3 Tips Every Party Planner Should Know About Portable Restrooms

As a party planner, you have so much to organize. It’s much easier if it’s just an inside party needing foods and beverages. However, for outdoor events, you must consider lighting options, staging, catering setup, preparing for adverse weather conditions, and covering restroom needs. Portable Restrooms options have grown in the past few years and are nowhere near as grotesque as they used to be. Don’s Johns is here to give you quick tips that every party planner should know about portable restrooms.

How to Decide How Many Portable Restrooms You Need

To comfortably accommodate your guests, you need to plan for a particular amount of portable restrooms. For every 100 guests per four-hour increments, you should have at least one portable restroom trailer. That’s just to get the estimate going.

Another factor to consider is if you are serving alcohol. Of course, the more a person drinks, the more they will need to use the restroom. You don’t want your guests waiting in long lines. So the longer your event, the more units you’ll want to have. Also, how many women will be in attendance? Bridal showers, women’s retreats, baby showers, these are all events that will have a dominate population of women. Our representatives are ready to help event planners plan these events.

Types of Portable Restrooms to Have at Your Event

If this is an upscale gala type of event, you want to have some of Don’s Johns finer restroom’s on site. Our Luxury Presidential Trailer is perfect as it has fine qualities such as marble walls, granite counters, and hardwood designed flooring. There are even televisions and surround sound for guest to enjoy.

Just a step down, but still elegant, is our Luxury Restroom Trailer. We also have VIP Flushing Toilets with Sink and Premier Flushing Porcelain Restrooms.

If there will be children at this event, you need room for parents to adjust clothing, clean their children up that have made a mess with ice cream or other foods, and a baby changing station. Many of Don’s John’s trailers are suitable for this.

Considerations for the Portable Restrooms at the Event

Now that you know how many portable restrooms you’ll need and the types of options you have, you need to know a few other essentials.

  1. Always go with a reputable portable toilet vendor company with references. Believe it or not, not all porta potty companies are created equally. You want one that will deliver and pick up on time and set the units up properly.
  2. If the event is totally outdoors, be sure to consider the accessibilities to water and electricity. Our units come connection ready, so you don’t have to worry about that. Each unit has hot and cold running water, is temperature controlled, and have vanity lights.
  3. Determine if you will need additional equipment such as standalone sinks or hand sanitizers. Not everyone offers these, and you’ll find yourself shopping around.

Don’s Johns has everything you need for your sanitary needs. Reach out to our friendly agents, and they will help ease the stress of your job, and make you appear to be the best party planner around.

You can download our free portable restrooms guide or contact Don’s Johns friendly staff members today. No matter if you need one unit or a host of them, you are guaranteed to be treated like a VIP – 877-9-TOILET.



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Get the VIP Treatment at Don’s Johns, Without Jumping through Hoops

Are you looking for a portable restroom option for your next event, but hate jumping through hoops to get the best price and service? Well, Don’s John’s values your business, no matter how large or small. Read below to see how Don’s Johns ensures you will always receive the VIP treatment.


Presidential Trailers Are Available to Everyone

At Don’s Johns, you don’t have to be on a preferred list to have access to our Luxury Presidential Restroom Trailers. Everyone has access to them whether the need is for a wedding, anniversary party, birthday, or charity event.

Our Presidential trailers have everything you could want and need, even better amenities than a few five-star hotels! There are beautiful granite counters and shelves and wood panel doors. The men and women’s suites can accommodate four guests each at a time. To top it off, your guests will have the convenience of three flat screen televisions and dual audio sound system to keep up with the events outside.

Rates So Great, You’d Think You Are a VIP

Our rates are also so great, you’d think you are a VIP. Don’s Johns works towards building long-term relationships. So even in times of crisis, you can depend on Don’s Johns to offer you the same great rate.

Fresh and Clean as Though It’s Wiped Down after Delivery

Unlike standard porta potty’s, our restrooms and trailers are delivered especially fresh and clean. There are automatic air freshener dispensers throughout bursting freshness all day. Cleanliness is next to perfection, so each restroom and trailer has an ample supply of hot and cold running water, antibacterial soap, paper towels, and toilet paper. Each unit is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. We also offer additional sanitization options such as additional hand washing stations, foam stations, and hand sanitizer units.

Additional Staffing Options So You Don’t Lift a Finger

You never need to worry about doing anything with Don’s Johns additional staffing options. For large or small events, we make it extremely easy to keep your units tidy and well maintenance with our valet services. They will come dressed in your specified event attire or our professional Don’s Johns apparel.

If you have an event lasting more than a few days, don’t worry about that either. We have additional holding tanks that our certified representatives will swap out with ease.

So contact Don’s Johns friendly staff members today. No matter if you need one unit or a host of them, you are guaranteed to be treated like a VIP – 877-9-TOILET.



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Porta John: Fun in the Fall and Winter Weather


The Spring, Summer and Fall of 2014 have come to an end. We bid farewell to the fun in the sun and the warm weather and the snow abound is now on our minds.

Outdoor events such as state fairs, concerts and picnics have come  to an end.  Many people throughout the fall and winter seem to go into hibernation, but there are many reasons we are still outside and when outside, we still need access to a great porta john rentals!

Although the weather is cooling down, some of the best events aren’t heating up!  Some of the best Marathons are held during the Fall – such as the Marine Corps Marathon, Chicago Marathon and many more notable races that are always in need porta john rentals. Families love attending Pumpkin festivals, bringing camaraderie and cheer to everyone present as well as the need for a convenient portable restroom rental near the pumpkin patch.

Furthermore, it’s the winter months where the weather may sometimes be frightful, but the events are even more delightful. The winter brings snow tubing, winter sports and winter camping are enjoyed all season long. Portable restrooms provide convenient comfort as well as protection from the elements. You can even enjoy the warmth of a Don’s Johns restroom trailer complete with running hot water and climate control!

When thinking about colder weather and the needs of porta john rentals, we can’t forget to consider our friends in construction. Regardless of the weather, the construction industry continues to build, fix and maintain everything from roads and renovations to buildings and beyond. Winter construction continues. Development projects have needs for Porta Potties and Hook Construction Portable Toilets for multi-story projects, as well as interior restroom systems for the project manager.

A great tip to also remember is porta john placement during winter projects. It is important to remember to keep the portable restroom safely away from the route of an oncoming plow truck. Snow plows can quickly build up an embankment in front of your Porta John rental, making it difficult to enter or even come into contact with it, causing damage or knocking it over. Even for a simple bathroom remodel or addition onto an existing building, a porta john rental is a necessity that cannot be overlooked.

Whether the weather is hot, cold or in between, there is a need for Don’s Johns porta john and sanitation during the fall and winter months.

Give us a call at  877-9-TOILET to speak with one of our friendly representatives.



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