4 Reasons Don’s Johns is Excellent to Have in Case of Emergencies

4 Reasons Don’s Johns is Excellent to Have in Case of Emergencies

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Don’s Johns knowledgeable and trained staff is available anytime day or night to provide emergency portable restrooms, restroom trailers, shower trailers, and pumping services. Call us at 703-273-7100, extension 701 for immediate service.

Don’s Johns certainly does not thrive in emergency situations. After all, we are residents of the greater DC area also. However, when disasters strike, we are here to help you through any situation. Let Don’s Johns keep you in a clean and proper state. The following four reasons are why Don’s Johns is excellent to have in case of any emergencies.

The Main Water Line Breaks

Some emergencies seem small, but they are a trying time to live and work through. If a water line break in a residential area, hundreds of people are left with no hygienic option of bathing, sanitizing their utensils for eating, or eliminating waste. Don’s Johns has portable restrooms and sinks. For example, the DJ2000L Luxury Restroom Trailer  is equipped with a 300 gallon waste capacity, of which Don’s Johns staff will keep changing it regularly. Each portable sink provides clean, hot and cold running water, which can be used for cooking and cleaning.

First Response Teams Need Access

In situations where first response teams are necessary, they too need clean restrooms to keep going through the long days and nights. Our DJ Shower Trailer restrooms are energy efficient, come with an 800 gallon shower capacity, attached dressing areas, and are temperature regulated. So no matter if they are responding to a local flood, train wreck, fire, or there for a major catastrophe, they have a sanitized environment to break way to for just even a moment.

Prevents Business Interruption

Should a fire occur in the building or neighborhood, it could take many businesses down. As you may have a backup generator for electricity, what about clean water and restrooms? Our DJ5000L Luxury Restroom Trailer is the solution to preventing your business from shutting down. It provides a way for employers to keep employees on site, maintaining proper hygiene and able to use a clean toilet.

Don’s Johns is a Proud Member of the PSAI

The Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI) is the largest trade association in the industry, which sets the bar for companies that offer Portable restroom facilities and accessories. They ensure that anyone can get sanitized restrooms in a disastrous situation. So, Don’s Johns makes sure we adhere to their regulatory requirements. We do this by providing clean services such as portable restrooms, hand washing stations, hand wipe and foam wipe stations, hand sanitizers, and hot and cold water portable sinks.

Although Don’s Johns is available 24/7, you can always plan ahead. You can purchase a used portable toilet from us and store away just in case. Contact Don’s Johns at 877-9-TOILET today, to inquire about a plan to keep you and your family safe should a disaster strike.



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6 Things You Must Look for in Renting Your Portable Restroom


In hosting your event, you may already understand the importance of renting portable restrooms. So, be it a flea market, concert, wedding, or family reunion, keeping your guests happy and comfortable is a number one rule. There is a variety of portable restrooms to provide your guests. However, you should be aware of the following six things to look for when renting.

1. Provide adequate water for your guests.

Some events may require to have a supply of drinking water. Make sure you have a sink with hot and cold running water for events where children can get messy. Free standing portable sinks spaced out throughout the park is ideal.

2. Select a company that keeps the restroom stocked.

A properly stocked portable restroom is ideal to keeping guests happy. The restroom should have plenty of toilet paper, paper towels, and soap.

3. Verify the products and services the portable restroom supplier provides.

There is some product standards such as toilet paper. However, you can supply other essential items to your even attended from one portable restroom provider. Ask if they have hand washing stations, hand sanitizers, hand foam stations, restroom wraps, or even valet services.

4. Ensure there is proper odor control.

To separate your portable restroom from any standard unattended restroom at the park, it should smell the part. Having air fresheners inside will help, but it starts with an excellent interior restroom system that does not recirculate the water.

5. For large events, provide at least one luxury restroom trailer and ADA accessible trailer.

In most cases, having an ADA accessible trailer or luxury trailer is a respectable gesture. In other cases, it’s mandatory to have. You can accommodate all types of guests by having a luxury ADA accessible trailer.

6. Have the proper sized holding tank.

The holding tank should fit directly under the trailer. They are meant to act as an above ground storage solution. The fewer trailers you have available and more event attendees, keeping an extra on site is a good idea. Your restroom attendee can easily swap this out for you.

Remember, pricing is not everything. Ask your service portable restroom provider if they supply the above six as a standard service. If not, you could be looking at paying for the essential items you should have. Contact Don’s Johns at 877-986-4538 so a specialist can direct you towards the proper products you need for your event.

Speak to a Don’s Johns representative today for the optimum portable toilets to have at your event.



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3 Types of Events to Cater Your Portable Restrooms Towards


portable-restroomsAs you’re planning your next event, you’re thinking of what the best food, drinks, and entertainment to provide for your guests would be. However, providing a comfortable restroom environment for your guests is equally important. Just providing any portable restroom trailer may not be sufficient though. You don’t need to provide VIP trailers for every event. However, there are three types of event attendees that may always be at your event you must cater towards.

1. Families with Children

For family friendly events, parent will have their small babies, tots, and teens with them. Many people don’t think about catering to the teen population; however, the truth is, they may want to be elsewhere. So, to fill their time, they attack the food and drink tables. Young girls may want to fix their hair and makeup during the event as well.

Take into account mothers with infants. They must change their baby’s diapers and clothing during the event. Doing so outside or at the picnic tables is uncomfortable for all involved. Little tots are getting into everything. They often must go to the restroom, and having many available for their immediate use is needed.

In each of these situations, providing family restroom trailers will keep families happy. They feel comfortable enough to stay through the event knowing they have a clean restroom facility to use.

2. Those Who Need ADA Compliant Facilities

ADA compliant facilities make it easy for event attendees to reach fixtures and accessories in the restroom. They have wide steps and safety bars outside and inside.  ADA compliant facilities are geared towards those who are wheelchair bound. However, they are useful to have for many others.

  • Those who use mobility equipment (canes, walkers, crutches)
  • Visually impaired
  • Seniors
  • Those with balance issues
  • Someone overweight
  • A person with health problems, (just recovered from knee surgery)

The general rule of thumb is to have one ADA compliant restroom available for every cluster of units you order. Using this helpful guide can help you plan properly.

3. Event Staff

Depending upon the event you are hosting, you may want to have a separate restroom trailer for your performers and event staff. For all the work they do, it’s acceptable to provide a luxury trailer they can escape to. Don’s Johns provides presidential restroom trailers, equipped with a comfortable rest area, granite counters, and hardwood designed floors.

Don’t hesitate to call (703) 273-7100 or email sales@donsjohns.com for our expert guidance for your porta potty rental needs.



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