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After a call with one of portable restroom rental representatives, you may still have questions or are wondering if you are SURE you made the right decision by choosing us.

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S – Service:

When your portable restroom rental company assists you in every aspect possible and through the entire event or project success, you know that you’re going to have an experience to continue returning to in the future.  Don’s Johns not only works hard to gain your business, we work hard to keep it! We are always innovating with multiple Portable Restroom Rental options to suit you perfectly.

U – Unchanged Standards:

Does your portable restroom rental company pride themselves on maintaining the gold standard within the portable restroom rental industry?  Many are but unfortunately, some are not.  Since 1964, Don’s Johns has been raising the bar when it comes to creating real relationships and making positive impacts in society.  Through charities and special events, we continue to give back to those who have made us proud to be the leading portable restroom rental company in our service area.

R – Reliability –

Do you know if the portable restroom rental company you just hired is going to show up on time?  Do you know how often and when they are going to service your restroom trailers or portable toilets?  Don’s Johns eliminates the worry about delivery issues or pumper trucks coming through a crowd of attendees to service a portable restroom rental DURING the event.

Don’s John’s, Inc. features a state-of-the-art satellite GPS tracking system to ensure on-schedule service for your event, construction project. Don’s Johns state-of-the-art control room also allows us to maintain industry-leading response times to manage inquiries and provide adequate customer service needs for our porta potty rental and sanitation and septic services.

Whatever your needs, Don’s Johns will always be right on track with delivery and service for you.

E – Everything Else:

Aside from being one of America’s Best Restrooms in 2011, Don’s Johns provides more than just amazing restroom trailers and portable toilets in different varieties.  We also have a full line of Sanitation products and services.  With the availability of Hand Washing Stations and shower trailers, we have you covered for anything from a backyard BBQ to a week long camping trip.

Our duty is to take care of your portable restroom rental  needs in the Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. area, no matter how big they are or how soon you need them. Call us at 888-331-6323 or email sales@donsjohns.com for questions on how to make your upcoming event.



Having Portable Toilets for Winter Festivities makes it Enjoyable for All

Having Portable Toilets for Winter Festivities makes it Enjoyable for All

It’s amazing how gatherings never cease when wintertime strolls around. Patrons in the DC metro area continue to gather for outdoor family events during the holidays. Young and old alike enjoy the welcoming cool breezes and beautiful snow. It’s impeccable that event hosts meet everyone’s needs, so guests are happy and comfortable during the events. That’s why placing Don’s Johns as a top resource is vital for the following events.

Holiday Sales

Labor Day brings about the end of summer. Halloween is right around the corner, and stores are preparing for Trick-Or-Treaters and their families. Soon afterwards, Thanksgiving Day sales and décor are up as smart holiday shoppers are out early preparing their shopping sprees.

To keep shoppers out during such a busy season, having portable restrooms is important. Stores and restaurants are crowded, and sometimes workers are unable to clean their public restroom. This is why many City Officials recommend having portable restrooms for local neighborhood establishments.

Tree Lighting Events

Small towns and just about every major city have an annual Christmas tree lighting event. Spectators come from many areas to celebrate the holidays. Since it’s open to the public, you can expect it to be jam packed from early morning until late night.

There are a host of other events that occur during tree lighting events as well. So you’ll find those with picnic baskets, blankets, and chairs around and children frolicking in the park. With so many partaking in the ceremonies, event organizers need to plan for these spectators to have a clean and accessible restroom facility. It’s also helpful to have quad washing stations and hand sanitizers as people will have many delectable food eating opportunities and sticky hands.

Winter Activities

There are so many winter activities to partake in. Having a portable restroom available keeps patrons out having fun. This contributes to businesses revenues, so that they do not lose customers who they are not losing clientele due to not being able to go to the restroom when needed. A few winter activities you’ll always find are:

  • Public Outdoor Ice Skating
  • Santa’s Village
  • Outdoor Hockey Games
  • Winter Carnivals

Provide an Environment to Warm Your Guests

All in all, event organizers want to ensure their spectators not only are enjoying themselves, but are warm and safe. Having portable restrooms trailers covers these aspects. Don’s Johns portable restroom trailers each come with climate controlled heating and air conditioning. They provide a clean and sanitized environment that patrons can come to should they feel the bite of Old Man Winter. The sinks also have hot running water to help warm their hands.

Be Cautions to Prevent the Spread of Germs

Although it’s cold out during these winter festivities, germs can still be spread through the touching of hands to greet event attendees. Having hand sanitizers around are an excellent way to help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. They are a perfect alternative to just washing hands since they are alcohol based products that won’t freeze.



Porta Potty Event Planning Guide for Outdoor Events


Don’s Johns is your trusted source for porta potty rentals in DC, MD and VA. Based on 40+ years of experience as a woman-owned business, we recommend the following:

Porta Potty Planning:

•If alcoholic beverages are served, increase the number of units by 20%
•If the percentage of women in attendance increases beyond 50%, increase the number of units by 25-50%
•Always include at least one Wheelchair Accessible Unit (Americans with Disabilities Act Compliant) per “cluster” of units. Ensure 10% of your total number of units are handicapped units. For events with a higher number of individuals in wheelchairs, increase this percentage accordingly


Don’t hesitate to call 888-331-6323 or email sales@donsjohns.com for our expert guidance for your porta potty rental needs.



3 Reasons You Need to Rent a Portable Toilet

Portable Toilets for all Summer Events


If you are planning an outdoor event this year or working outdoors, having a place to beat the heat is as important as having proper hydration! Dons Johns encourage you to be safe and happy this summer. Check out the following three reasons you must have a portable toilet to rent.

Rent a Portable Toilet for Family Gatherings

Summer brings about many family barbeques, celebrating graduations, weddings, the Fourth of July, reunions, and other celebratory events. Often hosted in the park, you may not have access to a restroom facility. With so much food and celebration going on, it’s best for the party planner to have ample portable toilets available.

Guests drinking and eating all day will soon have an immediate restroom need for themselves and their children. The DJ2300LF Luxury Restroom Trailer w/Family Room is the perfect portable toilet for large gatherings with multiple children. It’s a heated and air conditioned unit with a changing table. This is a perfect place to calm down children and get them out of the heat.

Rent a Portable Toilet for Public Events

All public events try to cater to not only the audience but the performers as well. So from sports games, to not-for-profit banquets, to concerts, everyone needs to be accommodated.

Don’s Johns fortunately have a portable toilet to fit each guest’s needs. The DJ5000LX Luxury Presidential Restroom Trailer is the crème de la crème, offering granite counters, marble walls, and hardwood floors. Treat them like the VIP they are. The DJ4000 Restroom Trailer is great to keep restroom lines to a minimum, offering 7 stalls.

Construction Site Owner need to Rent a Portable Toilet

If you have a construction site, you want your employees happy. When employees are unable to relieve themselves at work, they often become poor performers. This could result in a safety hazard.

No matter if they are on the site, working on a highrise, or on the highway digging holes, it should not take them more than 3-5 minutes to get to a suitable portable toilet. You can also keep clean drinking water available with an additional portable sink.

Having enough portable toilets will make business owners will appreciate your workers not relieving themselves in an alley around their business. Also, this prevents workers from using restaurant restrooms with the many customers they must past through, disturbing their business.

We can help you get started today. Our seasoned staff can help you choose exactly the right portable toilets for your needs and budget. Give us a call – toll free at 888-331-6323. You can also contact us here for a free quote.



Facts about Portable Toilets



They have many names, port-a-potty, porta potty, portable john, portable potties, portable sanitation units, restroom trailers, and the water closet. Either way you label them; portable toilets have been around for quite some time as a convenience for personal and business events. If you have any questions about portable toilets, here are a few answers.

When was the first portable toilet invented?

In the 1940’s, shipyard crewmembers needed a convenient method of using the restroom. It was a huge cost, as the laborers had to go back and forth from the ship to the dock to use the restroom. So, one of the managers had designed a wood cabana and holding tank placed on the dock, and the portable toilet began. George Harding did not patent it until 1962. PolyJohn Corporation and the age of portable toilets began thanks to cofounders George Harding, George Hiskes, and Ed Cooper.

How do you keep the smell down in a portable toilet?

Portable toilet systems are more than meets the eye. Depending on the length of use, you can have an entire Interior Restroom System consisting of a 100-gallon fresh water-holding tank and a 250 gallon secured waste container. This is an Odorless external system. The waste tank fits under the trailer.

A standard porta-potty has a 62-gallon wastewater-holding tank and plenty of ventilation. Many times, the company will use a combination of fragrance and a dark blue dye to mask the odor between cycling out the waste tanks.

How sanitary are portable toilets?

Portable toilets are now just as sanitary as a restaurant or hotel’s restroom. Some restroom trailers provide baby-changing stations. They have no toilets inside the room and are made of FDA-approved polyethylene, which resists bacterial growth. You will find a variety of toilets such as ADA complaint Wheelchair Accessible Restrooms and Luxury Restroom Trailers.

You’ll also find at events that valet services are available to ensure the restrooms are clean and well stocked with supplies. There are also plenty of other accessories to keep you clean such as hand sanitizers, Hand Wipes & Foam, Quad Wash Station, and Portable Sink with running hot and cold water.

Why would I rent a portable toilet rather than use the one at my business or at the park?

Portable toilets offer the convenience of no maintenance. You don’t worry about your sewer clogging. You have a dependable restroom system to use for any event. It’s a perfect way to ensure you have enough stalls for guests. Finally, some are transferable for mobile sites.

Contact Don’s Johns friendly customer service agents today if you have further questions about portable toilets 888-331-6323.



Outdoor Events Guide for DC, MD & VA

The weather will be heating up and we’re ready for Spring! In fact, we’re already envisioning outdoor events -weddings, barbeques, concerts and festivals.  Everyone knows that it’s time to start thinking about planning those outdoor events!  Event planners from far and wide, both professional and novice come to the Mid-Atlantic Region – DC, VA & MD – to plan and witness some of the nation’s finest ourdoor events (and portable toilets of course). event-porta-potty

If you’re planning an outdoor event or having someone plan it for you, we can help   We’ve rounded up some great event planners in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore areas that you can go to for event tips, information and updates.  They know about everything from party and event planning to the portable toilets, both normal porta potty rentals and restroom trailers. Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are a few great resources for you!

Wedding Savvy

Wedding Savvy is a wonderful wedding and event planning company in Baltimore.  If you’re looking to have your wedding around the beltway, owner Raquell will see that your needs are perfectly met. Her detail-oriented, organized and highly professional service as a wedding and event planner will be sure to please.   When you ask for Raquell, pair her winning service with a winning Don’s Johns portable restroom rental to make a perfect match for your party or event

Magical Memories Event Planning

Established in 2007, Magical Memories Event Planning is a full service Wedding and Event Planning Company in the Southern Maryland Area. Magical Memories is based on the belief that their customers’ needs are first priority and welcomes the opportunity to earn your trust.  Similar to Don’s Johns’ customer dedication, owner Kim Breedlove is dedicated to your satisfaction 100%. A planning company paired with a portable toilet company that are both dedicated to the success of your event is always a good pairing.  Talk to Kim and tell her you want the best, including the portable toilet rentals!

Evoke DC

Jodi and the Evoke team are passionate about what they do.  No matter how big or small your event, details are extremely important to the Evoke team. Their customized and personalized service assists clients in the designing, planning and management process one step at a time, creating a stress free environment as they design, plan and manage their special occasions. When you want to evoke a successful event, give Jodi a call to see what they can do for you.  If you’d like to have them take care of your needs, be sure that they make your outdoor event a success by supplying the best, including the portable restroom rental or restroom trailer rental.

Baltimore’s Best Events

Gia at Baltimore’s Best Events is ready to help make your event dreams come true. From Birthday Parties for any age and baby showers, to Corporate Events and everything in between, BBE and crew has the experience, capability and expertise to create the best event for any occasion. If you want to truly make your outdoor event one of the best in Baltimore, make sure you tell Gia that you want one of the best bathrooms in Baltimore! We’ve got the restroom trailers and portable restroom rental options that will give you the best in the beltway.

Pedestal Events Group

David and the Pedestal Event group creates a wide variety of specialty events for any occasion… Pedestal also offers Catering for your special event that can be tailored to your preferences as well as amusements, games, activities and live entertainment.  Since 1989, Pedestal Events has assisted Mid-Atlantic event organizers and created multiple productions.  As Pedestal Events Group grows, they continue to produce creative and innovative events for clients. Talk to David and see how he can help you.  Don’t forget to mention that you only want ONE type of porta potty at your event, and that’s one of Don’s Johns!

Now that you have the 411 on some fantastic planners in the Mid-Atlantic, your event planning should be a breeze.  If you’re just gathering information from them to make more informed decisions and streamlining your planning process, remember one thing.  The ONLY portable restroom company in the Mid-Atlantic that has been named one of America’s Best Restrooms is the one you want to go with for your next outdoor wedding, outdoor event, sporting event, family reunion, picnic or backyard bbq. 

With over 50 years of experience, we are here to help you every step of the way. You can also visit Don’s Johns today to find the perfect porta potties that’s fit your needs. Contact us today for a free quote or call us today at 888-331-6323. porta-potty-rental

Restroom Trailers – Restrooms with Elegance

Restroom Trailers

Throughout the years, you can look back and see how times have definitely changed when it comes to event hosting. Now, we live in a time where the demands of our guests are of exquisite taste. Thankfully, we are able to cater to their needs with restroom trailers with elegance.

Don’s Johns have been in business for over 40 years and have worked with clients in every industry. A need we felt that should be met is providing restrooms with elegance. We have pleasing restroom trailers that are prefect for any occasion. Don’s Johns have everything you need for your event.

Beautiful Interior Décor

The DJ5000LX Luxury Presidential Restroom Trailer is one of the most beautifully designed restroom trailers available. Featuring granite countertops, black marble walls, and gorgeous hardwood-designed flooring and wood panel doors, your guests will feel the superior VIP treatment.

Adequate Lighting

Don’t hesitate to think your guests aren’t going to enjoy a well-lit restroom trailer. You’ll find a few of our trailers with recessed lighting. Even with its individual lighting scheme, the DJ5000L Luxury Restroom Trailer is great to have at your elegant event and large mirror for women to reapply their makeup.

Spacious and Comfortable Settings

Our DJ2000LH Luxury Restroom Trailer w/ADA Room is exactly what you need to have at your event. The ADA Compliant Suite is perfect to use as a family room as well. This eliminates parents feeling overwhelmed while attending elegant events with their children. All restroom trailers have ample stalls so your guests are not waiting impatiently. Many of our restroom trailers feature climate-controlled heat and air conditioning, have dual audio systems, and flat screen televisions are available.

Quality Service and VIP Treatment

Don’s Johns ensures you and your guests keep the quality upheld throughout the night. Our valet services are available to keep everything looking great. You can inquire about our restroom wraps to compliment your events décor as well.

No matter if your event is indoors or outdoors, a restroom trailer will be convenient, affordable, and a pleasure to use for your guests. We can help plan your event with a customized package of portable restroom trailers just for your event.

You can expect a clean, comfortable and hygienic experience when using one of Don’s Johns luxury restroom trailers. Please visit Don’s Johns today and pick the porta potty that’s perfect for your needs. Contact us today for a free quote or call us today at 888-331-6323. porta-potty-rental

Porta Potty Rental Options for Event and Construction Needs

Every day we are met with more and more things that can simply amaze you. I bet you didn’t know that there is more than meets the eye with standard porta potty rentals. The porta potty’s you are used to seeing are basic and perfect for parks where a restroom otherwise would not be available.

However, there are many other porta potty options to choose from and each holds their own special touch to whatever venue you are hosting. Porta potty rentals are available for rent to the general public. It doesn’t matter if you are having a private and small baby shower celebration or a large wedding, because Don’s Johns has your next event covered.


Click to view the DJ2300LH Luxury Restroom Trailer w/ ADA lift

Handicap Accessible

Make it easy for those in wheelchairs or who need the added support of handrails to use the restroom. Our

luxury restroom trailers meet the ADA specifications. They include beautiful Corian counters, are climate controlled, and measures 8’ x 6’ to easily move around to the sink and toilet areas.


We’ve even thought of the hard working men and women in construction who are working on unfinished highrise buildings. Our hook construction portable toilets are an added convenience to prevent workers from having to come back down to the ground to use the restroom. With convenient supplies such as hand sanitizers, hand wipe and foam stations, and even portable hot and cold running water sinks, sanitization is a breeze.

Family and Wedding Trailers

Make sure you think of everyone at your next event. Some restrooms are not fully equipped for family to change and care for their baby’s needs. Don’s Johns has luxury trailers that include a family suite. They are large enough for a bench or few chairs and include a baby changing station, full length mirror, hot and cold running water, soap, and an automatic air freshener. These work great for wedding parties as well.

Shower Trailers

If you’re ever at an all-day sporting tournament, it’s packed with food and fun. However, with all the sweating involved, you will get uncomfortable quick. You may not want to eat snacks or a sit down dinner. However, with the shower trailers, teammates can take a hot shower in one of the three shower stalls.

Contact Don’s Johns today to arrange for a porta potty rental for your next special event!


Portable Restroom Rental: The New Advertising Standard?

Next time you’re using a portable restroom rental, don’t be surprised to see an advertisement. Did you know that the Union of Concerned Scientists reports the average American being exposed to about 3,000 advertising messages a day, and corporations around the world are spending over $620 billion annually to capture their audience’s attention?  That’s right, ads are everywhere and there’s no escape.  portable restroom rental

Taking advantage of selling ad space in a portable restroom rental  has become increasingly popular, and this trend is only on the rise.  Planners for Concerts, Sporting Events, Construction and Special Events realize that their money isn’t going down the drain when they advertise in or on their portable restroom or restroom trailer rental.

The expansive reach of Don’s Johns makes the portable restroom rental a medium that is even more attractive than you’d imagine.  Serving thousands upon thousands of people in the Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC Metro region and beyond year after year; we work closely with advertisers to help maximize your revenue and overall event success.

The advantages of advertising on your portable restroom rental or restroom trailer rental:

Port-a-Johns hold more than one advantage when it comes to advertising.  The cost of advertising on portable restroom rentals carries a lower average cost than both print and television advertising.   Portable restroom rental advertising also extends the life of exposure to the consumer.  Attendees of concerts, events and even construction site workers often wait in line to use a portable restroom and are exposed to a beautifully wrapped portable restroom rental.

Restroom Trailer Rental, Event Restrooms, Luxury Restroom Trailer, Restroom Advertsing, Portable Restroom Rental, Rent a Porta John, Porta Potty RentalA 2003 study proves the acceptance of this medium, showing that 75% of portable toilet visitors view porta potty ads positively and didn’t mind viewing the ad before and during their visit.  Once the attendees are inside a portable toilet, they may not even realize that they have become the captive audience to the perfectly placed placards on the inside of the door or wall inside a portable restroom.

Your portable restroom rental will reveal its hidden beauty and shine when wrapped and delivered to your location.  Don’s Johns offers several opportunities for advertising both inside and outside of our portable restrooms and restroom trailers with a full line of in-stock restroom wraps for the outside of our restrooms as well as custom wraps that can be ordered for the outsides of our portable restroom or restroom trailer rentals. 

Contact us today by calling 888-331-6323 or emailing sales@donsjohns.com – our Sales department will work

with you to design an advertisement and budget conscious campaign to maximize your return on investment.  You can also receive a FREE QUOTE on our website!


Click here to visit our website

Road Crew Units for a Construction Site

road-crew-unitsNo matter what the field, employees want a clean and sanitized area to work in. Just because the job is dirty, does not mean the workers need to be. Having road crew units enable you to bring relief at any construction site your crew goes to, without the need of waiting on our technicians to bring a new unit for you.

Road crew units are actually quite popular and necessary. If you’ve ever driven down the highway past a construction zone or in a neighborhood where workers were fixing streets, you may have noticed a standard port a potty restroom very near. These are specifically for the road crew. You may wonder how a construction site could benefit from having road crew portable units. There are many benefits, like being able to uphold sanitary needs, enhanced productivity and they can save money.

Don’s Johns standard porta potty is mounted securely on a trailer, which can be connected to any vehicle in minutes and towed to your next location. Just two people can roll it to its destination. Workers will always have a place to relieve themselves. You can also install a hand sanitizer station. This meets the standard requirements for women workers as well.

We even have portable premier restroom trailers, which are an ungraded unit. There is hands free flushing, vanity mirrors, a sink with fresh water, paper towels, and weatherproof carpet. This is a great idea if you have frequent visits from clients and want to give off an upscale, professional look.


Having the road crew units, you will appreciate the workers enhanced productivity. They will no longer have extra breaks leaving the construction site to find a restroom or disturb other businesses. They will always be right on sight. An employee can be slowed down if they have to go to the restroom and can’t. You may find with employees gone less, you can finish your project sooner and possibly receive that bonus.

Contact Don’s Johns now and inquire about the road crew units we have. We can have them out to your site in no time. Our helpful account managers can be reached at 888-331-6323.