Don’s Johns Promotes Proper Hand Hygiene

hand-hygieneWe need to do as much as we can to protect ourselves from viruses and bacteria. Washing your hands or using hand sanitizers, wipes, and foam is an excellent way to combat them. You can reduce the occurrence of common colds and influenza and kill salmonella. Simply put – proper hand hygiene is a must and Dons Johns can help at your next event.

The CDC put together an impressive fact sheet. It states that:

Washing your hands with soap and water could reduce deaths associated with diarrhea disease by up to 50%. That is a possible prevention of 1 million deaths each year.
• Many food borne diseases are spread through having contaminated hands.
• Respiratory infections are caused by unclean hands as well.
• Children could be in school more, simply by using more alcohol gel hand sanitizer during the day.

Your event will have food and beverages. Children may run around and play. The best way for them to break dirt up from their hands is by hand washing with warm water and soap.

Don’s Johns have hot and cold running water in each restroom as well as portable sinks. After your guests meet and greet with so many people, they will want to cleanse their hands from time to time. This is easily done if you have Hand Wipes & Foam stations set up around your event.

This infograph was shared during the 2011 National Handwashing Awareness Week. According to a study, many people do not properly wash their hands in understaffed and overcrowded restroom areas. That’s why Don’s Johns have plenty of sanitary options for your next event.

Check out our Event Planning Guide or speak with one of our knowledgeable Event Planners to assist you in having the proper number of portable restrooms around.

We can help you get started today. Our seasoned staff can help you choose exactly the right portable toilets for your needs and budget. Give us a call – toll free at 877-9-TOILET. You can also contact us here for a free quote.



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3 Reasons You Need to Rent a Portable Toilet

Portable Toilets for all Summer Events


If you are planning an outdoor event this year or working outdoors, having a place to beat the heat is as important as having proper hydration! Dons Johns encourage you to be safe and happy this summer. Check out the following three reasons you must have a portable toilet to rent.

Rent a Portable Toilet for Family Gatherings

Summer brings about many family barbeques, celebrating graduations, weddings, the Fourth of July, reunions, and other celebratory events. Often hosted in the park, you may not have access to a restroom facility. With so much food and celebration going on, it’s best for the party planner to have ample portable toilets available.

Guests drinking and eating all day will soon have an immediate restroom need for themselves and their children. The DJ2300LF Luxury Restroom Trailer w/Family Room is the perfect portable toilet for large gatherings with multiple children. It’s a heated and air conditioned unit with a changing table. This is a perfect place to calm down children and get them out of the heat.

Rent a Portable Toilet for Public Events

All public events try to cater to not only the audience but the performers as well. So from sports games, to not-for-profit banquets, to concerts, everyone needs to be accommodated.

Don’s Johns fortunately have a portable toilet to fit each guest’s needs. The DJ5000LX Luxury Presidential Restroom Trailer is the crème de la crème, offering granite counters, marble walls, and hardwood floors. Treat them like the VIP they are. The DJ4000 Restroom Trailer is great to keep restroom lines to a minimum, offering 7 stalls.

Construction Site Owner need to Rent a Portable Toilet

If you have a construction site, you want your employees happy. When employees are unable to relieve themselves at work, they often become poor performers. This could result in a safety hazard.

No matter if they are on the site, working on a highrise, or on the highway digging holes, it should not take them more than 3-5 minutes to get to a suitable portable toilet. You can also keep clean drinking water available with an additional portable sink.

Having enough portable toilets will make business owners will appreciate your workers not relieving themselves in an alley around their business. Also, this prevents workers from using restaurant restrooms with the many customers they must past through, disturbing their business.

We can help you get started today. Our seasoned staff can help you choose exactly the right portable toilets for your needs and budget. Give us a call – toll free at 877-9-TOILET. You can also contact us here for a free quote.



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PSAI Announces World Portable Sanitation Day


sanitation-dayThe Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI) announced that August 15 had been named World Portable Sanitation Day (WPSD) by the organization’s Board of Directors.

The World Health Organization WHO) estimates that 2.6 billion people globally – about a third of the world’s population – lack access to adequate sanitation. In addition, about 200 million people per year are victims of disasters during which access to existing sanitation is impaired

This inaugural celebration is intended to kick off an ongoing campaign to raise awareness and promote change by engaging people all over the world in expanding access to sustainable sanitation. Over time, it is the goal of WPSD to transform their interest and ingenuity into local solutions that prevent the spread of disease, save water, and improve the quality of life.

PSAI company members will be celebrating World Portable Sanitation Day with a series of activities to be announced in each local market. They will engage non-profit stakeholders and the media in helping to educate their communities and to better understand how options such as portable sanitation – estimated to save 125 million gallons of fresh water daily – can be part of a sustainable global sanitation solution. Additional information will be provided throughout the summer.

About Portable Sanitation Association International

The Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI) exists to expand and improve portable sanitation as part of a global approach to serving the public and sustaining the planet. As the largest trade association of its kind in the world, the PSAI Is recognized internationally as a credible, authoritative voice providing education and tools to promote safety and health. Established in 1971, the PSAI develops and promotes industry standards; serves as a repository of information and resources for operators, suppliers, government entities and the general public; and provides recognition for excellence in the field.. The PSAI has its worldwide headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Visit for additional Association news and information.


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