How to Choose Between a Restroom Trailer and a Portable Toilet for Your Event

How to Choose Between a Restroom Trailer and a Portable Toilet for Your Event

You may have already read about how many porta potty’s you should have for your event in our Porta Potty Event Planning Guide. However, how do you determine which is best for your event: a restroom trailer versus a portable restroom? Let’s examine the benefits of both and other considerations to factor into your decision.

restroom trailer

Benefits of Restroom Trailers

A restroom trailer is one large unit which contains a few to many individual restroom stalls. You can rent a basic trailer to one of our most presidential functioning trailers. Trailers offer more space for your guests than an individual portable toilet unit does. Restroom trailers are a climate controlled environment.

Each Don’s Johns trailer come with dual audio sound systems and television screens to keep up with the outdoor engagements. You’ll also have large Corian or granite countertops, hardwood flooring, recessed lighting, hot and cold running water, and other beautiful amenities included. Restroom trailers are an excellent investment for large, formal events.


Benefits of Portable Restroom

A portable restroom is a single unit meant for one person to use at a time. They also offer complete privacy, something individuals at certain gathers may appreciate more. If you are having a standard event or are budget conscious, portable toilets are a good way to go. You may also upgrade to Don’s Johns VIP Flushing Toilet with Sink.

How Long Will the Event Be For?

The first thing you want to consider is how long your event will be for. A one or two-day event is perfect for portable toilets. However, if you will be hosting an event for a few days, restroom trailers are an excellent choice. They have large holding tanks that do not need to be frequently changed.

Where is the Event Located and What Type of Guests Will Be Present?

Make sure to arrive at your event location and find out where you can set up your portable restroom or trailer units. That may determine which you can have on-site.

You’ll also want to factor in which your guest will appreciate more. An entire wedding party would not appreciate trying to squeeze into a single portable restroom to help each other dress for an outdoor wedding.

What are the Weather Expectations?

In addition to considering where your event will be, what is the weather expected to be like? If you are hosting an event outdoors, and there is a chance of rain, your guest will appreciate having a restroom trailer to retreat into. Guests can refresh themselves and hang out until the downpour is over if needed. If it’s extremely hot outside, you and your guests will appreciate being able to retreat to a burst of cool air.

What is Your Event’s Budget?

Don’s Johns has a variety of restroom trailers and portable restrooms. We have standard porta potty restrooms and you can upscale to our Luxury Presidential Restroom Trailer. You can be as fancy as you want. There is a unit for everyone though that can accommodate your needs and budget.

As you can see, there are a number of factors that affect your decision to rent a restroom trailer or a portable restroom. Contact our friendly representatives at 877-9-TOILET today so we can find a unit to match your needs.



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Having Portable Toilets for Winter Festivities makes it Enjoyable for All

Having Portable Toilets for Winter Festivities makes it Enjoyable for All

It’s amazing how gatherings never cease when wintertime strolls around. Patrons in the DC metro area continue to gather for outdoor family events during the holidays. Young and old alike enjoy the welcoming cool breezes and beautiful snow. It’s impeccable that event hosts meet everyone’s needs, so guests are happy and comfortable during the events. That’s why placing Don’s Johns as a top resource is vital for the following events.

Holiday Sales

Labor Day brings about the end of summer. Halloween is right around the corner, and stores are preparing for Trick-Or-Treaters and their families. Soon afterwards, Thanksgiving Day sales and décor are up as smart holiday shoppers are out early preparing their shopping sprees.

To keep shoppers out during such a busy season, having portable restrooms is important. Stores and restaurants are crowded, and sometimes workers are unable to clean their public restroom. This is why many City Officials recommend having portable restrooms for local neighborhood establishments.

Tree Lighting Events

Small towns and just about every major city have an annual Christmas tree lighting event. Spectators come from many areas to celebrate the holidays. Since it’s open to the public, you can expect it to be jam packed from early morning until late night.

There are a host of other events that occur during tree lighting events as well. So you’ll find those with picnic baskets, blankets, and chairs around and children frolicking in the park. With so many partaking in the ceremonies, event organizers need to plan for these spectators to have a clean and accessible restroom facility. It’s also helpful to have quad washing stations and hand sanitizers as people will have many delectable food eating opportunities and sticky hands.

Winter Activities

There are so many winter activities to partake in. Having a portable restroom available keeps patrons out having fun. This contributes to businesses revenues, so that they do not lose customers who they are not losing clientele due to not being able to go to the restroom when needed. A few winter activities you’ll always find are:

  • Public Outdoor Ice Skating
  • Santa’s Village
  • Outdoor Hockey Games
  • Winter Carnivals

Provide an Environment to Warm Your Guests

All in all, event organizers want to ensure their spectators not only are enjoying themselves, but are warm and safe. Having portable restrooms trailers covers these aspects. Don’s Johns portable restroom trailers each come with climate controlled heating and air conditioning. They provide a clean and sanitized environment that patrons can come to should they feel the bite of Old Man Winter. The sinks also have hot running water to help warm their hands.

Be Cautions to Prevent the Spread of Germs

Although it’s cold out during these winter festivities, germs can still be spread through the touching of hands to greet event attendees. Having hand sanitizers around are an excellent way to help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. They are a perfect alternative to just washing hands since they are alcohol based products that won’t freeze.



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Portable Sanitation for Fall Clean-Up

Portable Sanitation for Fall Clean-Up

If your business involves pickup of disposals, this year, you should prepare yourself to stay in the field longer to bring in your revenue. Springtime is generally when residents give their home and good old fashion thorough cleaning. This leaves fall as the time where residents start cleaning out larger items from their home.

Getting Back Into Business and Stay Competitive

The economy is slowly rising again, which means homeowners and landlords are upgrading appliances. Businesses like yours that pick up refrigerators, washers, dryers, water heaters, stoves, and furnaces are in luck! So, while you are out there all day, having a convenient portable sanitation unit, such as Dons John’s Road Crew Porta Potty and Trailer, will help save you time and money.

So Easy and Convenient

All you need is a minimum class 2 trailer hitch and you are ready to tow your porta potty with you wherever you go. This is easy to roll into position with just two workers. Imagine being able to tackle an entire neighborhood without multiple breaks because you have a restroom right there.

You will defiantly need breaks due to the strenuous work you are doing. You must intake fluids to keep yourself hydrated, even in the cooler weather. If you take too many breaks, you run the risk of competition staking out your territory.

Restrooms Where You Need Them

If you are helping clear rubbish from a high-rise project, it’s easy to keep portable sanitation solutions within reach. Dons John’s has Rolloway Hi-Rise Construction Toilet’s that can be toted easily in an elevator as well as Hook Construction Portable Toilet’s where you can lift it to the floor necessary via crane. That’s not all we provide. We look out for your total sanitation needs providing hand sanitizer and portable sinks.

Dons John’s is here when you need portable sanitation solutions. If you have further questions or need advice, call us at 877-9-Toilet.



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