DJ2300LH Luxury Restroom Trailer w/ ADA lift

Handicap Accessible

Make it easy for those in wheelchairs or who need the added support of handrails to use the restroom. Our

luxury restroom trailers meet the ADA specifications. They include beautiful Corian counters, are climate controlled, and measures 8’ x 6’ to easily move around to the sink and toilet areas.


We’ve even thought of the hard working men and women in construction who are working on unfinished highrise buildings. Our hook construction portable toilets are an added convenience to prevent workers from having to come back down to the ground to use the restroom. With convenient supplies such as hand sanitizers, hand wipe and foam stations, and even portable hot and cold running water sinks, sanitization is a breeze.

Family and Wedding Trailers

Make sure you think of everyone at your next event. Some restrooms are not fully equipped for family to change and care for their baby’s needs. Don’s Johns has luxury trailers that include a family suite. They are large enough for a bench or few chairs and include a baby changing station, full length mirror, hot and cold running water, soap, and an automatic air freshener. These work great for wedding parties as well.

Shower Trailers

If you’re ever at an all-day sporting tournament, it’s packed with food and fun. However, with all the sweating involved, you will get uncomfortable quick. You may not want to eat snacks or a sit down dinner. However, with the shower trailers, teammates can take a hot shower in one of the three shower stalls.

Contact Don’s Johns today to arrange for a porta potty rental for your next special event!


Why the portable restroom is pivotal to society

The portable restroom rental has been a staple in U.S. society for decades and has even picked up a few nicknames along the way.  All toilet humor aside, the portable restroom industry is not something to be scoffed at. The porta potty, whether it is a standard portable toilet or luxury restroom trailer rental, is pivotal to society in a number of ways.

Why portable restrooms are important in society.

1. Prevention in spreading disease

In reducing the proliferation of bacteria and disease, it is pivotal to maintain public hygiene. Hand contact is the fastest way bacteria and diseases are spread from person to person.

Hand sanitizing facilities are used in more than just public or portable restroom rentals.  One common need is in hospitals, where Hand Sanitizer is frequently available for use to prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

We also provide cleanliness outdoors with convenient hand sanitation.  If you’re an artist conducting an outdoor workshop, a Portable Sink is a handy way to wash up after a creative day of painting.  Events, such as parties, could also use hand washing stations due to the lack of running water we often find outdoors.  Your attendees overall experience can be heavily influenced by their restroom and hand washing experience.

Also, Hand Wipes and Foam will always get the food off of your fingers, as well as keep childrens’ hands clean without the excessive use of soap and water.

Catering services and food vendors typically require separate facilities – we’ve got you covered.  Don’s Johns provides a Dual Wash Station for a small team of event caterers, as well as a Quad Wash Station that can serve an entire crew at once!

Portable sinks provide a separate water supply that allow you to wash your hands to keep them clean after being exposed to bacteria infested areas or using a portable toilet without its own hand washing station.  For simultaneous hand washing needs, Dual and Quad wash stations are also available to allow multiple workers or residents to take advantage of proper hand sanitation.

Don’s Johns has cleanliness covered when it comes to public sanitation.  Some of our restrooms, including the VIP Flushing Toilet w/ Sink and the Premier Flushing Porcelain Restroom have sinks built in directly for your convenience.

When water isn’t available for hand washing purposes, or when portable restrooms aren’t provided with sinks of their own, it is important to consider Hand sanitizers, hand wipes and foam. The use of waterless hand sanitizers, wipes or foam kills 99.9% of the most common illness-causing germs.

For complete Hygiene Maintenance, Shower Trailers can bring the comfort of complete cleanliness during a time where such facilities are unavailable for extended periods.  Shower trailers come available with both Men’s and Women’s sides; each with three shower stalls, one toilet, and one sink. All shower stalls also feature attached dressing areas with fold-down seating and non-skid floors.

2. Convenience and comfort for the outdoors

Restroom Trailers and portable toilets are the perfect answer to the question of how to achieve maximum restroom-trailercomfort and convenience in the great outdoors.  Whether you only want an economical restroom trailer with 2 separate stalls or a Restroom Trailer that was actually voted one of America’s Best Restrooms in 2011, there is a selection for everyone! There is also a perfect solution for outdoor needs catering to crowds of any size.  We have set up everything from a single porta potty to over 5,000 portable restroom rental units for a single event.  No matter what the size, scope or location of your outdoor restroom needs, Don’s Johns will always have what you need, when you need it!

3. Efficiency in the workplace

Oftentimes, projects are in need of at least one portable restroom rental.  Whether it’s a single home bathroom renovation that needs one portable toilet or a multi-story development project covering an area over 1 million square feet, there is the perfect portable toilet solution for you.

Construction projects can use interior restroom systems for office trailers, clusters of portable restroom units for workers on site, hi-rise portable toilets for multi-story projects, and even rolloway portable toilets for use when moving from one area of the work site to another. For projects that are on the move, Don’s Johns offers a mobile portable toilet, fully equipped with a trailer.  Just hook it up to your vehicle and you’re ready to roll for a long distance transportation project or even a road crew working on sections of a highway.

4. Emergency Response

Unfortunately, disasters happen more frequently than any of us would like them to.  However, there are specific precautionary measures Emergency Responders can have in place in case a disaster happens in your area.

Hurricanes, wildfires, biohazard accidents, earthquakes, floods and landslides can happen in the blink of an eye and once a disaster happens, the importance of sanitation instantly becomes paramount in preventing illness and death to residents and workers in the affected area.  Just because an emergency occurs does not mean that Mother Nature stops taking its course. The need to get rid of human waste and maintain proper sanitation standards will inevitably continue. Bacteria can flourish and diseases such as typhoid, dysentery and Giardia can severely impact innocent victims of a natural or man made disaster due to the lack of personal hygiene and waste disposal.  Being properly prepared and implementing the following provisions to handle these situations will reduce the risk of further contamination once an emergency has occurred.

Elimination of Waste –

Having portable restrooms are vital to maintaining proper sanitation and eliminating the need for waste disposal in an affected area.

One thing that remains consistent during these times of trouble is the 24/7 ability of Don’s Johns to provide the right Emergency Services for those in need of a portable toilet rental or restroom trailer. Shower trailer rentals are also used often to maintain hygiene in an affected area.  Even hand sanitizer and hand washing stations are often found within temporary medical facilities. Emergency preparedness is in the hands of our local, state and federal Emergency management agencies, but every individual effort helps.  A few things you can do to take a pro-active approach to managing an Emergency are

You can also purchase a used porta john for sale.  Buying Portable Toilets for your locale during an emergency is a lot more realistic than you may think.  You can purchase a used porta john for sale at a reasonable price, and have your own portable restroom available for the health, safety and comfort of you and your neighborhood.

Recalling Portable Restroom Rental History

Today, Don’s Johns is known throughout the country, not only as one of America’s Best Restrooms in 2011, but as the leader of portable restroom rental services in the Mid-Atlantic region with their extensive fleet of portable toilets, restroom trailers, shower trailers and sanitation services. Let’s take a walk through history, highlighting the famous (and infamous) moments that have brought us to this point in our porta potty progress.


Portable Restroom Rental in Virginia

The news about portable toilets and Don’s Johns in the portable restroom rental industry made big headlines with a groundbreaking story at Arlington National Cemetery in 1968. The Day reported on April 20th that a retired Colonel wanted to have portable toilets that were placed near the cemetery moved to a new location, out of public view. These early Don’s Johns porta potty units were placed on location for an unstated reason, although they may have been there to serve the public visiting family and loved ones at the National Cemetery, the paper said.

Portable Toilets: Reflecting on Foundations

The Lakeland Ledger reported a story in 1974 about Don Rainwater and how he got started in the portable restroom rental industry. “Needa John? Call Don!” was the original slogan on the founders’ business card, featuring a cartoon of himself on the back of the card, sitting on a toilet. Rainwater got the idea to get into the portable toilet business when he loaned money to a friend to get into the porta potty practice. According to Don, it “Sounded like a good idea, so I decided to do it too. Started with 12 wooden shacks with 55 gallon buckets in ‘em”. Don also invented the “Speedy-Vac” pumping system that used about 1/4th of the needed gasoline as compared to the other pumps at the time. Before becoming a porta potty professional, Don had created many inventions, was in the construction industry, the lumber business with his brother, a restaurant, and finally, Don’s Johns Portable Restroom Rentals and Sanitation Services.

Portable Toilets for Presidential Inaugurations

In 1997, the Washington Post reported that Don’s Johns co-founder and owner, Thelma Rainwater, along with granddaughter Kristie Dunston Harrell had secured the Inaugural contract with the co-executive director of the inaugural committee. According to the article, 816 portable restroom rental units were used for the approximate 300,000 in attendance.

The Washington Post also reported in 2008 that Don’s Johns was serving the Obama Presidential Inauguration to create what is still known today as the largest portable restroom rental event in the history of the United States. Approximately 7,800 portable toilets were rented between multiple portable restroom rental companies to serve the 2,000,000 people expected in attendance.

Restroom Trailers: One of America’s Best Restrooms in 2011

As Don’s Johns has grown throughout the years, they have also expanded, providing the best restroom trailers in their service area. Discovery News, along with many other global media outlets covered the America’s Best Restroom contest from Cintas. Don’s Johns is the only portable restroom company named in the Best Restroom Hall of Fame, along with notable toilets at Notre Dame, The Chicago Field Museum and so many other great restrooms!


What will be the next big story in Don’s Johns news history? Stay Tuned! Maybe you are the planner for the next big outdoor wedding, sporting event, concert or construction event that will be featured in the news. You’ll definitely be glad you talked to Don’s Johns for your needs after you’ve seen our Restroom Trailers, Portable Toilets, and the leading Portable Restroom Rental quality and service you can always depend on.

Call 888-331-6323 or email sales@donsjohns.com for your needs today!

D.C. Construction and Portable Toilet Rental Procurement

Growth is abound in and around the Washington D.C. Metro Area and beyond. Many sites are under construction for new projects as well as projects under renovation.  As we move into the future, we’re rebuilding how we live with new architecture, more efficient buildings, and constant innovation in the construction industry.

When construction is taking place in the Nation’s Capital and beyond, Don’s Johns is considered a household name for portable toilet rental services. Our selection of portable restroom rentals are providing superior comfort, convenience and cost effectiveness to your project. To us, your project can be big enough to cover 3.9 million sq. feet of development or a small home or bathroom remodel. Either way, we’re going to have the perfect portable restroom rental for you.  Here are some of our recommended porta potty rental options that can serve your next project!

Portable Toilets for large scale construction projects:

Large developments, communities and Major Hi-Rise projects need to remember the golden rule for portable restroom rentals: 1 unit is required for every 8-10 workers For large construction projects (American National Standards Institute – ANSI Z4.3).  When planning your project, there is going to be a need for many portable toilets of different type and size.  The Don’s Johns portable toilet rental recommendation for this type of project can be any size combination of the following:

Portable Restroom Rentals:

Portable Sanitation:


Waste Storage and Removal

Portable Restroom Rentals for medium scale construction projects:

A project that isn’t employing multiple shifts full of construction workers will often need less resources, as well as portable toilet rentals.  Don’s Johns recommends any of the following porta potty rentals for construction projects such as home-building, small to medium real estate development, small to medium commercial developments and public projects.

Portable Restroom Rentals:

Portable Sanitation:

Waste Storage and Removal

Portable Restroom Rentals for small scale construction projects:

The home remodel and small residential real estate development projects may need only one portable restroom rental. However, the need for a porta potty rental on a small construction site is still as important as it is on a large site.  We recommend the following portable potty rental options.

Portable Restroom Rentals:

Portable Sanitation:

Waste Storage and Removal

Mobile construction projects:

If you’re moving from project to project or you’re part of a Road Crew, it’s important to have a portable restroom rental that you can take with you!  Let us provide you with the comfort and convenience of our road crew portable restroom rental.

If you’re a contractor or small construction company, another great option is to own your own portable toilet!  If this sounds like something that would be beneficial to your construction projects, don’t forget that Don’s Johns has the Porta John for sale that would serve your needs perfectly. To schedule portable toilet rental needs for your next project, call Don’s Johns at 888-331-6323 or email us at sales@donsjohns.com