Portable Restrooms to Prevent Life’s Most Awkward Moments

The representatives at Don’s Johns often receive calls from customers inquiring about our portable restroom options. They sometimes get involved in a few “odd” conversations. However, our representatives can answer their questions with confidence and ease. Trust us, at Don’s Johns, we’ve heard about every awkward situation you’ve had, so nothing leaves us surprised. We ensure our portable restrooms are there to prevent life’s most awkward moments.

  1. Too few stalls to the point where you must consistently peek under each to see if it’s occupied.
  2. Having an extreme emergency, just to get inside a stall and notice it does not lock.
  3. After relieving yourself and ready to get back to the festivities, you notice the stall won’t unlock.
  4. Feeling that a courtesy flush is necessary, but then realizing all too late the water flushes extremely high.
  5. Using the restroom just to discover the stalls are all too close and non-private.
  6. Walk into a restroom trailer met with horrific smells.
  7. Wondering why children don’t have their own area of the restroom to use as they peep under your restroom door.
  8. Using the one stall where the toilet automatically flushes 100 times while you are still in there.
  9. Finally making it to the restroom just to discover you’re the only one in there, and the toilet tissue is out of stock.
  10. Ready to wash your hands at a black tie event just to discover there is no soap and furthermore no paper towels.

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. However, when life gives you options of a trailer provider, you choose Don’s Johns. Our portable restrooms are always clean, fresh, and well stocked. In addition to that, Don’s Johns Luxury Presidential Restroom Trailers have:

  • Climate controlled environment providing heat and air conditioning
  • Flat screen televisions
  • Granite counters and shelves
  • Black marbleized walls
  • Wood panel doors
  • Hardwood designed floor
  • Energy efficient toilets
  • Recessed lighting
  • Sinks with hot & cold running water

To ensure none of the above awkward moments ever happens to you again, rent Don’s Johns portable restrooms for your next event. We guarantee the quality to meet your utmost satisfaction.

Rent a Portable Restroom for These 4 Events

Portable restrooms have dated back some time. However, the idea of renting portable restrooms and luxury restroom trailers for all events is gaining in popularity. Don’s Johns provides quality standard and luxury portable restroom and trailer options that are perfect for any event.

Neighborhood Block Parties with Portable Restroom Rentals

Just about every neighborhood has a block party. From meet and greet with the neighbors, supporting a local political candidate, to back to school events, it’s sure to be one with plenty of food, beverages, and activities. Hosting the block party is usually an entire neighborhood collaboration. Neighbors pitch in on the food, beverages, utensils, and paper goods.

However, what’s not too common is how to accommodate visitors and guests with portable restroom facilities. The easiest thing to do to keep children outside and parents happy is to have a portable restroom available outdoors. Be sure to have portable sinks in the area for frequent and easy cleanup.

Portable Restrooms for Oktoberfest

October marks a popular social event of the year – Oktoberfest. Patrons from all walks of life gather together and drink some of the most popular and new alcoholic beverages from around the globe. This means patrons need to visit the restroom frequently as well. Having plenty of portable restroom trailers is a good idea to keep the long lines minimized. In the unfortunate event that someone gets sick, it’s nice to have a vanity area to clean up at.

Company Events need Portable Restrooms

The majority of company events are held for employees and their family and friends. These can range from upscale dinners to fun activities at a local park. Don’s Johns offers a variety of portable standard and luxury portable restrooms for any company event needs.

You’ll want to ensure to rent a luxury restroom trailer should all executives, shareholders, and other sponsors are present for important board meetings. However, for tailgating events, trainings, and other promotional events, a standard restroom trailer should do just nicely. You should ensure to have an ADA restroom trailer on-site for any type of company event to ensure you are meeting all health and ADA compliant regulations.

Black Tie Events need LUXURY Restroom Trailer Rentals

If you are shying away from the thought of a portable restroom for your black tie event – don’t. Our exclusive line of luxury restrooms is of VIP quality for your anniversary party, convention, or gala. In fact, Don’s Johns was voted as one of America’s Best Restrooms in 2011 in the same class as Chicago’s Field Museum and the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel indoor restrooms.

Having our portable restrooms at your outdoor event will blend right in with the décor. Your guests can comfortably walk inside our Luxury Presidential Restroom Trailer and will be amazed at the granite counters and shelves, decorative mirrors, black marbleized walls, and hardwood flooring. Each are heated and air conditioned units, have hot and cold running water, and have upgraded individual stalls. Be sure to have one of our bathroom attendants on site to assist in keeping the unit clean and fresh.

Give Don’s Johns a Call!

Browse through our vast selection of portable trailer restroom options and portable restroomsfor your next event. Then, give our helpful representatives a call at 888-331-6323 to reserve your portable restrooms. We ensure quality restroom trailers at its best.

A Deep Look into Don’s Johns Luxury Restroom Trailers

Are you hosting an event and want it to be as upscale as possible? Well, keep Don’s Johns in mind and our affordable luxury restroom trailers. Having our trailers enables you to throw your extravagant event virtually anywhere. There is no need to continue to change your event date because you can’t book a specific hotel. We can deliver our luxury restroom trailers almost anywhere!

What makes our luxury restroom trailers so unique is that they are classy, spacious, and downright some of the sexiest restrooms your guests will ever step foot into. It may be the talk of the event! As we have many types of luxury portable restrooms and trailers, here are our top five most luxurious.

DJ2000LX Luxury Presidential Restroom Trailer

Our Luxury Presidential Restroom trailer features beautiful granite counters and shelves. Your guests will gaze in awe at its brown marbleized walls; something many fine hotels do not feature. You’ll feel safe and secure walking across the elegant hardwood designed flooring also.

Each trailer is comfortable, providing a climate controlled heat and air conditioned environment, an added plus on extreme temperature days. Don’t be shocked to see your guests hanging out watching the events inside on the large flat screen TV. This luxury restroom trailer features a women’s suite with one flushing toilet, a granite countertop, vanity sink with mirror, and automatic air freshener. The men’s suite hosts the same and includes a black urinal as well.

DJ2000LH Luxury Restroom Trailer w/ADA Room

This Luxury Restroom Trailer is just a step down from the presidential restroom trailer. However, it has loads of the same luxurious benefits such as heat and air conditioning, hot and cold running water, private rooms, wood grain floors, and audio sound system. Instead of granite countertops, it contains beautiful Corian countertops. This trailer also has an ADA suite. Here, those needing the additional space, such as wheelchair or accessibility have an 8’ x 6’ room to use. It can also double as a family room, featuring a baby changing station. There are handrails throughout, making it safe for seniors as well.

DJ2300LX Luxury Presidential Restroom Trailer

This is our larger luxury presidential restroom trailer. Featuring gorgeous stained wood restroom trailer, you’ll have all the same features of the DJ2000LX mentioned above. However, this unit is double the excitement. There is a flat screen TV on each side for men and women to enjoy. These are cable ready as well. Guests have shorter wait times as there are two private stalls for women, complete with all the amenities of hot and cold running water, soap, and plenty of paper towels. The men still have one private stall, but there are three urinals.

DJ2300LF Luxury Restroom Trailer w/Family Room

If you are planning an elegant, family-friendly event, Don’s Johns also offer our luxury restroom trailer with family room. This suite has beautiful Corian counters with matching white wainscoting and trim. The doors are wood panel and hardwood designed flooring. It is also a climate controlled restroom trailer. You’ll have access to two private stalls in the women’s suite and one private stall and three urinals for the men’s suite. In addition, the family suite is a gasping 8’ x 6’, so you can even place a chair or bench in to help organize children or for guests to change. A full-length mirror is provided as well.

DJ5000LX Luxury Presidential Restroom Trailer

We know you may be thinking it can’t get any better. However, we always have something up our sleeve. Check out the virtual tour of our DJ5000LX Luxury Presidential Restroom Trailer; you’re going to love it. This upgraded four stall women’s suite, and two private stall men’s suite speak elegance. The three flat screened televisions may steal your guests for the night.

So after checking out our surprisingly affordable luxury restroom trailers, give our associates a call. We’ll be happy to talk about our optional decoration packages as well.



ADA Handicap Portable Restroom Rental for your next Event

portable-restroom-rentalPortable Restroom Rental Luxury for any Event

Every day we take the little things in life for granted, such as enjoying a good BBQ event with our friends. There are plenty of food, entertainment, and drinks. As a host, you may be friendly and invite many over, however, cautious enough to keep the party outdoors.

As a noteworthy gesture, you should always order portable restroom trailers to keep your guests happy. They can consume as many drinks as they wish and have a perfectly acceptable area to relieve themselves in. Portable restrooms allow guests to stay as long as they wish.

Unfortunately, some things can be overlooked. One of them is ensuring there is at least one ADA handicap portable restroom at your next event. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but for those on crutches, use a cane, or are wheelchair bound, it’s very different from their point of view.

ADA Handicap Portable Restroom Rental – Your Guests Need Secure Features

You don’t think about security when it comes to portable restroom. However, a standard porta potty is different from that of an ADA handicap portable restroom.

For starters, an ADA restroom standard porta potty makes it easy for a wheelchair to roll across the entrance. For a restroom trailer such as the DJ2300LH Luxury Restroom Trailer w/ADA Room, you’ll see your guests that need accommodations can comfortably use the wide steps and handrails to ease up to the door. There is also an ADA compliant entrance ramp. You’ll also find inside there are interior safety bars. The floor is non-slip to help prevent any accidents.

Your Guests Need To Be Comfortable


At any party, your guests should be comfortable. Having the right luxury restroom trailer is available for all your guests. The DJ2000LH Luxury Restroom Trailer w/ADA Room has beautiful Corian countertops and woodgrain non-skid floors. There is plenty of fresh hot and cold running water for your guests to freshen up. It also has heat and air conditioning available.

Guaranteed that if you ensure your guests have ADA handicap accessibility options, you will be remembered as the host that considers everyone’s needs. It’s so much better to do this than not at all. Then, you could be remembered as the inconsiderate host whose next party they dare not attend.

We would love to help you plan your outdoor event. Give us a call – toll free at 888-331-6323. You can also contact us here for a free quote.



The History and Evo-loo-tion of Portable Restroom Rentals

Portable Sanitation has come a long way since its inception.  A rich history of development and innovation has laid the path for what has expanded to about 1,400,000 portable restroom rentals in use worldwide.  As one of America’s Best Restrooms, we’re reflecting with a restroom recap on what has brought us to this point in portable toilets.

Porta Potties have been in shipyards since the 1940’s to save downtime among employees working on site. It porta potty rental, portable toilets for sale, porta john rental, portable restroom rental, restroom trailer rentalall started with one company that decided to build a portable restroom facility on a ship that was under construction. When consumer demand began requesting portable toilet rentals, companies quickly came to serve the call and the Portable Sanitation Industry was born.

The earliest versions of Don’s Johns portable restroom rentals were built of wood  and made to order, while other companies swiftly followed suit. A number of companies sprouted up, each calling the invention a different  name, including porta john, Port-o-let and many more. The idea for the portable toilet spread among entrepreneurs and started a new industry that could serve the need of restroom rentals for:

Evolution of portable restrooms has gone from wooden outhouse style portable toilets to the modern plastic portable toilet that began being manufactured in the 1960’s.  More recent contributions to portable toilet innovation include:

  • Hands-Free Flushing Toilets
  • Hook Construction Portable Toilets for working on multi-story projects
  • Porta Potties on trailers for highway construction and workers going from site to site
  • Self-Composting Portable Toilets
  • Changing Stations
  • Vanities with Mirrors
  • Solar-powered incandescent lighting
  • Vinyl Restroom advertisement wraps
  • Built-in sinks with fresh water and energy-efficient self-closing faucetsporta john rental, portable restroom rental, restroom trailer rental, luxury restroom trailer

A complete game changer to the Portable Restroom industry are the Restroom Trailers.  No longer is the standard, one person porta potty rental an option for your VIP restroom experience. Restroom Trailers feature everything from luxury marbleized interiors with hardwood floors to additional family rooms and built-in TV screens. Restroom trailers are so nice in fact, that in 2011, Don’s Johns Presidential Luxury Restroom Trailer (the same type set up for President Obama during the 2009 inauguration) was named as one of America’s Best Restrooms by Cintas!

Shower trailers have also been added to the restroom trailer family and are quickly rising in portable sanitation popularity. Our shower trailers have both Men’s and women’s sides, each with three shower stalls, one toilet and one sink, are energy efficient and provide plenty of continuous hot water. These mobile shower trailers can even be hooked directly to a sewer line for continuous use. Shower trailers are useful in serving on location temporarily or permanently during extended outdoor stays for campgrounds, festivals, emergency situations and many other important applications.

Don’s Johns is on the leading edge of portable sanitation in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.  Come see why we are considered a leader and innovator in the portable sanitation industry with our premium porta potty rentals, restroom trailer rentals and more! http://www.donsjohns.com

Restroom Trailer Rentals for Tailgating

Everyone loves a good weekend out hanging with friends and family. Many choose to head to the nearest ball game for a great day of tailgating. After all, what is better than awesome food, hanging out, and enjoying the day?

Tailgater’s congregate together and are experts at choosing the perfect spot. They usually have set-ups complete with music playing to dance to. There are also plenty of barbecue grills, food, pop and juices for the kids, and beer and wine for the adults. However, all this eating and drinking will eventually lead to the need for a potty break.

To some newbies’ surprise, they can just get right up and walked a few feet down to a Don’s Johns port a potty! There is no need to even go on a hunt for a place to go. Everyone will have lawn chairs or will be sitting in the back of their vans and SUV’s, but pretty much no one brings their own toilet.
Restroom Trailer Rentals will usually have a team restroom trailer wrap to make them that much easier to spot…And what a way for a ball club to show their appreciation for their fans than renting quality bathroom trailers for the tailgater’s. However, you don’t have to worry if the tailgating venue has sprung for one, as you can rent them yourself! That’s right…. You CAN bring your own restroom!! Imaging on a nice hot day your family and friends will have the comfort of cooling off in the clean restroom trailers with clean and cool running water. Some of the older members of the family could even relax and watch television in the air-conditioned trailer.

So, on your next tailgating trip to the stadium to watch your favorite team, head down and reserve a Don’s John’s Premier Restroom trailer first. They have a perfect price and size trailer for all occasions!


Restroom Trailer Rental for Weddings

Weddings – every girl dreams of a perfect fairy tale wedding. Her groom appears in a dashing white tux; the flower girls are giggling and shy all at the same time. The groomsmen are stunning and the bridesmaids are almost as gorgeous as the bride. Both sides of the family are shedding tears as the baby girl is about to walk down the aisle. Your parents have invited all of their friends and combined with yours you’re looking at a mere 400+ guests. As you realize your fairy tale wedding is coming to a reality you stop and think… “What am I to do with all of these guests and how are we going to pay for it all?”

Weddings are a blessing and curse all at the same time. One thing you can do to ease your mind if you are having an outdoor wedding is the sanitation facilities.  We are very knowledgeable and can take care of all of your needs.  All you need to do is give us a call here at Dons Johns to arrange for your luxury restroom trailer rental for weddings. We have a fantastic line of restroom trailer rental selections for you to view today.


There is no sense in skimping on your wedding guests when it comes to spacious and comfortable restroom options. There are many people that will use the restroom trailer rental you have for dressing, preparing makeup, and can even be used while waiting until it’s time to go down the aisle. We have many comfortable options such as televisions and sitting areas in our restroom trailer rental for weddings. Our restroom trailer rental for weddings is affordable to help you stay within your budget. Choose from the following designs:

Our Amenities

You and your guests deserve the best with our top of the line restroom trailer rental featuring:

  • Beautiful granite counters and marbleized walls
  • Climate controlled heat and air conditioning
  • Private stalls with energy efficient toilets
  • Liquid soap
  • Paper towels
  • Television with DVD player

So, contact a Don’s John’s for a free quote at 888-331-6323 to discuss your needs. Don’t forget to ask about our trailer wraps and valet services to add an even more special touch. Weddings of a lifetime can be made possible with Don’s Johns.

Luxury Restroom Trailer Rental Experience

There are some events where a great impression is key and standard just won’t do. Some events we really put effort and special planning include weddings, graduations, prom send offs, and baby showers.


Click here to view our full line of Restroom Trailers

The way to host these luxury and time remembered events are great service, food, drinks, and comfortable accommodations. Whether your event is indoors or outside, at home or rented facilities, you can count on Don’s Johns to service your restroom sanitation needs. We offer more than just standard port a potty setups. Your event will require a luxury restroom trailer. These are affordable and what your guests deserve. We have many restroom trailer rental options in various sizes and amenities.

  • Standard Restroom Trailer
  • Luxury Restroom Trailer
  • Luxury Presidential Restroom Trailer
  • Luxury Restroom Trailer w/Family Room
  • DJ Handicap Accessible Trailer
  • DJ Shower Trailer

You can offer your guests a comfortable environment in a climate controlled trailer that has all amenities such a hot and cold water, soap, mirrors, paper towels and luxurious lighting. Our standard options feature women’s and men suites. They have flushing toilets and vanity sinks.

Having an entire family gathering is no problem with our family suites. They are also perfect for large gatherings of which multiple people need to be inside at once such as preparing for dress rehearsals. They are equipped with sanitized baby changing stations and air fresheners.

The luxury lines of our restroom trailers have gorgeous features such as hardwood flooring, wood panel doors, and Corian counters with trim.

We offer luxury presidential suites and trailers that have the same luxuries as the presidential trailers and include upgraded granite counter tops and marble walls. These are called presidential suites for a reason as they also include DVD/CD and cable ready flat screen televisions.

For a special touch, you may even reserve our Valet Services and Trailer wraps. Show your guests how you value their attendance by calling us today at 888-331-6323 or visiting our website for a free quote. We will get your quote ready and go over all of the upgradeable options for a perfect event.


5 Quick Portable Restroom Rental Tips

When choosing from the Don’s Johns line of exclusive and premier restroom trailers and other portable restroom rentals, it’s really important to think about a few things before you make your decision. Your choice can be influenced by the following factors:

The number of facilities and your budgetrestroom-trailer-rental

The first factor is for event planners in general. When choosing the company you’ll be reserving your portable restroom rental service from, see if there are additional services available, such as trailer wraps and valet services. Trailer wraps are good for advertising your event or to make money. A restroom wrap, advertisement or trailer wrap can be customized for you, depending on what you need. Valet services will monitor usage, keep the restrooms clean, and maintain adequate amounts of supplies inside of the restroom trailers.

What type of event you are planning

The second factor pertains to renting portable toilets for weddings. Rent portable restrooms with large mirrors, sink areas and even family rooms. These features make people more comfortable when getting last minute alterations together as well as using the facilities. This is especially important for outdoor weddings because bathrooms or other private indoor facilities aren’t always nearby or readily accessible.

The guests that will be attending

The third factor refers to who your guests are. Be mindful of people with special needs by including a wheelchair accessible portable restroom. For older guests, people with disabilities, etc., it’s important to follow

ADA compliance and make ten percent of the total number of restrooms wheelchair accessible. This especially becomes important at larger events when it may be difficult for a person with special needs to navigate through a crowd.

Who your guests are

The fourth factor involves knowing what your guests are going to be doing. If they are drinking alcohol, refer to our event planning guide for additional tips and information. We recommend that you add twenty percent to the total number of portable toilets you plan on reserving. If the majority of people attending the event are female, you should add twenty five to fifty percent to the amount of portable toilets you will need to rent. If there is a weekend-long food festival or sporting event being planned, shower trailers and hand washing facilities are also well advised to have available for your exhibitors and guests.

What your guests will be doingluxury-restroom-trailers

The fifth and final factor is for concerts or any other large gathering – rent a restroom trailer with speakers and TV’s to get the live feed from the event. This way, people taking a bathroom break don’t have to miss a moment of the action. A DJ shower trailer is also a good rental idea for longer music events such as weekend-long festivals (just think about how odorous Woodstock probably was).

What’s most important is that you just know your guests and any special needs they may have. Make sure you order enough restroom trailers and portable toilets from a good company who can get them to you on-time and in the right place.

For renting portable toilets or restroom trailers in MD, VA and DC, Don’s Johns IS that company. Call us today at 888-331-6323 or email info@donsjohns.com to go over your portable restroom rental needs.

Don’s Johns Covers Event Rental Companies!

Guest list, check.  Menu, check.  Entertainment bookings, check.  Now what?  A spectacular event is not created on it’s own, and it doesn’t become an sensation with the event supplies you have stored in your garage rafters.  Event Rental companies have become prevalent in the event planning business and they are bringing a new meaning to the term “successful event”.Event Rental, mobile restroom rental, porta john rental, Porta Potty Rental, Portable Restroom Rental, portable restroom trailers, Presidential Luxury Restroom Trailer, rent porta potty, restroom rental, restroom trailer rental, restroom trailer rentals, restroom trailers, sports

Don’s Johns is considered the king of the throne when it comes to a portable restroom rental or luxury restroom trailer rental in the Virginia, Maryland and D.C. Metro areas, so there’s no need to include any other resources when it comes to the porta potty priorities in event rental planning.  Here are a few companies in our area that can bring your event to a whole new level with just about every event rental need you could imagine!

Classic Tents looks to take your event to a whole new level, “From Tent Top to Tabletop”.  With their wide array of services, Classic Tents is more than just your Tent/Canopy event rental company.  They also can provide Tables and chairs, Staging, Lighting, Flooring, Catering and more for your event rental needs. A portable Restroom Trailer Rental would look fabulous next to a Classic Tent!

US Event Structures will personalize each event to your specific needs with their custom design work. US Event Structures can support your event concept from start to finish with everything from the standard one story structure to two story structures that can double your event space and expand your margin of success!  Now we’re thinking about inventing a two-story portable toilet rental!

AirPac  provides heating and cooling solutions across the US in all industries, including Event Rentals.  Similar to Don’s Johns, AirPac is a woman-owned company. Using no off-shore manufacturing or design, AirPac prides themselves on the design and manufacturing aspects of their business within the USA. Whether you need 1 to 1000+ tons of cooling or heating, call AirPac to take care of the air conditioning and heating needs for your next event. Now you can have Heating and Air conditioning inside of your outdoor event, as well as inside of the portable restroom trailers!

The party preparation specialists at Event Central guarantee that your event rental needs are met. Supplying everything from tents, games, audio/visual equipment, place settings, and more, Event Central is very confident that they can help make your event a memorable one. One of their mottos are “Word of mouth is the lifeblood of our business“. They use portable toilet rentals often with outdoor events, so we wanted to help them by spreading the word!

These are only a few Event Rental companies in our area.  Stay tuned as we update our blog with more great information to help you succeed in planning your projects and events outdoors.  If you have your event rental needs taken care of, but still need porta potty rentals, restroom trailers, portable sinks, or any other types of portable sanitation needs, contact sales@donsjohns right away with your requests.  We look forward to serving you!